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  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying your podcasts very much. A friend from a web forum posted one during a vaccine debate.

    I love the vitamin C truth, we’ve done it here for years and seen it work many times.

    Also, I wanted to offer my condolences on the loss of your friend. Know that you have people out here in cyberland praying for you.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks “Ma,” I appreciate your kind words, and for tuning in! Always more to learn, the vaccine issue is newer to me, and is immensely fascinating.

  2. Liam,

    Last 2 shows have been excellent. I was starting to worry…

    For me, your sarcasm\cynicism is well received, as I am convinced that you broadcast a truth from deep-within.
    You bring a great logic to your message, where other hosts seem to coward.
    This approach allows for thinking and rationalism, and much less panic.

    I appreciate your specific advice with natural remedies, and I look forward to similar material in that arena.

    My one gripe would be in the space\science area. I feel a bit flat after the science shows. Not sure why but leaning towards the dry guests. They’re mostly monotone and just hard to follow – – –

    You the best dog – I hope you stay put and look fwd to your show.


  3. Hi Liam,

    I saw you in House of Numbers and starting listening to the podcast.

    I live in Tokyo and have been getting HIV tests here annually for the past 10 ten years or so. Interestingly, a few years ago one of the elder Japanese doctors at the clinic asked if I have sex with men. When I said ‘no’ he said, quite directly, “Then you have nothing to worry about!”

    He then went into some statistics at the clinic about how recent ‘infections’ all involved gay men having gay sex. No women; no straight men. So, was that a rare moment of candor?

    Another American friend was told the same thing there. It was almost a ‘wink and a nod’ like ‘don’t waste your time and our resources…this is not a problem for straight people.’ Maybe Japan is a low-risk population for HIV or there’s something else going on behind the scenes that no one’s talking about publicly. Just thought i’d weigh in.


    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the nice note, I envy you your time in Japan. Such a beautiful and remarkable place…

      As to being asked about sex practices and identity, that’s a common story. It happened to me, too. It’s called “risk group assessment.”

      The tests comes up positive for everything and everybody – they have no standards, and no specific responses or reactions. What’s necessary is for the clinicians to determine whether they ‘feel’ you are ‘at risk’ or not. “At risk” means: African, gay, drug-abusing, or I suppose, poor and incredibly openly promiscuous.

      It is this socio-economic analysis that is at the heart of “HIV testing.”

      AIDs is essentially any illness – in Africa it is a brand name for poverty. But the mainstream gives it an aura of ‘scientific respectability’ by putting some people and some populations through the ‘HIV test’ rigamarole.

      But ‘white, affluent suburban housewives?” They do their best to keep the HIV tests away from the wealthy people…

      You can review the standard medical literature on HIV testing Here – *click ‘tests’ at the top* – and you’ll find it laid out by the mainstream, as I’ve described it.

      Here’s a quote from a medical college in Pakistan – the short of it is, ‘don’t use these tests on ‘non risk groups,’ because the tests stink, suck and blow.

      “[B]efore we screen low-risk groups for antibody to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), we should consider what the results would mean. Serologic tests for HIV antibodies appear to be characterized by extra-ordinarily high false–positive results in a low risk screening setting of voluntary blood donation.

      “Furthermore, any increase in false positive rate could turn a screening program into a social catastrophe. A false positive result may label an infant, born to HIV positive mother, as HIV positive where as the same infant may actually be HIV negative.2 The false positive result regarding HIV in a neonate can lead to very serious problems.”

      “If we want to test each other, we should make a deliberate choice of the threshold probability of infection above which we will screen. We should make explicit the trade-offs implicit in any testing program. How many engagements should end to prevent one infection? How many jobs should be lost? How many insurance policies should be cancelled or denied? How many fetuses should be aborted and how many couples should remain childless to avert the birth of one child with AIDS?”

      Thanks for writing and listening,

      best wishes,


  4. Liam mate,
    Keep on rocking in the (formerly) free world!
    If you and anyone who listens to you, doesn’t love these guys I’ll buy you (and them) a Ferrari!

    And, something good from Gitmo nation East for a change (stolen from the guys at No Agenda), when I first came across this site I thought it would be a radical, crackpot, rubbish load of nonsense but Mr Humphreys is amazingly well researched, knows the Bible inside out and kicks some Christian bottom!!!

    E :-)

  5. Liam,

    Excellent site. I really support your skeptical view of science. I was a personal friend of Dr. Gene Mallove, the founder of Infinite Energy Magazine. We were MIT classmates. Gene broke the Cold Fusion scandal at MIT. MIT was contracted by the government to settle the issue of whether Pons and Fleishman’s experiments had discovered cold fusion energy. Gene reviewed the data in detail and discovered the data, which showed a positive energy production was doctored to show a negative result. He resigned and founded the Magazine. Researchers of all type came to him to publish studies disputing many “well accepted” scientific findings. So, there is a lot of what you talk about going on.

    Because of your special interest in astronomy, I think you’ll be interested in my new concept of the universe. The most important aspect of the theory is that it gives a humanly visualizable explanation for so many aspects of physics. You can read about it on my website Look at the Lattice Theory tab on the lower ( orange ) tab row. I’d be glad to correspond with you about parts of the summary that need more explanation.

    My concept provides a plausible explanation for the creation of matter. It describes how something like a big bang might have realistically occurred, without having to change all of the laws of physics in the process. There are no multiple universes, no more dimensions than the 3 we see, and the big bang we think we see remnants of, wasn’t the only one. My concept gives us an explanation of the structure of gravity – not just mathematics to calculate it – and for all the forces that act at a distance – like electricity and magnetism.

