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Praise for “Official Stories”:

“Liam Scheff’s book “Official Stories” could easily be turned into 11 blockbuster movies.  The book has a tasty entertaining appeal which is only exceeded by it’s stunning educational value.  The awareness and realization that the reader will inevitably reach as they devour and digest the material would leave most uninitiated among us disturbed.  The facetious and humorous undertones in which the information is presented however, allows the reader to absorb the truth and assimilate the information in a manner that turns a necessary but undesirable consumable into a delicious entree’ leaving you wanting a second serving.  I personally believe that every high school student should be required to read this book before they graduate so that future generations can learn from the mistakes we’ve made and remain vigilant to prevent the same from occurring yet again.  I can’t recommend this book enough!”

–  Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM, Medical Director, Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research, International Best Selling Author of “The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away”


Most of the people who are skeptical of official stories are, in fact, analyzing conspiracies in an attempt to understand what really happened and what took place behind closed doors. A highly-recommended book the delves into this matter in more detail is the five-star-rated masterpiece “Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need” by Liam Scheff. This book will open the minds of those who still have the cognitive capability remaining to grasp it.

– Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger,” founder, editor Natural, the Internet’s no.1 natural news health site. 


The book is dynamite. I read Chapter 6 line by line, step by step, without once getting up. Riveting, funny, farcical, eye-opening and long overdue! It’s a superb summation, combining the rage and fury the subject deserves, along with a steely sharp sense of wit and understatement that pillories and harpoons the squalid clique of AIDS racketeers we have come to know and loathe…Liam has wonderfully exquisite sense of irony and understatement akin to that Jimmy Kimmel and Dennis Miller.”

– Dr. Charles Geshekter, Emeritus Professor of African History, California State University/Chico


Liam explains key moments in our history and present crisis. Like a wise, friendly and charming uncle, he strolls into our living rooms and begins chatting in an easy unassuming manner. No question, we understand exactly what he’s talking about. It’s clear, it’s vivid, it’s fascinating—and then all of a sudden, we’re dropping down through space, down through a deep rabbit hole into the Truth, which is to say, the scams and cons and cover-ups and lies we’ve been fed about reality. He’s giving us the precise details and weaving them together, still in that folksy way, and his story, we realize, is just the kind of reporting we’ve always wanted, tearing the lid off the mysteries…and it’s too late to turn back…we’re hooked, and we want to be hooked.

– Jon Rappoport, Author and Editor, The Matrix Revealed


Few explanatory journalists think or write like Liam Scheff.  That’s too bad.  The Progressive Era’s crusade to replace a partisan press with theoretically truth-vetted journalism was noble, but mis-guided. Progressives replaced tainted partisanship with faith-based reliance on oxymoronic social science “expertise” and with rule books interpreted by unaccountable bureaucrats–culprits who tell those Official Stories. Their tales are often convenient lies to mask ignorance, fear and greed, to cover the asses of officials who tell them. But these official versions are used also by “objective” journalists to cover their own rear ends, to get stories past editors by quoting authorities instead of doing their own research. Liam Scheff debunks official lies about things like “HIV” and “AIDS” with simple, research-informed language, proving you don’t need advanced degree or keys to temples jealously guarded by the new Science and Medicine gods, who have replaced priests and princes as enforcers of Truth.  Scheff writes with revealing and entertaining satire.  His is a work I’ll recommend to the future political reporters I try to teach about the increased politicizing – and corruption – of science and medicine.

– Terry Michael, Director, Washington Center for Politics & Journalism


“This book is an absolute firecracker. It covers a lot of ground in a concise and condensed way. The confidence of the author’s knowledge on the subjects is very clear. His writing is playful, charming, funny and entertaining even when covering some very disturbing issues. Liam Scheff does not pretend to be objective and definitely has a point of view but manages to express that without getting preachy. There are several books on 9/11, vaccines, HIV, JFK, Darwin, etc etc.. but I’ve never seen anything with all of them in one place. Most importantly it is thought provoking. Anyone who reads this, no matter what kind of expert they are, will learn, think, ponder and be changed. On some of the subjects I was very familiar and others not so much. Even if I knew the topic.. or thought I knew, I managed to learn much more and if I knew nothing at all, it was still very accessible. I sincerely hope that you buy this book and share it with your friends, you won’t be disappointed.”

