Proof that All Government Conspiracy Theories are True

At any decent social gathering, you will run into one or more boys or girls, men or women, who will tell you that the reason we are currently dangling on one hook or another is the government. Or, “The GOVERNMENT.”

– It’s just a movie! (No, it isn’t!)

If you ask what they mean, they’ll say, “We could fix this problem (whatever problem we’re supposed to be facing), but the Government is blocking the solution – it’s not cost-effective. It’ll disrupt the market. It’ll destroy competition for a time, re-figure and jigger the market. It will kill the ruling industry…and it’ll work!”

So you hear of 120 mile per gallon cars, self-sustaining energy supplies, electro-magnetic hovering vehicles, cures for various terrible diseases – cheap cures, in the form of readily available nutrients or substances.

You hear about ‘Government’ malfeasance; complicity in the acts of horror that serve as the rationale for most current policy. You hear about the threads that track back to a recent, oh-so-inglorious past: Bayer, IBM, I.B. Farben…Archer Daniels Midland, Halliburton.

You hear how Standard Oil ripped the railways out of Southern California, and how the oil industry conspired against public transportation in the US, to make us auto-dependent and auto-asphyxiated.

“Oh, maybe so,” you chuckle, and wince, and say, “but, I’m no expert.” And you move onto the current television season, what’s being sold in the paper, or perhaps something with actual meaning – a relationship, a life-decision, etc. But economy and economies are never far from your mind, or the discussion.

And anyway, who believes conspiracy theories?

Well, maybe you don’t, but you should. Because General Motors does.

Faced with true and permanent death, the company breached etiquette and found the strength to jump the approved starting gun for the future. And here it is:

Official Site

And again:

“GM today revealed that the new Chevy Volt hybrid will get up to 230 mpg for city driving. The Volt can travel up to 40 miles on a single electricity charge; Its overall range will be 300 miles with its fuel engine.” – Business

And again: A production-line car getting 230 miles per gallon, in city driving.

And coming soon? Over 300 mpg:
Super-duper-uber bug

A year ago or more, a private company advertised its over 200 mpg pod car (The Aptera). We can be assured that the specifications clearly represented reality. And we’re now staring at the future that conspiracy theorists told us was waiting.

So, in acknowledgment, gratitude, and celebration of this glorious unapproved event, I will now throw my allegiance to the conspiracy theorists:

1. John and Bobby Kennedy were shot in the CIA 60s, the decades of world-wide assassination. No lone gunman. No happenstance. It’s planning. That’s what it was in Iran, in Central and South America. It’s what it was here. Let’s stop pretending that our government doesn’t kill to protect itself.

2. On 9-11 three buildings fell to the earth, often at free-fall speed. The buildings were high, very high, and made of strong, solid metal. Somebody wanted those buildings to fall down, straight down, dramatically and quickly. Anybody who pretends otherwise is, well, pretending. I don’t know who wanted the buildings to come down. But somebody did, and they made it happen.

3. There may very well be the wreckage of a visiting non-Earth vessel in Roswell New Mexico. There may not be. But, until the files are all opened, the case remains open in my mind. (I’ve never put much stock in such stories, by the way, but 230 mpg in a production car? Well, kiss my grits. I’m with Mulder).

– I don’t really Want to believe. But what choice do I have with such a bunch of assholes running things in Rome? I mean, in Washington?

4. U.S. Astronauts may not have landed on the moon. I don’t know, but I’m willing to let the investigation happen, if there’s sufficient evidence that the U.S. would have done a mock-up of the event to scare the Russians silly in the 1960s. Oh, we may have gotten there. But I don’t know. I cannot know, for sure, until somebody sends me the original Polaroids from Olympus Mons. (And what was the mileage on the moon-buggy)?

5. The Big Bang never happened. There is no palatable, reasonable, repeatable, honest evidence that we have any idea how we, or time began. It’s a science-fiction fairy tale, and it’s stinking up all of science, from the top down. Undo it already. We do not know, it’s as simple as that. (And add all the garbage piled into that woe-begotten theory – Black Holes, Dark Matter, String Theory – it’s all string cheese). And, you know, there are better theories, just waiting earnestly for their chance at bat.

– What you see in this image is pure, unadulterated, undistilled bullshit.

6. There was no bird flu. There is no swine flu. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a criminal organization.