    Let me know what you think. Even if I’m totally wrong, I think it opens a new way of thinking that other can build on. I’m going to follow up on your electric theory of the universe. We might both get some new ideas.

    Bruce Nappi

  6. Liam,

    Just a quick email to (a.) say ‘thank you’ for all you do for the dissident community and (b.) let people know that a new dissident community in Houston, Texas has formed:

    Houston AIDS Reappraising Committee (HARC)

    Keep stirring the shitstorm of debate!

    Mike Stewart
    HARC – Houston

  7. Hi Liam,

    While I’m glad INN is back, mostly I’m glad to hear you once again. I think you’re onto something big with Myths of Science and have enjoyed each show so far. Listening to What Americans Believe 2 as I type. Your Russian accent needs some work :-0)

    The main reason for contacting you is to pass along my deepest sympathies for the loss of your partner and person you lived with for 7 years. I can only imagine what it would be like to sustain such a loss and then try to regain my footing.

    As you described how you couldn’t get up the floor after she passed, I though about losing my wife and what it would do to me. This really hit me- – I had a hard time breathing. Clearly, you have further to go on the path God started you on. There’s more for you to do. However you got there since losing her, I’m glad you’ve been able to move forward, even if tentatively at first.

    I’m sure She would have wanted you to be able to continue your work and is very, very happy to watch you getting back to it.

    Facts Change, I love it! I believe in you.

    Ardsley, NY

  8. Hi Liam..I wrote this satirical bit a few days after the OBL news. Thought you might enjoy it!
    Chris (in Tokyo)

    Ladies & Gentlemen, We Got ‘Em
    by Chris Koprowski

    {Last week at the White House.}

    Obama: {furious} This is SOOOOO humiliating! I released my long-form birth certificate and they’re still asking questions! We need to win the public over in a big way…nip this in the bud now! 

    William Daley, Chief of Staff: Mr. President, high-profile deaths always trump high-profile births. We have options.

    Obama: I like the way you think! Who can we get? Gadhafi? 

    Daley: Just missed him…got his son and grandson. Not quite a headline stealer.

    Obama: Trump? 

    Daley: Can’t track him, sir….guy doesn’t use an iPhone. And he could be hiding in any one of his hotels.

    Obama: Hm. How are we doing on Bin Laden?

    Daley: Mr. President, he’s been dead ten years. Kidney failure.

    Obama: No kidding?

    Daley: But we have his DNA on ice.

    Obama: Oh, how’d you get that? 

    Daley: Half empty carton of camel milk. 

    Obama: And the plan?

    Daley: Sir, we have a classified operation in place where we can “take out” Osama with a Navy SEAL team at anytime…and then LOSE his body. It’s called operation “Buried at Sea.”

    Obama: Brilliant! 

    Daley: We had the best scriptwriters working on this one.

    Obama: Yeah? Oliver Stone?

    Daley: Michael Bay.

    Obama: My kids loved Transformers.

    Daley: Sir, just give the green light.

    {The operation is eerily inspired by a scene from The Rock (starring Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery)}

    Paxton: Congratulations Dr. Goodspeed, you did it.

    Goodspeed: Thank you sir.

    Paxton: You know for a while there I didn’t think you were going to make it. Well done son. So where’s Osama? Where’s his body? I wanna see that son of a bitch!

    Goodspeed: Vaporized.

    Walmac: Vaporized? What? Vaporized? A body can vaporize?

    Goodspeed: Oh yes, sir, absolutely, sir.

    Obama: {nodding approvingly}…this is good stuff. But shouldn’t we launch this operation next year before the election? 

    Daley: Don’t worry about that, sir. We’re bringing Jesus back then.

  9. Dear Liam-

    After listening to your program, I wanted to share this passage from a book I read. You may find it interesting and most appropriate.

    “Many years later he [Frederick T. Gates] described the Rockefeller Institute to an audience of scientists as a “theological seminary.”…. “I am not talking about the religion, not of the past, but of he future, and I tell you that as this medical research goes on you will…promulgate…new moral laws and new social laws, new definitions of what is right and wrong in our relations with each other.”

    -Frederick T. Gates, Personal Adviser to John D. Rockefeller
    “William H. Welch and the Rise of Modern Medicine” pg 153

  10. Thanks for the mental workout at the Expo Saturday, When I wasn’t laughing I was thinking to myself, “Does this guy belong here, he hasn’t tried to sell me anything yet. Wait, here it comes! No, he’s actually giving away carrots now. This must be some pitch coming…” Anyhooters, you’re the man. If you’re ever back in town, rockstar parking on me…

  11. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy and appreciate your work and the way you present it. Both the whole HIV investigations that I read mostly on the AIDS wiki, as about that place they sent you to as a kid, as the cartoons, the youtube movies, very nice, lovely tone and sincerety, and ability to take some distance and trying to be honoust about what you see. Very reassuring intelligent publications. I find you and the work admirable from what I have seen so far. Hope you are very well indeed.

    • Thank yo Bas,

      That’s a much appreciated and thoughtful note… hope you are well too.

  12. Hi Liam

    I just watched “House of Numbers” and wanted to check you out since you had – for me at least – the most straightforward, no-BS attitude of all those interviewed.

    I will be sure to check out your radio show when I can, but have a question in the meantime.

    Would you mind briefly laying out your views a la political philosophy? I am most interested if you accept the concept of government as valid, or whether you espouse voluntaryism or some other non-heteronomous paradigm.

    Hope you’re doing well.


    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for the nice note. Yes, I see government as valid, when government is extremely limited. I see no perfect system, but an argumentative, pluralist system which engenders innovation, environmental stewardship, an open science project, and a constant checking and re-checking of power, so that new ideas, better ideas, always have an opportunity to be embraced by forward-thinkers. Or, something like that…

      And you?

