Why Is This So Damned Appealing?


Images and Video by Neal Adams


You’ve watched it.

So, go watch and read more (and more and more, and even more).

Now go and find out if there’s any such thing as Subduction that is better than a thousand cartoon examples on a Google search for “subduction.”

Cause if there ain’t, I’m gonna want to talk to every elementary school science teacher I ever had, and ask them why they’re still teaching Ptolemy to the young ‘uns…

. . . . . .


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  1. Liam.. that was a cool Neal Adams video.. Subduction resulting from convergence of tectonic plates is likely a cool concept for explaining the phenomena of earthquakes, origin of mountains and tsunamis. Formation of individual continents from the “pangea” land mass may have to be explained by another theory… i.e the growing earth theory. Neal Adams may have a point, especially how he theorized the formation of the Indian land mass and the zillion islands splattered above Canada.

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