I Can’t Believe They’re Going to Kill All of Those Children

Gardasil, or “Gardakill” according to its history-in-use, is making its way into broad use in Mexico – and mandatory use under once-hippy once-and-again Governor Jerry Brown, in California

But what about the reality of the thing? Does HPV cause cervical cancer? (No.) Does Gardasil prevent HPV? (No.)

Has Gardasil killed dozens and damaged thousands?

You know it.



  1. Does Gardasil prevent cancer? There is no proof. On the contrary, it may actually cause cancer!

    It is stated in the package insert that it has not been tested for carcinogenic properties.

    Gardasil may cause cancer in another way too, by the process of “replacement”. This is a normal phenomenon in virology where virus strains which are removed are always replaced by new ones.

    It is completely unknown (also to the manufacturers, Merck) if the new strains will be more carcinogenic than the ones which have been removed.

    In other words, Gardasil may actually increase the risk of cancer!

  2. …..does hpv exist?-NO
    just like hiv, measles, west nile, flu , etc etc dont exist.
    How to ‘prove’ a virus exists: repeat 1000 times that it does
    and voila!!

  3. Cancer, AID$, death, etc, is all good for business. It’s nothing personal, it’s just bu$ine$$. Control through chaos. And perhaps throw a “Hail, Satan” in there, somewhere.

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