Any group that spreads terror and panic like the WHO, issuing absolutely bogus cries of “Pandemic” every time a seagull sprains its beak, shutting down local and global economies, devastating whole countries (and usually the poor ones), because of its asinine fever-dreamed hunches: These are criminals, not scientists.

And informing the public that pigs, or goats, or monkeys, or snails, or what-ever-you-can-imagine, will ‘spark’ the ‘next worldwide pandemic’ is a kind of mental illness imaginable only by researchers who live so deeply under their microscopes, that they can’t see how the world actually functions.

The WHO has no comprehension of poverty, toxicology, environmental pollution. They don’t even have an honest, useful grasp on what viruses are, or what they actually do – and how very little today’s science understands the biology of the cell as it interacts with the body, and environment.

You want a safer world? Build sewage and clean-water systems worldwide, in the poorest regions, where fear of disease most often arises.
Yes, same goes for AIDS.

. . . . .

Of course, that is an incomplete list.

And so, dear reader, feel free to add your own probable conspiracy that, in one fell swoop could be proven true, by, let’s say,

  • the construction of clean-water systems worldwide, as the first priority of the WHO.
  • Or, Al Gore’s acceptance of debate by those scientists critical of his CO2 model of weather patterns and change.
  • Or, Stephen J. Hawking giving back his many awards, saying, “Yes, it’s true. We don’t know what the hell we are talking about.”

The ball is in your court.

. . . . .



  1. It’s not that so many conspiracy theories are true, it’s that the official version of events are filled with lies mixed in with grains of truth. Certainly three buildings fell down on 911 that looked to be perfectly-executed demolitions. That much is true. After that, well, there’s a lot of muck to sort through. My guess is all that muck will stay just where it is, officially.

    The thing about specific conspiracy theories is that they become strawmen to knock down, rather than engaging in discussion. There are as many theories about the Kennedy assassination as there are people, it seems. Just pick one from a conspiracy theorist, declare that it’s what all conspiracy theorists believe, then knock it down. Easy as that.

    Did we land on the moon? Horrible thing to consider that perhaps we didn’t. Such a source of national pride. Supposedly, Edgar Mitchell has trouble remembering walking on the moon and Neil Armstrong either barfs or throws punches when questioned about his time on the moon. Conspiracy? Or just some wacky old astronauts? Maybe all that intense radiation from traveling through the Van Allen belts and outer space finally got to them. As an aside, the ISS in on the earth side of the Van Allen Belts, which protect the astronauts to a degree from solar radiation (at least a lot more than being on the moon with no natural protection whatsoever).

    Roswell? Don’t know. Officially, it was a weather balloon. Seems like a lot of craziness for just a weather balloon. Guess people were much more prone to weather balloon-related mass hysteria back in the 40’s.

    I’ll add my own wacky theory to the mix. NASA is hiding evidence of prior civilization on Mars. No, I’m not talking about the ‘face’. Hiding the truth from people about intelligence beyond our planet is part of NASA’s mission. That’s why we only get to hear about all the…rocks…they find. Whee. Of course, when they REALLY want to get the public excited, they talk about extrasolar planets. Rrrowwwrrr! Gets my motor going! Bet those planets have rocks, too!

  2. Warning: rant ahead.

    I worked in healthcare for 10 years. I know these things from personal, hands-on experience:

    Doctors, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other health care facilities make more money by keeping their patients sick. This is especially true for any field dealing with chronic illnesses (ex. Psychiatry).

    Preventative care is not lucrative for health care professionals. An orthopedic surgeon would rather see your loved one break a hip and go through a hospital/rehab stay than have insurance companies cover the cost of installing fall safety devices in the home before the injury happens. Why? — Because doctors and hospitals will make less money through health promotion than acute treatment. Hence, insurance companies won’t cover holistic care even though it works better for health promotion and chronic conditions than Western medicine. The people in the ivory tower have enough money and power to keep it this way.

    OBGYN’s will order a cesarean section for women who have been in labor (on their backs) for more than 36 hours. Why? — Because they make more money by performing surgery rather than flipping their patients over into a more ergonomic birthing position for both mother and baby, or just being patient.

    Hospitals will discharge a patient while they are still sick if they are receiving a flat rate from the insurance company so that they can turn a greater profit. I had 2 loved ones die last year because of this standard hospital policy.

