Breaking News – Whole Foods is Whole Pharma – Breast Cancer Pharma Squeeze

The Race for the Cash

Whole Foods is Whole Pharma

How The “Natural Grocer” Prostitutes Your Dollars To The Drug Mafia

By Liam Scheff for the Robert Scott Bell Show

Whole Foods, the world’s largest “natural grocer,” is aggressively promoting October as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” and employees are being required to wear bright pink aprons emblazoned with the familiar giant pink ribbon. A ribbon which the Susan G. Komen foundation defends rights to with a lawyerly passion.

I asked an employee at a Florida store whether the company was raising money for drug companies, and was told, “No, the company is not donating money to pharma.” The employee was not telling the truth – probably because she was not told by her superiors in the company.

We have discovered through an elementary web search that Whole Foods California was donating money to the Susan G. Komen, pharma-only, research cabal as early as 2007. From “Pink United” (

“We are offering a variety of Pink United products for sale in our stores. Every vendor is earmarking a product (or set of products) to bear the Pink United logo or text, committing to make a contribution to the breast cancer charity of their choice from the sale of respective products.” [2007, 2008]

What is Pink United? It is called a “non-profit,” a misleading term, as “non-profits” are often immensely profitable for their founders. The CEO of the Susan G. Komen foundation reportedly takes in $500,000 not including bonuses annually (according to Charity

Pink United “began in 2007, a highly motivated, women owned company committed to raising Breast Cancer awareness in our community.” It targets women and men for “raised awareness” of breast cancer. Nowhere on its site does it offer links to alternative (and far more successful) cancer treatments than those offered by the ‘poison, cut and burn’ till-death-do-you-part methodology that is the standard model of ‘care’ offered by Western medicine.

Whole foods partners with Pink United to raise money. Their webpage states:

“Wholefoods Market has been our vendor and biggest supporter of the program; helping us to reach the masses and grow Pink United to something bigger than we could even imagine. In our first year together we raised $70,000 for The National Breast Cancer Foundation.”

What about all other Whole Foods Markets than the few Southern California stores in question? What about every store in the nation? How much is being raised for truly effective, natural, detoxifying anti-cancer treatments by the nations ‘premiere natural grocery store?’

Where does Pink United’s Money Go?

Pink United, under its parent company, Zorbitz, inc, lists two breast cancer recipients on their Zorbitz store charity page (, in addition to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, listed above in its press release. The first is “Living Beyond Breast Cancer,” whose mission seems to have little to do with prevention or treatment of cancer – only “living with and beyond it.” Their medical advice:

“People of all ethnicities get breast cancer. Women with different lifestyle habits and from different walks of life develop breast cancer. Women with breast cancer can be fit or overweight, vegetarians or meat-eaters, regular exercisers or “couch potatoes.”

But is this true? Population analysis of Asian countries where little dairy (and no rBGH) was ever consumed have shown an absence, or near absence of breast cancer in entire populations. The mechanized, pesticide-, hormone- and antibiotic-injected West have always led the way in cancer cases, of all kinds. As our lifestyle has been exported, so has incidence of cancer spread to foreign shores.

But never mind reality. We’re “racing for the cure,” which means, going on walks, runs and charity-drives to raise money for the very petrochemical/pharmaceutical companies that have brought us the ‘better living through chemistry’ that has caused the rash of cancer, auto-immune disease and hard-to-diagnosis lifestyle illnesses of the first world.

The second recipient of funds listed on the Zorbitz charity page is the queen of them all – or the queen of the damned, depending on your level of research. It is the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” foundation – a pharmaceutical proxy, using the broken hearts and tormented bodies of women who have been abused by a toxic society, and destroyed by a toxic medical system, to curry favor and raise big funds for even more of the same. The same toxins, the same lies, the same poison, cut and burn.

This is only an initial survey into a company which has used its success to betray all of its founder’s intentions. Whole Foods Market. The once gratifying experience of shopping at a natural foods store has been replaced and abused by the infection of a corporate, pharma-happy mindset, more intent on “raising awareness” of nothing, than actually standing for something.

From Florida, this is Liam Scheff reporting.

Summary: Whole Foods has been raising money through Pink United for the “Fight against Breast Cancer,” through various organizations, including Zorbitz, (California). Zorbits is a ‘women owned co-op.’Their charitable donations include:

Living With Breast Cancer,

The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dig deeper, and you’ll find more.



  1. “This is only an initial survey into a company which has used its success to betray all of its founder’s intentions.”

    While still a superior food and supplement source compared to the average Krogers, Safeway etc, Whole Foods is run these days by a humdrum bunch of corporate pencil pushers and bean counters. IOW Wall Street lackeys.

    The vaunted WF “culture” is now mostly marketing hype intended to attract upscale greenies willing to pay a premium for the “privilege” of shopping at this once wonderful experiment in Conscious Capitalism. John Mackey is a pleasant figurehead who might as well retire to his Austin area ranch.

  2. I find this .. shaky. The stuff about research into non dairy consuming countries is too simplistic. Blood type plays a large part in predisposition to cancer. There are conflicting reports on the research.
    Be it suffice to say, no mammal over the age of weaning needs milk. MIlk products seem to be a human indulgence. However – many cultures e.g Balkan – eat a lot of it without much negative result. Perhaps its one component of dairy – lactose which is the problem? Re Wholefoods – isn’t anything which makes people think about breast cancer useful? And then its up to the individual to make their own choices?

    • Let’s look up countries which use rBGH in milk, and those that don’t. And then we’ll look up countries which drink raw milk, and little milk. And so on…

      I remember doing a report close to 10 years ago, with data from Asia versus the US; breast cancer was non-existent there before western dietary practice took hold; after the introduction to milk, it was up 700 to 800 percent. I’ll see if I can find those notes…

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