      • Thanks for the reply, and sorry for not coming back to you sooner. I’m an avid reader and absorber of info, and it sometimes takes me a while to get back to earlier threads of correspondence.

        The reason I asked you about government is that I am totally opposed to the idea, even a limited government. If it is the people (in unanimity) that decide to create an institution to organise services, and they all agree on the limitations, then I wouldn’t really call it a government.

        If however, there is an institution which uses force to pursue any agenda – regardless of what it is, I would argue that this is immoral. Also, consequentially, what might be termed as ‘minarchism’ – the creation of a limited government to protect individuals – appears doomed to failure because if an institution is implemented which uses force to get the bad guys, where’s the first place the baddies are gonna run for cover? Their very survival – what Eustace Mullins called ‘the hegemony of parasitism’ – depends on their usurping that institution and using it to subjugate the people.

        Finally, to clarify why in particular I asked you about this: I find that most of the people that do stirling work in specialised areas sometimes remain under-informed or indoctrinated in regards to other spheres (in my opinion, of course). Sam Harris does a great job of debunking religion, but calls for a world government. Eustace Mullins was the foremost exposer of the Federal Reserve, but was hampered by antisemitism. In your case, I admire your work on the HIV=AIDS debate, and would strongly encourage that you look further into the idea of voluntaryism. I make this suggestion not for reasons of patronisation, but because there are many areas – skepticism of science and politics, on which you and I would probably entirely agree, and I for one have found much value in undoing the contradiction in my worldview that was minarchism.

        There are many great resources for this – maybe someday I’ll compile a list on my website (which is not a good starting point, I have to warn you) – but perhaps Stef Molyneux’s excellent video ‘The Story of Your Enslavement’ might do the trick.

        Regardless, fantastic work on ‘House of Numbers’ and I really will try to get around to hearing the radio show.

        All the best,


  13. Liam,

    Thanks for the rant on fewer vs. less! The misuse drives me nuts as well, particularly amongst people in media who should know better. It seems that “fewer” has just been dropped altogether, and we’re now living in an unquantifiable world…

    • You bet! Thanks for listening! Off to do fewer things in even less time…

  14. I listen to every one of your shows.

    I wanted to let you know that hemp oil cures cancer and many other health problems. You can watch the movie “RUN FROM THE CURE” or go to the web site. many documented experiments supports this.

    Human consciousness is infinite. We could be colonizing space and terraforming planets and solar systems. You can create a motor that runs on the vacuum of space or the spinning of the earth that have anti gravity aspects to it. If you do (many people have) you receive a visit from the FBI CIA NSA or some other scary three letters. They will inform you that you and your family will have bad luck if you continue with your research. Clean energy tech has been around for 100s of years and its clean. Environmentalism and global warming are both fake. If these people really cared about the planet they would be fighting for the right to create and use these new forms of energy. There is much information on this here are a few web sites.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. These type of CEDU/RMA schools are still in operation, perhaps watered down, “Sister” or “Cousin” school but the same operation mindset is still being utilized. As a recent Master’s level Social Work graduate, I had the opportunity to interview at one. I had no idea these places existed, however, from the moment I walked in the door I could see the red flags and intuition told me something funny was going on: From the “approved” and similar clothing, to the crew cut hair styles.. to approved book lists..from the multitude of cameras. It was evident within the first 5-10 minutes that this was a brainwashing, cult-style behavior modification “school” Sadly in this particular state I was in these type of schools (and I use that term loosely) are licensed not by the dept of human health services but by the dept. of labor. This originated due to the individual who introduced the bill, Rep. Paul Clark owns/runs a school of this type. His bill created a review board which consisted of 5 individuals.. 3 reps from these schools throughout the state..the county commissioner of Sanders County where Spring Creek operates and employs most the county and a Dr of child psychology (who resigned and left the state). What you have is an example of the Fox guarding the hen house. Whether you have propheets or virtues, pillars, or what ever you want to call them.. It’s still the same game, just a different name, and the game is psychologically and physically damaging to anyone.
    It is a multi-million dollar operation that is often family ran/owned. These individuals are dangerous. The so-called curriculums these schools offer are not evidence based practices and are indeed brainwashing/cult techniques used to cause a kind of disassociation. The survey/questionnaires are nothing more then something you’d find in any magazine. I mean, what teen wouldn’t have at least a few of those traits or qualities some of the time? These schools are insidious and operate in remote places in secrecy or have enough sway and pull within the community to have eyes turned the other way because of how much revenue they bring into the area.
    There’s more I could say from my two and half hour visit that are red flags. But for safety reasons I will quit it short.

  16. Hi, like your radio show, but recently I can’t download it at the library, and
    listen to it via podcast. The blogtalkradio site doesn’t have the download now button, like on your older shows. No need for reply. Cheers,v

    • Hi Vern,

      thanks for listening, and the nice comments. To download, just add a ‘.mp3’ to the end of the blog talk radio url, and it should download…

  17. I’m changing my name to max power I got it
    off a hair drier, and it sounds cool.

    Your star trek and monsanto skit was
    pretty funny. Keep it up. I’m hoping
    that the strange gm plants won’t stand
    up against nature, and they will loose
    in the end. Fingers crossed. v

  18. I have thoroughly reviewed your opinions and writings and rest certain you are simply psychotic – and this is no joke.

    • Excellent, Alan. Maybe you can get me some of that government money that helpful people like yourself shovel into social welfare programs… Like Goldman Sachs, and Ford motors. Oh, but I remember – you wrote saying that the kids at UCDavis really deserved to get sprayed in the face with poison pepper spray. And I said ‘no, they really don’t.’ And so on.