– April Boden – Writer, Activist and Mother of vaccine injured child; “AydansRecovery.”


“Liam Scheff brings you a version of the Kennedy assassination like a punch to the gut. Candid, concise and hard-hitting.”

– Jim Marrs, Author/Investigator of “Crossfire” and “The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy”


“For those who dare to venture there, way out behind the bleachers of argumentum ad populum, sits Liam Scheff, penning essays atop the grassy knoll of truth. “Official Stories” is more than a swift stick to beat down the lurking snakes and scoundrels meant to discourage your trek to enlightenment, this book is a bright light on the darkened myths we were brought up with in the old Republic. This is the wake-up call we’ve been waiting for in 2012.”

– Jeff Ogrisseg, Journalist, Tokyo


Have you ever wondered why so many big events in history seem to have been (conveniently) perpetrated by one lone gunman – who often ends up dead? If so, Official Stories is the book for you. Liam Scheff asks big questions and then digs, digs, and digs to find answers the corporate and state media would never dare to report. If you are ready to lift the veil, read this book.
– Leslie Manookian, Producer, The Greater Good


“It’s a good read – humorous and fast-paced – an easy read that prompts people to investigate these cases for themselves – which Liam encourages from the start. I got the feeling that it was as fun to write as it was to read.”

– Clark Baker, former Marine, retired LAPD, licensed P.I., and Director of the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice


“It is often said, “exceptional claims require exceptional proof.” But history shows otherwise that entrenched paradigms survive exceptional disproof for centuries. For example, if subjected to cross-examination, big bang cosmology would fail as abjectly as traditional creation stories to explain the universe. But the beliefs of religion and science are equally sacrosanct. They are not subject to investigative journalism. Liam Scheff in ‘Official Stories’ meets this vital need by challenging our beliefs in science with logic, common sense and humor.”

– Wal Thornhill, Physicist, Co-Founder of, Co-Author, “The Electric Universe” and “Thunderbolts of the Gods”


“This book so relevant and necessary for humanity right now. A great read to elevate consciousness and awareness on who we are and what we are doing here.”

– Liana Werner-Gray – Founder of The Earth Diet


After suffering 24 years of ill health, I learned that the official stories told to me about modern medicine were lies. Natural medicines unapproved by government healed me despite what I was told by the experts. From that moment on, I wondered what other things I had been taught to believe were true were merely stories to benefit the purveyors of the official stories. It turns out, there are a lot of other stories, official, yet untrue. Liam Scheff has captured and revealed many of them in one book unlike any I have ever read. Hook, line and sinker, each chapter reveals the official story, smoking gun and then scratches until the fallacy beneath its thin, yet often overwhelming veneer, is revealed. Good luck putting this book down, because with each chapter you will want to know about the next official story. It’s  brilliant and it’s about time.

– Robert Scott Bell, Homeopath and National Radio Host


“Liam Scheff writes with filmic energy. His quick cuts, graphic images and verbal agility are all delivered with the speed and deadly accuracy of a seasoned comedian’s one liners. We have long needed this approach to the telling of a story that has been almost impossible to tell – that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS and that big science and big pharma have got it wrong for the past 30 years. It’s is difficult to explain that something doesn’t do something, but Scheff tells the very complicated story behind the official story in a completely understandable way with simple and incisive sentences like: ‘In the beginning there was an idea and it was stupefyingly incorrect. But no one could ever say so because they were getting paid to put it right.’ Bottom line, Liam Scheff is brilliantly funny. But his genuine concern and compassion is never absent. His description of how unlimited gay sex and life in the fast lane led to the loss of a “functional immune system” is an important social document, and his anger in the stark description of the poisoning with AZT of 100,000 young gay men will be remembered forever. Don’t miss this book.”

– Joan Shenton – Filmmaker and Author of “Positively False – Exposing the myths about HIV and AIDS.”


Through research, wisdom and intellect, author and radio host, Liam Scheff, whimsically dismantles the veil of Isis, exposing the truths about science, medicine and the world we live in today. For anyone seeking truth and reason, “Official Stories” is a prolific display of fact based truth, addressing the answers, while overcoming objectives about our human experience, and superseding the media and the public at large’s attempts to cover up undeniable truth behind the veil.

