Dear America: Plant a Garden

Dear America,

When I told you that the wars of vengeance and ‘democratization’ would not work out in your favor, but would instead leave you broke and hated around the world, you said I was un-American, and you did not listen.

But I was right.

When I told you that the Bush administration was using your sense of national loyalty to manipulate you into an agenda that would leave you penniless, while business fled to international shores and cheap slave communist labor, you said I was clearly full of hate for President Bush, and you did not listen.

But I was right.

When the government-pharmaceutical complex beat you into a white-knuckle panic about the marauding bird and pig flus – which never materialized – I told you that they were lying to you, manipulating you with terror, in order to sell you dangerous drugs that would not help you; and to gain even more access to your personal medical decisions, to further infiltrate your life by dictating and controlling your health choices.

Some of you listened, but many of you took the pointless and often dangerous vaccines and drugs, and allowed your health and personal rights to be sold even further down the river.

Now I’m going to tell you this:

The US Government is busy selling your future to agricultural monopolies that want to and are in the process of controlling all seeds, genetically-modifying, and patenting all plantable, growable foods. You need to push back now, and tear out your Monsanto lawn. You need to plant a garden, and begin to grow food.

You, your neighbors, and your family members too. In fact, we all must now begin to be acquainted with our human history – we plant and grow foods, locally, we trade them locally. We improve our lives by engaging in our local economies, and we grow healthier and happier at the same time.

Don’t tell me I’m anti-capitalist. Don’t tell me I’m anti-trade. Don’t tell me I’m un-American. Just go plant a garden, and you can thank me later for being right, again, ahead of time.

Plant a garden, get ahead of the coming infrastructure and economic failures…

Get busy, and build a future that we can all live in, without fear and dependence on a controlling, dishonest, corrupt federal government.


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