    Doctors who make rounds at nursing homes will write orders to max out the benefits of senior citizens for an entire year, even if they don’t need it. Why? — Because both the doctor and the facility get more money that way. If the patient needs another rehab stay in that same year but they’re out of Medicare days, then they have to pay for their stay (often over $400/day) out of pocket. Most elderly do not have that kind of money, so they essentially end up getting screwed by the people who are supposed to be taking care of them when they are most vulnerable. They blindly place trust in people who don’t actually have their best interests in mind. This is the major reason Medicare is going broke. Not illegal immigrants. Not people faking disability. Medicare is failing because of upper class FRAUD.

    Shouldn’t this be illegal? Well, yes. However, right winged politicians don’t care about this form of white collar crime because it keeps the rich people rich at the cost of the poor, sick and old. That’s why most doctors are republicans.

    Home health agencies will offer doctors kick-backs for referrals. So will pharmaceutical companies. They can be in the form of money, gift certificates, vacations, fancy dinners, fine wines and cigars, or a myriad of other things. They pay for these kick-backs with the money they get from your insurance company claims. So, a portion of the money that’s supposed to be going towards care, research and development is actually going to your doctor’s yacht/Porsche/summer home in Hawaii. Social workers and case managers also often times receive said kick-backs. Don’t trust them either.

    The doctor does not have the right to choose your plan of care: YOU DO. Well, actually, your insurance company gets to tell you what they will pay for, and then you have to decide which option is better: the cheaper option or the option that works for you. Hopefully, it’s one and the same. Usually, however, it is not. The system is set up so that the people who need insurance the most can’t get it. It’s set up to make you think your doctor has the final say when he/she does not. That’s why doctors hate it when you get a second opinion and will try to bully you or intimidate you by insulting your intelligence and making you look like the fool. They don’t want to get busted for giving you bad information. It’s so rampant that an elderly person can be put on hospice for refusing a medication that a doctor prescribes. All the doctor has to do is write a diagnosis for dementia or mental incompetence. I’ve seen this happen first-hand…more than once.

    Medicaid never pays enough to cover the cost of treatment. Neither do most HMO’s. As the result many doctors and facilities will turn down a patient based on their payer source. We used to call an HMO called Evercare, “Never-care” because they simply refused to pay claims. Our company almost went under because of unpaid Evercare claims. Sadly, many naïve and sick individuals in the greater Houston area were promised the moon by Evercare marketing reps, and then could not get treatment when they needed it because companies like ours stopped taking Evercare patients.

    Never base your health care decisions on what a marketer tells you. Instead, look at the consumer reviews.

    Here’s the biggest conspiracy, cracked wide open for you: Doctors are not omniscient. In fact they often times don’t have the right answer. That’s why they call it “practicing medicine.” If you go to the doctor with a rash and they diagnose you with contact dermatitis, guess what? That’s fancy Latin for “irritated skin.” Conjunctivitis = irritated eye socket. Reynaud’s Syndrome = cold hands and feet due to bad circulation. Aspiration Pneumonia = some food went down the wrong tube and then the lung got an infection because the food rotted inside of it.

    Oh, and one more thing. Most health care professionals do not recognize you as human. They judge you by the amount of dollars they can generate from your insurance coverage with the least amount of effort, ESPECIALLY the administration. If they actually had true sympathy for every patient for whom they cared, they’d surely all have nervous meltdowns and die of compassion fatigue.

    Yes. Really. I’ve been there. I know. That’s why I left.

  3. Where to begin…?

    9-11 was obviously not done by some guys with box cutters getting calls from a man in a cave in Afghanistan. They have found physical evidence of nano-thermite all around the World Trade Centers, and thermite is used for demolitions. And they didn’t just find a little bit, they found enough to suggest that tons and tons were used. Free fall speed? Not possible without demolitions. If they were willing to lie to get us in to Iraq and Afghanistan (still no WMD’s found), they sure aren’t going to balk about lying about how the towers came down.

    Moon landing? Someone recently brought up an interesting question because they recently showed some extremely high resolution images of Mars. The question was; Why don’t we get high resolution photos of the Moon landing sites?

    Some argue that there is a reflector that was placed on the moon during the moon walks that allows us to bounce off of it to measure how far the moon is from earth. But a probe could just as easily deposited a reflector there, so that doesn’t prove anything.

    The conspiracy theorists believe that the radiation between us and the moon would have killed anyone traveling in a tin can capsule and when you match that with the fact that the International Space Station is on the other side of the planet, it does leave you wondering.

