"Hiv Testing" is Dangerous to Your Health

From the Associated Press

  • BOSTON – A jury awarded $2.5 million in damages Wednesday to a woman who received HIV treatments for almost nine years before discovering she never actually had the virus that causes AIDS.

  • In her lawsuit against a doctor who treated her, Audrey Serrano said the powerful combination of drugs she took triggered a string of ailments, including depression, chronic fatigue, loss of weight and appetite and inflammation of the intestine.
  • Serrano, 45, said she cried after hearing the verdict in Worcester Superior Court and was gratified that the jury believed her.
  • “I’m going to finish my school and I am going to continue to help others,” Serrano said in a telephone interview from her Fitchburg home. “I am going to find another doctor that will help me.”

I’m sure they’re reeling over in Aidsland today. But this is what a little honesty applied to the Aids paradigm reveals: It needs a very public review.

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