– Aime McCrory, Entrepreneur, Business Muse, Mom and publicist for the Health Freedom Expos.


It’s a beautiful, readable, compelling and well-informed synthesis of just about everything that has gone wrong in AIDS theory and practice. It also brings home, with bitter humour, the tragic state of human beings and their institutions, such that the mistakes have remained unchecked for nearly 30 years. A must-read for anyone wishing to take the red pill.

– Neville Hodgkinson, Journalist, Former Medical Correspondent for the Daily Mail


Liam Scheff’s “Official Stories” is such an enjoyable, enlightening and wildly informative read. The information alone is, what I like to call, a “nugget of truth” and in this book it’s not just a singular nugget, it’s an entire gold mine. Of course, you are the main truth-miner in this adventure. Find your inner “Indiana Jones” and a comfy spot to read in and peel open the pages to a book that is an honest search of what really matters. Explore, become alive and fully awakened…no coffee needed.

– Joni Abbott, Host of Homegrown Health on


“This book is pure dynamite! You wont be able to put it down after the first page. I was hooked immediately and stayed up many a late night to read it, despite being super tired from having a new born baby and getting no sleep anyway! If this wasn’t about true subjects, you would think it was a hollywood blockbuster or some kind of thriller! It has you on the edge of your seat, and I regularly gasped out loud as I couldn’t believe what I was reading, well, I could believe it thats why I was shocked. Finally the truth of what really has gone on in this world comes out in a way that is so easy to understand. The author is extremely gifted with the way he writes and it’s obvious he has probably spent thousands of hours researching all of these subjects. This book is very deep, in that the topics such as 9/11, HIV and JFK are such heavy subjects that they could be a book in themselves. Never before have I read a book like this that has all of these vitally important topics in just one book. I feel like I now know the real history to many things I thought I knew about and Liam Scheff has opened my eyes to things I still believed were true! I cried in this book too; there are quite a few moments where you just can’t fathom the lies that people have been fed and the loss of so many human lives because of these lies. I dare anyone to read it, even if you aren’t ‘into’ these kinds of subjects, read it and then tell me you still believe in the official stories you have been told. I personally think this book should be read 2-3 times so you really take it all in. And wow,  imagine a world if this book was given to students to read at school…”

– Anna Victoria Rodgers – Writer, Mom, Founder of [Amazon UK review] (Her complete multi-page review at


Liam Scheff´s OFFICIAL STORIES reads like a thriller, an entertaining page-turner. Parts of his book should shock and enrage you. But every page is illuminating and deeply thought-provoking. A tour de force by a journalist who is both an awareness champion, a maverick and a genius. A modern, disrespectful, even raucous tale, bursting with dynamically contained youthful indignation. Liam Scheff deals with issues few journalists would ever be allowed to publish in mainstream media, and he digs far deeper than even most scientific studies. Yet, the most important part is not that he digs deeper than usual. It´s that he shatters the reigning paradigm and expands the narrow reductionist thinking we have been trained to accept as norm, guiding us into a whole different dimension of awareness. Across a wide array of disparate fields. In the book OFFICIAL STORIES Liam Scheff scrutinizes 11 stories promoted by officialdom as if they were simple undisputed facts. But when we are invited to scratch the surface of these contrived stories, they turn out to be anything but facts. However insistently our new dominant religion – Dogmatically Materialistic & Reductionist Science – is being invoked to support them. Conspiracy theories, anyone? – Rest assured: These are true stories of real conspiracies, superbly researched and clearly stated. All the stories selected for this book, however disparate and varied, share a common denominator in their paradigm-shattering non-reductionist approach. Some collection to find in one single book, don´t you think? Very Aquarian. The old paradigm would have made eleven highly specialized books of this, with no hint of any common denominator or connection between them.. But Liam Scheff is generous and gives it to us in just one very accessible and easily read book, that hints to us how it all comes together.Into the bargain Liam throws his own brilliant understanding of how Life came about and continues to evolve in our Universe. Combine it with my own book CRACKING THE RAINBOW CODE TO ACCESS THE SECRET OF CREATION and you will have an answer to the most important questions Humanity has been asking itself since the beginning of Time. Answers that current mainstream science will never find, as long as it does not drastically change paradigm.