      Well, please send money, because if I’m troubled, I’m sure a good conservative like you knows that the only way out of a mess is to be bailed out. That’s what government is for… I guess.

    • ROTFL! Where would we be without the usual MSM communist shills reporting in?

      Thanks, “Alan”, for that belly laugh!

  19. My nephew may have been one of the children tested on. Did any legal agency take on the case? I’m not interested in any financial gain but I would like to know what happened during his 2 years in that place. Is there a way to get his medical file?

    We had to go through so much red tape to adopt him. He’s 12 y/o and continues his journey.

    I appreciate all the time and energy that you’ve placed on educating us all.

  20. Hi Liam,
    I listen to you on the RobertScott Bell Show and you’re very informative. Are you going to have presentation in NYC anytime soon? If so, please let me know when and where. I live in NYC and would like to attend one of your presentation.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Stacey, I’m giving a vaccine history talk in NYC soon. Check my public facebook page for updates. Hope to see you there.

  21. Dear Liam Scheff
    I am one of many viewers…
    Yesterday, I saw this screwing article read it, and I felt like spreading some news on it…
    I forwarded the link to RT news, because I know they may be the only media possible to
    broadcast such news, given that, only RT gave Peter Duesberg, Christian Fiala and others, some time on TV to say what they know about HIV/AIDS….
    But don’t forget, this HIV/AIDS subject is still a Taboo, and majority avoid
    discussion (for what? I don’t know) it will take many daring being like you, to break this myth,

    Thank you, Thank you


  22. Hello. Mr.scheff. i am a student at a school. and was wondering is i could use this picture for my projects cover. thank you and hit me up with the answer

    • Hi,

      Which picture? If you use a picture I made, please simply put it in notes that it came from Liam and post the url. Hope the report goes well.

  23. Dear Liam,

    Did you happen to see this recent news story:

    “Popular Antibiotic May Raise Risk of Sudden Death” ( Published May 16, 2012)???

    I found it very interesting in regards to the chemical azido/azide (N3) group contained in Azithromycin, and the known correlation with mitochondrial toxicity, as previously elucidated by Dr. Heinrich kremer and others. Below is a blog post I wrote in response to the subject:

    Popular Antibiotic May Raise Risk of Sudden Death
    Published: May 16, 2012

    “A new study finds that a widely used antibiotic, azithromycin, may increase the likelihood of sudden death in adults, especially those who have heart disease or are at high risk for it.”

    Response: Chemically, “Z-Pack” or Azithromycin, is an antibiotic in the azide group, a chemical compound that contains the group N3, derived from hydrazoic acid (HN3, nitrogen mustard gas!), containing the azido group combined with an element or radical. Hydrazoic acid is extremely volatile and highly toxic. The compound acts as a non-cumulative poison. The azido group blocks oxygen-dependent cell respiration in the mitochondria. The azide group is a known inhibitor of cytochrome c oxidase (or Complex IV) of the respiratory electron-transfer chain. Azide inhibits cytochrome oxidase by binding irreversibly to the heme cofactor in a process similar to the action of carbon monoxide. Cyanide, sulfide, azide, and carbon monoxide all bind to cytochrome c oxidase, thus competitively inhibiting the protein from functioning, which results in chemical asphyxiation of cells. Sodium azide, used for the preparation of azide compounds, is acutely toxic, particularly affecting organs that undergo high rates of respiration, such as the heart and the brain. The mitochondria, our biological energy power plants, are found in every cell of the body, but heavily concentrated in the highly energetic heart. These aza (from Greek azote = nitrogen), azido, azide (containing the ?N3 group and derived from hydrazoic acid, HN3), nitrogen action profile substances are highly toxic to cellular mitochondria, whose crucial energy production is essential to life.

    Full Story:

  24. Hello Liam

    I am interested in your theories about the Electrical universe, but would like to know how they have been affected by the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson.

    Also, many years ago, there was a documentary about ‘upward lightening’ – it would seem that there is a phenomenon of upward lightening were thin strands of lightening can be seen to be moving upward in the atmosphere. The phenomenon was said to be impossible and that people were just hallucinating, but this documentary showed actual footage of lightening striking upward. Does this confirm or disprove your theories.

  25. Hi Leon,

    I write about the Electric Universe in Chapter 9 (and 11) of my book “Official Stories” (at Amazon, and Createspace). Please have a look. Lightning is the electrical release and homeostatic balancing charge equalizer between Earth (an electromagnetic spinning body) and space (a charged plasma). It’s not ‘ice rubbing together’ as the officials would like you to believe.

    As to the mythical “Higgs Boson” – it’s just that. Dig beneath the surface; it’s all inference, speculation and “we reallllly WANT it to be so, so we’ll say it’s so.”

    Again, I wrote it up in chapter 9 as clearly and efficiently as I could. Please check it out and let me know how it goes.

  26. Love your shows! Is there any chance you could organize your archives of all the interviews and radio programs onto a page that would contain a direct link to download the mp3, and also a date when the program was aired? The ones over at blog talk radio do not contain a “download” link, unlike other shows at blog talk radio… Thanks!