    My position is that it probably happened. My father worked for Lockheed Missile and Space Corp as the head of the Space Systems Communications Division. He built satellites for a living, and even sent a bunch of rockets in to space on various projects. That we had the technology to get a rocket to the moon? Yes. Manned? Hard to know.

    Oklahoma City Bombing. The problem here is the type of explosive used and the damage done. The official story is that Timmy had a truck loaded with ANFO, which is Amonium Nitrate Fuel Oil. Basically fertilizer with diesel fuel poured on it. ANFO is a Hollywood explosion. It looks spectacular with a huge fireball. Problem is, it has very little force behind it. His truck was parked more than 100ft away, and the force wouldn’t carry to the building except maybe to blow out some windows. But the damage to the building was extreme and ANFO can’t do that. Even if the truck was parked next to the building, only glass would have broken, not the structure. So this one is definitely a conspiracy.

    JFK? My brother worked for a company called Failure Analysis. They made videos of events using physics and modeling to prove whether something was possible or not. One example was that someone was going on TV a bunch of years back and claiming seat belts didn’t work. The person would snap the seat belt across their thigh and the buckle would pop open suggesting the seat belt would do the same in a car. So the company, General Motors, freaked out and hired Failure Analysis to figure out what the deal was. They simulated it all using computer generated video and physics. What they found was that snapping a seat belt and buckle across your thigh generated 10 G’s of force, whereas you would never be in a car accident involving more than 3 G’s. And seat belts are made for about 7 G’s.

    But later there was a plan to have a mock trial. The United States vs. Lee Harvey Oswald. Had Oswald lived to go to trial, could it be proved he killed Kennedy? So they went out and shot the same rifle Oswald used in to a pigs skull which has nearly the same consistency as a human skull. They went to Dealy Plaza in Dallas and photographed it all and turned it in to a 3D model that you could select any point in the model and “see” what someone from that point would be able to see. It was pretty cool. They even had an outline of a shooter in the 6th Floor Depository window firing the rifle including showing the hands pulling the bolt action back to load another round in “real time” so if you wanted to have the shooter fire 3 rounds in X seconds, it would show all the motions, including the view through the scope on the rifle as the body, arms and rifle moved, including the “kick” from the shots being fired. You could select it to fire 4 rounds in X amount of time, or 5. And the view out the window showed Kennedy’s limo with everyone in it as it moved along the road below, the trees and branches that would obstruct the shooters view. It was amazing. But despite all this, they were unable to prove conclusively whether Oswald could have done it. They had something called a “Cone of Probability” in which you take the view down to Kennedy’s head wound and project outward a cone, like the beam from a flash light, which shines on to the building to indicate where the likely spot was that the shot was taken. The Cone was too big to say it had to come from the 6th floor window.

    I base my position on Oswald himself. The guy just had too many contacts with the Intelligence agencies to have been working solo. Lone Nut would work, except he appeared to not be alone. The CIA, FBI, US Military all seemed to know him, have files on him. Clearly he was working for someone.

    And that brings me to the Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981. John Hinkley Jr. was friends with a member of the Bush family. The Vice President at the time. This is just too unlikely unless Hinkley was a patsy. There is no way you could convince me Hinkley did it all to impress an actress if he knew the Bush family. Remind me again who becomes President if the President is assassinated?

    Roswell and aliens.
    This is a tough one. Right after WWII we were experimenting with all sorts of stuff and Communists were everywhere. Concealing our space program from the Russians would make sense as to why we would cover it up. A crashed American craft and dead pilots wouldn’t be a huge deal, except we wouldn’t have wanted Russia to know we were trying. And failures back then were used as propaganda by the other side. But this doesn’t explain why 60 years later they still cover it up. Why not just say we tried to build a space craft, it didn’t work, we lied so the Russian’s couldn’t use it against us?

    The other option… Aliens did crash here. The fact that technology didn’t suddenly pop up out of nowhere suggests there wasn’t much left. Mankind has been working on computers since the 1500’s. Integrated circuits were not far fetched science fiction that came about from an alien source. So if a craft landed, we got little technology from it, or at least little so far. But many years later a signal was detected by SETI, which is called the WOW signal. A powerful signal believed to have been received from outside our solar system in 1977. Never detected again. That same year we suddenly launched two deep space probes called Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, that held information on Earth, our languages, customs and the Rolling Stones and a map on how to find us. I wonder if the WOW signal was a “Where are you?” signal from the aliens wondering where their space craft went?