– Dr. Jens Jerndal author of “Paradigm Pulse” (read his entire review at his website)






  1. It is the job of every good journalist to ask questions, but it’s the type of questions asked that separates the average ones from the extraordinary ones. Liam Scheff is of the latter type. With his penchant for looking beyond the superficialities of life as presented to the masses through the well crafted lens of all the covertly manipulated multi-media outlets, Liam takes us on a journey through a myriad of topics. Each topic covered has its own share of controversies, or rather, conspiracy theories, surrounding it. Many of us take the “official story” of any one of these as the whole truth of the matter-at-hand, some others may accept it generally, but still have some nagging doubts, and others still, may just not believe anything that they are told and choose to be either apathetic towards it or they become obsessive in delving into it deeply, daring to go down every rabbit hole they find in pursuit of the truth. Liam went down the rabbit holes.

    I believe we live in a world, not much unlike the Matrix, where we are cleverly hypnotized and critical-thinking lobotomized through electronic and environmental means. Our mental acuity is suppressed as we are subconsciously programmed to be obedient, unquestioning, not-so-healthy drones for the globalists’ new world order. But there are still those of us, the Neo’s of the world, if you will, who know or feel that something is not quite right, that there’s more than what we are being shown or told exists, and in that scenario Liam acts as our Morpheus, offering us a glimpse of what lies behind the thousand veils of illusion!

    It is my contention that it takes great courage to ask questions where one is not welcome, to go against the majority opinion of what is considered to be accepted fact, to turn over every rock, to actively look for information that is hidden in plain sight or just outright suppressed by the powers-that-be. In all honesty, people in the past have died in the pursuit of such truth, and then those deaths in-and-of-themselves become conspiracy theory fodder as well! Well, thankfully, we do not have to tread in those treacherous waters for Liam has done so for us; and in doing so, we now have the pleasure of reading about these hot topics at our leisure, in the comfort of our own homes!

    The book “Official Stories” is an easy and quick read, but that doesn’t mean it is light by any stretch of the imagination! Liam lays out each counter-argument in a series of enlightening, fact-filled essays. With his keen logic and wry wit, he assumes the role of a well-honed tour guide, telling us stories that are mixed with both information and clever humor as he takes us on these journeys of exploration! Does he have all the answers? No, and he doesn’t claim to. The purpose of this book is to offer up food for thought, present other plausible possibilities, to challenge the norm, to prod our curiosity, to engage our critical thinking! If you are the curious sort, as I am, you will read this with the eagerness of a child opening a gift on their birthday. And man (or woman), just wait ‘til you see the wondrous ‘gifts’ that Liam has prepared for us all! You may choose to accept or reject what’s presented herein, but if it just gets you to rethink, ponder upon, or even just pique your interest a wee bit more in the topics covered, then mission accomplished! I highly recommend it!

    William Scott Pavone, Free Thinker, Independent Reviewer, Liberty Promoting Health Advocate

  2. Amazon Review Five Stars

    Sit down with plenty of supplies stocked at your fingertips, because, you’re going to be in for a nice, long – if well chewed – read when you begin digesting all of the information packed into “Official Stories”. I didn’t want to get up until I finished the very last sound-bite of it.

    Its author, Liam Scheff, is a word-chef that has a way of using terms that chop and condense concepts down to their finely combined essense – and he knows just the right amount of sweetners and/or spices to add to this mix. The presentation is both pleasant and eye-popping at the same time, though I will warn that some portions may not set well with those who have only been fed the pablum of our social studies – and mainstream news reports.

    This is brain-food for grown-ups. The actual facts surrounding the addressed events (CIA activities, 9/11 evidence, JFK’s assassination, the AIDS/HIV epidemic, Vaccine programs, The Big Bang theory and such) may seem strange enough to test even the likes of an Andrew Zimmern-type reader, but they’re served up here for those not faint of heart. When finally uncovered through much research and keen wit, the truth of the official activities really is sometimes stranger than fiction – and most of it proven to protect nothing more the official’s own investments and funding, rather than the trusting public they profess(ed) to serve.