    • Hi “W”,

      thanks, I appreciate your kind words. I don’t have time at present to do more than link the various networks – I update some shows in the “bookstore” link, and you can always find more by clicking on the Robert Scott Bell show archive…

      I did what I could with the IntelHub files, in terms of linking to MP3s – just too too busy at present. Feel free to submit URLS to the shows, as you’d like them linked, and I’ll try to get to them…

  27. I’m reading Official Stories and I’m wondering if you can clear up two pieces of info for me. I was meaning to try to get to you personally, so if you have time to respond, I would rather you just respond to my email. The first question regards 9/11: I agree that the financial and intelligence threads that connect this event (the Bush family connections, CIA connections) are very fishy, but I researched the nano-thermite issue and found that Steven Jones’ article has been highly criticized by engineers. It seems like his methods are suspect. Can you offer any other areas where thermite is clearly linked, and that this particular kind of thermite would do that sort of damage? (I’ve seen a few articles that make the case that if there was thermite, it wasn’t the kind that would have done that sort of damage). The second question regards the Padian Study and HIV. I found an article written by Dr. Padian refuting those who use the article to fuel what is, to her, the myth that AIDS/HIV is not sexually transmitted. I’m wondering if you can elaborate on this issue, if only to provide me with some avenue so that I might do my own research. These two issues seem to frame each respective argument, and I’d like to be able to make up my own mind without succumbing to any preconceived bias that is thrown into each sides’ arguments – i.e. “These guys are just paranoid quacks” and “These guys are just paid lackeys of the Great Machine”.

    • I don’t have the pleasure of knowing your name..

      You’ll have to send me the reports where Jones’ (and others) finding of thermite was criticized.

      The mainstream always criticizes its critics. That shouldn’t surprise you.

      No one, to my knowledge, has ever refuted his and his colleagues paper – which was approved for a journal, for what that’s worth to you.

      Padian can say what she likes – you’d expect her to argue, wouldn’t you?

      But, the results, quoted:

      “We followed up 175 HIV-discordant couples [one partner tests positive, one negative] over time, for a total of approximately 282 couple-years of follow up… No transmission [of HIV] occurred among the 25% of couples who did not use their condoms consistently, nor among the 47 couples who intermittently practiced unsafe sex during the entire duration of follow-up…”

      “We observed no seroconversions after entry into the study [nobody became HIV positive]…This evidence argues for low infectivity in the absence of either needle sharing and/or other cofactors.”“

      Zero means zero. Which means, as I’ve said many times, either:

      HIV is not an STD


      HIV doesn’t exist


      HIV tests don’t test for HIV.

      Print and read. How many prostitutes are magically immune? It seems that sex is not the problem.

      And watch her stumble.

  28. I’ve enjoyed some of the videos you’ve posted to YouTube and glad to see another thoughtful, passionate human being who cares enough about what’s going on in this world to try and actually do something about it other than sit on a couch and eat crunchy snacks.

    I listened to your appearance on the Type 1 Radio Lounge discussing Judy Wood’s theory regarding the destruction of the Twin Towers. I tried to leave a comment below the YouTube posting but it likely won’t appear because they prohibit URLs from being posted in comments.

    Judy Wood apparently proposes “Directed Energy” as the methodology for bringing down WTCs 1 & 2 on 9/11/01. Directed Energy technology isn’t exactly “fantasy-sci-fi” or a “Star Trek concept” as you call it. If it was, the Directed Energy Professional Society (founded in 1999) probably wouldn’t exist. You can visit their website at:

    Not surprisingly, this technology has also been weaponized. Take a look at this ad for a job position with U.S. Naval Intelligence Command: (the position is closed so you’ll need to click the link “The contents of the announcement can still be viewed” then scroll down to “DUTIES”)

    Thanks again for your studious work and lack of apathy. It’s much needed.

  29. Liam,
    Have you found any connection with the CEDU schools and government funding such as CIA or any branches of the mkultra or mksearch or project monarch?

  30. Hi Liam,

    At some point will you be able to offer your books in audio form? I use and it would be great to have access to your books through this site.

    Best Regards

  31. Dear Liam,

    I do not know if you might be interested in this, but the American news media loves to hype up propaganda about circumcision when it is in favor of circumcision, but when information is opposed to circumcision the news media becomes strangely silent.

    You may have heard that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has revised their stance in favor of circumcision claiming that “benefits outweigh the risks.” But have you heard the newsworthy information that many international doctors’ organizations have condemned the AAP’s stance on circumcision and have claimed cultural bias in the AAP’s report? It was reported in the AAP’s own journal!
    Cultural Bias in the AAP’s 2012 Technical Report and Policy Statement on Male Circumcision

    This kind of condemnation is historical. How often do you or anyone hear of one doctor’s organization condemning another doctor’s organization? Here 38 doctors (many from various doctor’s organzations) condemn the AAP’s stance on infant circumcision! If you did not hear about this in the news media, would that not suggest that the news media is biased?

  32. I need “Official Stories” in Audiobook form.
    I can read with my eyes, but I’m a primary Auditory and do much better reading with my ears.

    You would bring the book to life the way Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, and others, bring a character to life.

    Knowing nothing about the business….
    I imagine it could be done quite cheaply and sold on iTunes.

  33. Hello Liam

    I am a retired Engineer living in the Philippines and have a theory about the Pacific ring of fire, I have been interested In plate tectonics for several years and have tried to gather as much information as I can on the subject.

    Is it possible that the buoyancy of the tectonic plates on the Magma below it that form the ocean floor and the weight of the Pacific ocean is critical !! and for the last twenty years at least the weight of the ocean has increased due to the melting of the Ice Caps without a huge significant increase in water height
    also in the last few years we have seen a huge increase in activity in this area, earthquakes, tsunamis etc, is it possible the extra weight of an increasing volume of water is depressing some areas of the the Pacific and other ocean floor plates.

    This would have the affect of decreasing outward pressure on the subduction zones around the Pacific basin encouraging movement as we have seen in recent years, like a piece of paper as you push down on the centre the sides move inwards.

