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Jealousy, a Capitalist Invention

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Q: If you care about someone, aren’t you jealous if she (or he) cares about someone else, too? A: Jealousy. It’s trained into us. There is an innate sense of wanting to be assured that the love you’re receiving isn’t going to go away. But our culture...

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You Might Be Poly If…


by Liam Are you truly monogamous, or are you just trying reeaally hard to be? If you’re in a relationship, and you know that you love your partner, but you can’t stop thinking about sexual attractions to other people…well. You should: See a psychiatrist? Renew your vows?...

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You Are My Everything


by Liam Scheff After a number of laps across the dating pool, you’ve finally done it. You’ve met someone. And this one feels serious.   The way you talk with each other. There’s always so much to say. You stayed up talking for days. You have so...

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Real Sex

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by Liam Scheff I’m not a great fan of the condom, not because I’ve never used one (I have), but because I think people use them more for a feeling psychological security than any physical ‘protection’ they confer. I suppose I feel that if you’re ready to...

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Notes from the Non-Monogamous

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by Liam. America. You are one fucked-up bunch of assholes. And it is both your fault, and not. It is your cultural inheritance, and the only way to change that is intentionally. But don’t take my word for it. Please enjoy this beautiful documentary about a distant...

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A Snapshot of Marriage in Hong Kong

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Taking a look at relationship patterns around the world, it’s clear that “monogamy” exists in name only. From “The only form of marriage now legal in Hong Kong is the Western Christian form of monogamous marriage. The old Chinese marital system that allowed a man to...

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Mutual Genital Ownership?

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Shouldn’t relationships be more about communication… and less about mutual genital ownership – and the neurosis, panic, and jealousy-enforced “togetherness” that it creates? Make the rules for your own partnerships.


The Monogamy Trap

by Liam Scheff Love and marriage. Goes together like a…cultural trap? Anti-freedom top-down control gambit? A witch hunt? Too abrupt? Let me start over. Let me offer a point of view from an alien perspective: imagine that what I’m saying comes from the pen of an anthropologist...


Natural Culture?

Our culture is built on the notion that two people must be everything to each other: Sexually, socially, psychologically, physically, therapeutically, monetarily, parentally, spiritually, religiously, politically and in every other practical sense. If people “fail” to achieve some notion of perfection in any of these areas, they...


You Are Free To Fall In Love

You Are Free To fall in love and: • Bind your life to one another’s • Be responsible for each other’s health • Manage each other’s bank accounts • Become each other’s sole therapist, confidante and counselor • Cut out other friends to favor your one, true...


Dawn (a poem)

Dawn by Liam Dawn pours through my earholes clutches my eyes drives sand through veins she’s angry with me Shakes her fingers, they clench at air, rosy fingers notwithstanding, dawn hat angst dieses morning lips so full, i thought figs were brown but they’re vermillion no color...


We Modern Blood Sacrificers

by Liam Scheff We modern liberals aren’t smart enough to realize that when we force people to vaccinate, we’re emulating the Catholic Church’s rite of Baptism. We believe that injecting small bodies with liquid siphoned out of dead animal organs is “scientific.” We can’t be bothered to...


Five Recent Movies That Have Some Mojo

by Liam Scheff Jack Reacher It opens with an assassin scoping civilians through a marksman’s rifle. He’s on a bridge, they’re walking along a riverside park in Pittsburgh. The scene unfolds without mercy, for them or us. The rest is a who-and-why-done-it, and despite its bleak and...


The 7-Minute Interview – Ken Humphreys of “Jesus Never Existed” – with Liam Scheff


Kenneth Humphreys of “Jesus Never Existed” .com takes the 7-minute challenge. Did the prophet exist, or was it all “religious nonsense? We’ll ask Ken the how and why of what he thinks and we hear his response to critics. With Liam Scheff. Youtube: Are you...


One-Day 99¢ Kindle Official Stories Sale

Announcing a One-Day Kindle Sale, this Wednesday, 99¢. One-day, One-Time event. Please share with all of your friends, family, readers, colleagues. Share. Share. Share. This Wednesday (Late Tues PM to Late Wed PM). Available Worldwide. Starting late Tues. PM, 99 Cents. THIS WEDNESDAY, July 30, 2014 Only....


All Your Theories Are Wrong

TruthFrequencyRadio On today’s show! Current theories (mythological frameworks) of science that are completely wrong: AIDS theory. Cancer theory. Viral theory. Genetic theory. Darwinian evolutionary theory. Big bang astronomical theory and its children: Black hole, dark matter, dark energy ‘theory.’ Plate tectonics theory. Vaccine theory. Current social theories...


Wikipedia Does Jesus

- Here’s looking at you, Mithras! by Liam Scheff The official ‘unbiased’ opinion of the Wikipedia on various controversial subjects is always to favor the conservative (monied, mythological, anti-critical thinking) position. Therefore we have it from the ‘editors’ of the brain-deadening e-book that: HIV causes AIDS (don’t...


Understanding the Present

Have you figured out the key to how it all works yet? In the western world, if you can sell it and get people to buy it, it is “good.” If it impedes selling or buying, it is “bad.” Therefore: Pesticides are good. Poisonous food is good....


The Details Undo The Myth

The Details Undo the Myth. Current theories (mythological frameworks) of science that are completely wrong: AIDS theory. Cancer theory. Viral theory. Genetic theory. Darwinian evolutionary theory. Big bang astronomical theory and its children: Black hole, dark matter, dark energy ‘theory.’ Plate tectonics theory. Vaccine theory. Current social...


The Bible – A Comic Book Movie?

 – The dying-and-rising God-Man. by Liam Scheff I’ve been reading and absorbing decades and centuries of writing and thinking about this piece of florid literature called “The Bible.” “Not a book, but a library,” I’ve been told, it has to be read as such. I’ve taken that...