Government Medicine – Who Is Responsible? Radio This Weekend

Join Liam Scheff and guests for this weekend’s radio blitz!

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This weekend: Vaccine history, What is Weather?, and HIV testing and medical authority – is any of it real?

  • Saturday 2PM HIV testing and the medical authority – who is responsible for what the official government medical offices say? OMSJ report – “Medical Authority to You: Don’t Trust Us!” Special Guests: Investigator Clark Baker and heavyweight world champion boxer Tommy Morrison [video].
  • Sunday 2PM – Natural care for a cold. Liam has a cold and talks about natural remedies that he uses that speeds it along; plus other nearly coherent ramblings.
  • Monday 2PM ESTWhat is “The Investigation.” Liam discusses the show, and how you can participate, support the show and get involved.

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Tune in next weekend for:

Electric Weather? What is weather? Is it hot and cold air, and high and low pressure that forms lightning and tornadoes? Or are these electrical phenomena? [Electric Dust Devils, Electric Weather  1 | 2 | 3, Electric Rain, Electric Tornado 1 and 2]


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