    It would also hide the fact that the oceans are getting deeper by increasing the volume of water downwards like a fish tank with a rubber bottom, also I feel this will increase the pressure on the magma below creating more active volcanoes in the not to distant future as I believe we are seeing now in Hawaii

    I think we spent to much time thinking about the Earth’s plate moving against each other while maybe we should spend more time studying their movement up and down, as I believe experts now believe that the area that New York now stands upon was once much lower with the weight of ice pushing down upon it so why not with the weight of extra water in an ocean.

    I have written to several so called experts in this field but got no reply at all.
    William Hughes.

    • Hello William this is Will.

      To answer one of your questions: the buoyancy/density of the ocean floor/ is critical. Ocean crust becomes heavier/more dense as it cools. Ocean crust is hottest where it forms at the crack in the center of the mid-ocean ridge. As crust moves away from the crack it cools and sinks. (see my comment below for an explanation of the causes of subduction)

      The rock layer underneath the ocean crust is not magma (liquid). It is plastic. That is solid but easily deformed–kinda like marble ice cream.

      Rocks have to have the right combination of temperature and pressure to melt. For instance a crack in the crust could lower pressure causing rock to melt (if the temperature is high enough).

      The ice has been melting and the ocean has been rising since the end of the last ice age. So whatever effect ice melt might have is probably nothing new.

      Not all of the sea level rise is due to melting ice. Some of it caused by the warming of the oceans. Water expands and takes up more space as it warms. Expanding water does not add weight.

      Large earthquakes are not uncommon. It seems like there has been a “huge” increase in earthquake activity but I would guess that there hasn’t. It is just that, recently, earthquakes have occurred in places where they have done a lot of damage and have gotten a lot of publicity.

      The amount of sea level rise due to melting ice during the last century is less than a foot. The ocean and the crust are around 8-10 miles from top to bottom. I would guess that less than a foot of extra water is not going to sink down 6-8 mile thick rigid crustal rock very much.

      You are right. Adding a lot of water all at once might jostle faults and loosen snags. Then faults might move suddenly causing earthquakes.

      • Uhm. Oh, really?

        60 miles of rock is buoyant, but then dives beneath… 60 miles of .. yeah. No. Sorry, non credo.

  34. Dear Liam,

    I just finished “Official Stories” and wanted to tell you (first) that I enjoyed it very much – THANKS!!! I have a special place in my heart for the destruction of pervasive societal dogmas that are in fact, untrue.

    Secondly, on the subject of pervasive geological dogma, I would like to see you write a good essay on the fact that hydrocarbons are not “fossil fuels” – they are not formed by the detritus of ancient living organisms that gets pressurized and cooked in the Earth. One of the best discussions I’ve seen on this is two chapters of F. William Engdahl’s latest book, “Myths, Lies and Oil Wars.”

    Regarding the evidence of the expanding Earth, a very good discussion of the evidence is found in the book, “The Land of No Horizon.” This book first takes on expanding Earth theory and then moves to hollow Earth theory. Unfortunately it delves deeply into speculation with that latter subject, claiming the “inner Earth” is the source of humanity, but the objective evidence part of the expanding Earth (and other planets) part is very good and employs more aspects of evidence than your 15-page essay. (I don’t mean to denigrate the hollow earth theory – in “my book” it’s a real possibility for how gravity and planet-formation works over aeons.)

    Finally, regarding the letter on the right panel of your web site, “Scientific Fundamentalism,” it seems that the assumption behind the letter is that the dangerous and/or insane results of certain “scientific” applications in the world today is the result of well-meaning (albeit greedy) screw-ups. I, on the other hand think that the empirical evidence supports in greater degree the proposition that the great majority of these scientific disasters are quite intentional and in service to what might be called an “evil agenda.”

    “Materialism is a fundamentalist belief.”- me

    Thanks again! I’ll be learning how to keep up with your work and commentaries.

  35. Hi Liam,

    I’ve finished Official Stories, and it was a fun read, and I have to admit, an eye-opener. A definite re-read.


  36. Hi Liam,

    Could it be that “Peak Oil” is also an Official Story? Have you had a chance to review F William Engdahl’s work in this area and the claims by Russian researchers that oil is not a “fossil fuel”? If so, can you please comment?

    Thanks for writing Official Stories, what an eye opening and thought provoking book. It is definitely a book to share with others. I am encouraging my family to read it so we can have some thoughtful discussions. My son is home for the holidays and is enjoying the book and I have purchased a second copy for my oldest son in DC.

    Kind Regards,
    Dennis A

  37. Good afternoon Liam,

    I’ve been following your stories and information online. I totally enjoy Liam in three. I have a child newly diagnosed with an IBD (Crohn’s Sept. 2012). After reading and reading about the disease I went through a moment in my life where I blamed myself for him getting (having) this disease. Because they say it is genetic and well I’m his mother. Then my feelings started in along with the fact that I couldn’t protect him from it. After learning all we can about the food we eat we are trying to find ways to have our own food without all of the crap they (food companies)do to it. We too are looking for sustaining solutions to the falling economy.

    I’m very excited I’m now ready to read your book.

    My son is only on one drug now, is in remission and doing great. But I worry about the economy and his health………will his medicine be there when he needs it? Will we be able to get it for him? I never wanted him to be on any drugs but when it’s the difference between his body starving it’s self or taking this drug to keep him in remission, what gives. I know there must be a natural remedy to his health issue.

    I welcome any suggestions……..

    Thank you,

    I like the Linus Van Pelt on your ” but it’s Science “, I like your artwork too. Peanuts is a favorite of mine especially Sally Brown….

  38. Hey Liam

    I am a fan of yours on You Tube and generally agree with your take on how science works. I was a research geologist for the USGS for many years and got to experience first hand some of the things you talk about. Once a paradigm gets entrenched people do literally have to retire or “die” before the science can move forward. (I had a second career teaching Earth Science to inner city kids in NYC, so I have been out of research for a while, but I am sure the MO is about the same or gotten worse.)