    Are there aliens out there? It is far more mathematically likely that they do exist than that they don’t. Have they been to Earth? There’s no reason to think they’ve never been here.

    Pearl Harbor and whether we knew it was coming beforehand and did nothing to stop it so the Japanese would give us an excuse to enter the war? Yep. Absolutely we knew ahead of time and absolutely we pushed the Japanese in to hitting us. But not the carriers of course. Battleships were old news and our battleships were just plain old. Carriers on the other hand were almost irreplaceable. We let out fleet get hit knowing we’d have the industrial capacity to out-build Japan and Germany and Italy and everyone else and win the war. Russia was already certain to beat Germany by itself. History– the version we hear anyway– is that America showed up at D-Day and conquered Nazi Germany single-handed. In reality, Germany had about 900 divisions facing off against about 1,100 Russia Divisions in the East, while we invaded with perhaps 150 divisions at Normandy. And Russia was winning. We didn’t want Russia to win so we had to get in to the war. What’s a few thousand people and a few old ships compared to being the heroes of the world?

    The Federal Reserve Banks and the 16th Amendment to the Constitution that finally allowed the Private Banks to print US Currency and lend it at interest to our own government…. Well, the fact the Federal Reserve isn’t actually Federal any more than Federal Express is should tell you something. A collection of private banks, most of them located in Europe has been in charge of our money supply since 1913. Now the Treasury Department, which is Federal, actually prints the money, but it goes to the banks and not the government.

    In the old days, there was no income tax. The 16th Amendment created this too. We paid for roads, schools, wars, by collecting tariffs and duties on things like alcohol, cigarettes, imported goods, luxury items and so on. We’d been paying our bills since 1790 this way. The government printed enough money so people had something to use as currency and it was backed by gold, something of actual value.

    So the private bankers got the government to change the rules. The banks would not be in control of the money supply and they would lend it out at interest. The government would collect its usual tariffs and duties, but that money would go to pay the interest on the loans to the government. The government would say it needed $140 billion to run the country for the year, the banks would lend it to them at interest and the government would pay with it back the principle with tariff and duty money, but to pay for the interest, they needed extra money…and that money would come from income taxes. So whereas in 1912, the government seemed to be able to collect enough money to pay for everything from roads to schools without any interest involved…suddenly in 1913 it was borrowing the same money at interest, with the interest being covered by We The People.

    For 120 years “income” was defined as something only corporations could make. Income is profits. When you or I go to work at a job, we don’t profit from our labor. We exchange our time and efforts for an agreed upon value. This is called barter. You cannot make a profit from your own labor because you own it and can only trade it for a value you deem acceptable. And it is only yours to trade. By making wages in to income, and thus profits, it could not be taxed directly by the Federal Government. This is what the bankers wanted. All those taxes you pay do not go towards paying for roads, bridges, schools, Medicare or anything you think it does. It only is used to cover the interest on the debt the government owes to the banks for the money it borrows and the interest the banks demand for those loans.

    The word Reserve in Federal Reserve is actually a banking term. Banks are only required to keep 10% of the money people deposit in the banks as reserves, in case someone wants to use an ATM or whatever to get cash. But the banks are allowed to loan 10 times the amount they have in deposits.. This is called Fractional Banking. So where all the deposits from all their customers might amount to $50 billion, they can lend up to $500 billion, even though they don’t have that much. This is why the Great Depression in 1929 and the latest Depression beginning in 2008 happened. The fraction backing up the loans were not enough because the loans themselves were junk. The bubbles collapsed because banks were lending money to people who should never have gotten loans. And lending too much of it. The housing bubble, the tech bubble, all of it was planned. Banks made a killing. And even though the system just collapsed, the government is bailing out the banks who did bad with the money of We The People. That $750 Billion we just gave the banks, came from us, you and me, and we all owe it now as debt. It wasn’t free. We paid for the collapse, but the banks that caused it didn’t. They even get huge bonuses in case you haven’t heard.

    So the Federal Reserve and the IRS and income taxes were all created to take wealth from We The People and put it in to the hands of the banking elite. Probably the biggest conspiracy of all. And every president who has tried to stop this, has been assassinated.

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