    The chapters of this smörgåsbord are billed as a collection of essays based upon much of what has shaped our Western (though mostly Americanized version of) Civilization. (I include the slightly greater scope because even Shakespeare comes under investigation – and rightly so given all of the facts.) But there’s a lot more here than just opinionated rants of a one sided nature. This is balanced brain-food of a more nutritious sort.

    As such, the segments are broken down into parts designed to take us firstly into the mainstream reports of the foundations of the United States, (the beginnings of our Industrial/Military Complex) and the ‘innocuous’ activities of ‘The Powers That Be’ as we move forward in time, in an often times humorous way, and watch their various attempts – as the official side says – to ‘protect’ the citizens of this ‘American Dream State’; their methods said to have come through much “Intelligence” gained in ‘scientific’ and ‘political’ ways. Then secondly comes the task of pulling apart each report and questioning this “Intelligence” and its methodology.

    Rather than turning into a feast of conspiracy theories (which most other books do at this point), the questions posed, the possibilities offered and the facts detailed by the author take us deep into the very real mess of pottage that could be some of the biggest hoaxes ever played on an unsuspecting public, not to mention some of the greatest bungles of stupidity ever recorded (or hidden) in history. We’re looking at the theories the officials have given us, not creating more of them with this read.

    If we don’t inspect the “Official Stories” long and hard, using our own good common sense, how will we know – for sure – if everything being done really is in our best interests – or not? The author gives us the ingredients for a investigation to do just that. We’re looking at cold, hard evidence in these chapters, not giving just a cursory glance at superficial suppositions.

    Therefore, in the end, we find that what we’ve been given may actually be, not a wish-bone, but an old-fashioned backbone and a lot more self-produced Intelligence – that can protect us in much better ways – than that which we’ve been given by our ‘officials’. Liam Scheff actually has the power to make you want to finally investigate the “Official Stories” for yourself – instead of just getting everything you think you know – from someone else. His message may be an old one, but it’s the best one: “Question EVERYTHING.”

    “Official Stories” gives us all permission to do just that and therefore become ‘The Officials’ of our own lives -once again and experience a better way of living because of it. That’s a good thing. Expecting anything less from us is an insult to the innate Intelligence of a reader – and an entire world population. We really can’t be fooled – all of the time and “Official Stories” reminds both us – and the officials – of that fact. I hope they read it too… Then they’ll finally discover that we know more than their own “Official Stories” tell them we do… Let them chew on that fact for a while…

    – Faith Dyson, USA, Writer

    • I think Official Stories is the best book I have ever read and I recommend it to everyone I meet. What really impresses me are these reviews from known and respected individuals and just plain folks like me. Liam is not only a gifted writer, but a brave soul to stand up for the truth in a world with monsters who will stop short of nothing to enrich themselves. Our future, if we have one, will depend on more people standing up for what is right. I hope this book will make lots of people angry! Angry enough to do something about it! We’ve been quiet and passive for too long. It’s time to rise up and take back our power before it’s too late!

  3. Liam Scheff’s Official Stories breaks plenty of new ground in the conspiracy realism genre. For one, he has taken a variety of major controversies that permeate the American psyche and addressed them, one by one, inside the covers of a single book.

    But there’s an added spice to the mix–he uses humor, satire, sarcasm, and hand-holding to escort the reader through the carnival of American Mythology as he blows lid after official lid off the cover of each story. This is not a dry read filled with fact and fact checking. He leaves that task to the reader and only points in those directions. Instead, he fires the imagination with shock, awe, and even playfulness while leaving the reader aghast with incredulity from the many layers of wool that have been placed over the eyes by the “officials.”

    Entertaining, informative, upsetting, and ultimately satisfying, Official Stories is the most important book written yet for raising the consciousness of an unsuspecting nation on the lies and deceit that is the standard fare coming from contemporary and historical government, science, medicine, and more. Read Official Stories at your own peril. Be prepared to be changed in ways unexpected. Oh, and turn off your TV if you haven’t already, because “official stories” are all that you’ll find there.