    In my opinion paradigms are stepping stones to the next level of understanding. Paradigms are as useful as they are predictive. (One of the reasons I thing the HIV causes AIDS hypothesis is bunk is because none of the predictions associated with it have come true.)

    I recently saw a short video of yours discrediting Plate Tectonics. I said “oh no” to myself ;tell me it isn’t true; why is he doing this? My 101 Geology in the late 60’s was taught by Peter Coney, who was one of the first to use Plate Tectonics to interpret the geologic history of the continents. In class he would describe the old way of looking at things which was primarily descriptive and didn’t explain how things worked. Then he would apply the new paradigm, Plate Tectonics, and suddenly everything made sense. I am an idea kinda guy. It was exciting. When I went up the road to UVM to get a masters, I discovered that professors up there were nonbelievers. It took them almost a decade to catch up.

    Plate Tectonics is not my specialty. Maybe you know something I don’t know. But there is a lot of evidence for subduction zones. For one, active earthquake zones called Benioff zones outline the sinking slabs of ocean crust. Also, most earthquakes and volcanoes occur along/parallel to Benioff zones and are result of the sinking slab–google ring of fire. Different mineral suites/rocks are stable at different temperatures and pressures. Plate Tectonics does a good job of explaining why different kinds of rocks occur where they do.

    The ocean crust/floor is created at a crack that runs down the middle of the mid-ocean ridge. As the new crust moves away from the crack it cools, becomes more dense and sinks eventually reaching the depth of the abyssal plain. Where old/cool/dense ocean crust meets more buoyant continental crust it can sometimes break and sink under the continent. The same thing can happen when it meets younger/warmer less-dense more-buoyant ocean crust.

    Applying Occam’s Razor: Plate Tectonic theory simply and elegantly explains a lot of natural phenomena. I am not sure why somebody would hypothesize that the earth is expanding. The half life of uranium (which heats the earth’s interior) is about the age of the earth. There is less and less uranium with time. So the earth is probably cooling and contracting(?) albeit slowly. Not heating and expanding.
    (The earth can’t be hollow because P (primary) earthquake waves pass through it.)

    I think there is a big difference between the integrity of science that has immediate economic significance and science that dose not. Come on (despite your issues with your family) not all scientists are scumbags. Plate Tectonics is a beautiful theory that revolutionized the study of geology. And true to form it was mightily resisted for many years before it became the prevailing paradigm.

    On the other hand, I agree with you completely that corporate science sponsored by Big Ag, Big Parma/Chem/Oil and all the rest doesn’t really deserve to be called science. It’s really just propaganda.

    • Hey, You can smash thoughts together and make anything you want out of them. But the earth is not growing and also shrinking at precisely the same rate of speed because it says so in the wikipedia (it also says that ‘earth is the only planet with plate tectonics,’ which is about how serious they are about thinking it over.) This used to be called a fallacy – thinking the earth was the center (the unique axis) of the universe.

  39. Hello Liam,

    I have heard you say that scientists often lack soul and even ethics. Ken Wilbur has a name for this pathology: Flatland—basically as persons and/or societies move from the mythic to the rational stage of development, they do not integrate the good parts of the mythic stage (like spirituality and ethics) into their personalities/social norms.

    If you are not familiar with the work of Ken Wilbur (Integral Psychology) and Don Beck (Spiral Dynamics), you might find them interesting. I my opinion they have pretty good take on how the world works. Don Beck is probably the more accessible of the two.

    • Hi – ethics, not souls. What I’ve said is that doctors and scientists, like bureaucrats, auto-mechanics, lawyers and politicians — lie. They work, as do we all, inside of the petro-chemical bubble world; they serve the power of 90 million barrels of oil used world-wide — each day. They protect the limited scope of their investigations. They do not blame the toxic environment for illness – they want to dissect cells and DNA and find a ghostly culprit within. All the while the real culprits – DDT, 2,4-D, chemotherapy, AIDS drugs, glyphosate, malathion, pesticides, herbicides (and all of the other petrochem-icides) are beating our bodies up from the inside of the gut to the outside of our skin. And doctors and scientists are TRAINED AGAINST looking at this reality.

      Thanks for the Ken Wilber (Typhon ahoy!) and Don Beck recommendations. I’ll look them up – well, Beck is new to me, so, that one first! Thank you!

  40. Good Afternoon Liam,

    Yes I am writing you again! I hope you didn’t think I approve of my son (Crohns diagnosed in Sept. 2012) being on medication, because I don’t. We’ve had to hold our own each time the doctor wants to put him on something else because she feels he’s in need of a more aggressive treatment. She’s also wanting to do another scope on him even though he’s in remission (since Aug. 2013). He’s only on one drug Azathioprine 100 MG’s per day. He also takes daily vitamins 1 MG Folic acid (doctor prescribed), Then children’s dose Probiotic, multivitamin, and calcium + D. He’s growing and NOT in any pain.

    Last year when he was diagnosed with the Crohn’s they scared me into letting them give him a Flu shot! My husband was NOT happy! But this Fall when they asked I told them I would let his Pediatrician do it. I then told the Pediatrician we didn’t want it. When asked we said we took care of it. My son will be 12 this Summer, at 12 I can find him a GI doctor who is not associated with a Children’s Hospital. Because all Children’s hospitals are research hospital’s. I’m learning as much and as fast as I can about what and how to go about issues with my son’s health. Once we’re away from the children’s hospital we can then I hope find out about natural methods of treatment.

    I feel sorry for the Amish family who had to flee the country so no one would take their daughter away from them. I fear if I do anything in the least bit the same this doctor/hospital might or could do the same. We haven’t made waves and plan not to. We live in the Midwest and have had to reschedule his 6 month visit three times :).

    She kept having him do blood work for signs of inflammation and when inflammation was found she would say we need to do a scope or a more aggressive drug or up the current medicine he’s on. We upped the medicine he’s on, and he’s doing fine. A doctor friend told me he’s a kid, kids almost always have inflammation in their guts.

    I’m sorry I keep writing you on here but, I’m not on FB, twitter or well anything like that. I guess I just wanted you to know your being heard and people are listing. You already knew that though……

    We are preparing for the future too! Our greenhouse is almost done, our first and oldest chickens are done laying and will be slaughtered for meat soon, our plans for our late Winter garden are in place. Also we’re looking into products that will help us get water from our well without electricity.

    Thank You Liam for all you do….

    Your strength gives me strength……….

  41. Hi Liam –

    I stumbled upon your video on vaccinations and polio. Such a revelation. Immediately bought the Kindle version of your Official Stories – specifically for the chapter on vaccinations. Great work!

    Have you heard of Dr. Hamer and his New German Medicine? It was a revelation for me and surprisingly few people have even heard of it. Just wanted to share. I wish I had come across it much earlier in my life. But hey, I must not have been ready.

    Judging by your last chapter “How Life Happens” I bet you are going to find exploring Dr Hamer’s work very interesting to say the least.

    Keep up the good work!


  42. Hello Liam,

    You probably won’t like this idea, but I thought that I would run it by you…(here goes)

    I loved Official Stories and I always look forward to your perspective on the RSB show. However, is there any possibility that in your next book (and your podcast) you could keep the language to “PG” or “PG-13” at most? I could see Official Stories becoming an in classroom book in the future, especially for home schoolers whose parents are awake. We are going to home school and I plan on my kid reading portions of your book and learning this perspective; okay, I will have to limit parts of the gay scene description because I think it is too descriptive for a kid and I think the language is too much at times with too many f-bombs…how about a toned down version? You are very articulate and could come up with better words (without swearing) at times to color your descriptions of things. The injustices in this world make me very angry too!

    What do you think?


    • Hi Moe,

      Wow, I thought it was pretty PG-13! Well, if it’s the adult stuff that’s causing angst, then skip Ch. 6, is my best advice. There are chapters suited to pre-highschool homeschooling – 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, maybe some of 1 or 2. But chapter 6 deals with very adult material.

      And while I can (and do) gear presentations to specific audiences, a book is for – well – it’s gutsy. It’s a grown-up testament, in that sense.

      But your idea is – could I redo a more family-friendly version? I guess the answer is: Maybe! But, will I? I dunno. It’s a nice thought – but the rest of my work is pretty racy – and I’m not sure I want to try to sell to that market. I tend to speak to a sophisticated streak in people – something that usually comes with age – even my comic is full of hidden ironies and jokes for the grown-ups in the crowd.

      But, it’s a very kind suggestion, really – and I’ll think about it.

      So, I’m grabbing the ebook and searching, I can find a small handful of cursewords, used very specifically and for emphasis. I think people curse sometimes, when emotion and situation warrants it. And six of the ‘bomb’ words in a very full 200 pages – is not excessive for an adult book.

      And isn’t it true that parents have to read anything before reading it to an under 13 year old? That’s par for the course, no?

      I love that you reached out and asked – it’s a lovely thought and kind praise.

      Now for the bad news: I’m afraid my radio work will be getting a little racier still. I think I’m more or less heading toward the ‘adults only’ realm of performance – though it’s easy to tone down for general broadcasts and other people’s shows.

      I’m afraid you’ll have to keep translating me to the under-teen crowd, and tell them when they’re old enough, they can jump into the other chapters.

      I hope that is a fair response. I enjoyed your note and the kind thoughts.

  43. Dear Liam, Just stumbled upon your work thanks to Jack Blood and what a shame it took me so long! You’re work is fantastic, and there’s no smoke blowing here!

    I’d LOVE your opinion on these numerological ‘coincidences’ and your feel, if not MATH, on whether they could actually be random coincidence; my gut says NOT!

    Boston Bombing STAGED?

    I Pet Goat II Military masonic version should also be taken in when you can!

  44. Hi Liam, I think that official stories is an incredible book. I really loved reading it several times. Do you plan for a follow up volume? Anyway thank you for your honest journalism and hard work. Just curious also what is your opinion on the UFO phenomenon that that the government seems so intent on keeping secret.



    • HI, thanks! Oh… I haven’t really dug into it. No strong opinion. But “Electric Universe” (Ch 9 of Official Stories) would suggest that it would be hard to get a metal ship through the vast electrical system of outer space without it becoming a lightning rod. :)

  45. I heard you mention benzene in reference to AIDS on a recent podcast . . .

    About 15 years ago, I read Stephen Byrnes/Jeremy Selvey’s belief that the lube in benzene set off the AIDS epidemic.

    Of all the things I’ve read on AIDS it made (and continues to make) the most sense. I think it completely explains why it suddenly popped up and was so devastating. I also distinctly remember the super hot lubes in question and the type of guys who preferred them when getting f. . . .d. I realize a lot of others things were involved, almost all of which devastated the gut and the colonies of bacteria in it that compose the bulk of our immune system.

    What do you think about it? Could the benzene in lube mostly explain what happened?

    On a side note, the article turned me on to the Weston A. Price Foundation and home fermentation of foods (artisan versions weren’t available back then). I believe that home fermentation was key to restoring my health (though reorienting my spending to buy only nutrient dense foods and preparing them from scratch to save money doesn’t hurt either).

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