    Instead, look to new media, new voices, and better yet, your own research for truth mining. That is the great lesson of Liam’s book: question the “official story,” or even the “unofficial story,” and begin to look for yourself. For you, like Liam, who dug deeply to find the real stories, are the ultimate arbiter of the truth.
    Of all the wonderful and sometimes painful journeys that Liam takes us on, my favorite is the way he debunks the HIV/AIDS myth. By connecting dots that no one else has connected, or perhaps even thought to look toward, Liam makes mincemeat of the ever-morphing official story that connects HIV with AIDS. From the proliferation of free sex through the birth control pill, to voracious sexual appetites of unchecked males, to the bizarre conditions present in the gay “ghettos,” he describes a cultural shift that has had enormous ramifications across the world as governmental and pharmaceutical opportunists have partnered to cash in on an elusive “virus” that has yet to be identified in a single laboratory anywhere in the world.

    But the financial costs pale in comparison to the human toll in lives and suffering that has been exacted by an “official story” that is fabricated and then perpetuated by purely sinister deceit, both to save face and to accumulate wealth. It’s this kind of imaginative thinking and due diligence that has Liam on the top of the heap of those voices who cry out to wake us up from our lazy dream and implore us to pay attention. We owe him and the others like him a debt of gratitude.

  4. Just finished reading “Official Stories,” and found it to be a “must-read” if you want to understand how our minds can be subtly–or not so subtly–brainwashed by “official” institutions. I particularly enjoyed its light, breezy, colloquial style. I think it makes it easier and more fun to read (without over-simplifying) I don’t think I would have read about all those weighty topics if they had been written in a more academic, ponderous style.

    Although I consider myself somewhat of an “expert” on 9/11, I even learned a few things about that which I didn’t know before (e.g., Larry Silverstein commissioning a second, contradictory version of the cause of the collapse).

    I never studied evolution or Darwin very much, simply accepting the traditional and widely-accepted Darwinian view of random, accidental expansion since to not believe this meant you would be left believing the religious BS of the 7-day creation. But even so, I always wondered why all the species didn’t evolve (such as monkeys, apes, etc.) It seemed suspicious that some apes accidentally became neanderthals (or whatever), some evolved a little, others had no accidents happening to them at all–and never will apparently.

    Your explanation of electricity as a basic creating and sustaining life force was a revelation to me. More plausible than the “big bang” theory of the origin of the universe. Without studying this scientifically, I always wondered: if it all started with the big bang, what was there before the big bang? I think we humans have a hard time with the concept of eternity (even though Christians believe they are going to exist in one if they go to heaven or hell)—-we think everything has to have a beginning because most things we observe have beginnings (and ends).

    I will add parenthetically that if you are a comma-lover you will love this book. There are many where I, as a former English teacher, would not put them!

    [posted on amazon uk]

  5. Amazon Review:

    This book should be required reading for people who really believe everything they are told without question. Scheff challenges the official versions of, for example: Kennedy’s assassination, 9/11, vaccination, HIV and the Big Bang theory. His style of writing is amusing, irreverent and absorbing; in fact, I could hardly put the book down. For example, when talking about HPV as a cause of cervical cancer, he summarizes thus: “In other words, 0.16 percent of 55-year old prostitutes with a drug habit who never thought to get their happy hoo-hoos looked at for a general check-up and who probably are so deficient in basic nutrients that it’s not worth talking about “viruses” at all, sometimes, but rarely get cervical cancer.”

    His research into areas I, too, have researched, vaccination and HIV, is accurate so I assume his research is accurate throughout.

    If you read to learn and adjust you world view, this is the book for you.

    Jennifer Craig, Ph.D. author of Jabs, Jenner and Juggernauts: a Look at Vaccination.

  6. Dearest Liam,
    I just finished Official Stories. As a practitioner of critical thinking (or so I thought) for the last oh, 8 or so years, I expected a fair amount of redundancy. I’ve spent a great deal of time researching the vaccine machine, government propaganda, and the MEANING OF LIFE *echo* life life life *end echo*, etc. Despite my inflated sense of intelligence, knowledge and self-importance- I was ill prepared to experience even a fraction of the dimly lit alleyways your book led me down. I can hardly call them rabbit holes as during at least one chapter (chapter 9 if you’re curious) I could feel the horror waiting for me if I chose the red pill. It was almost as if I already KNEW the information but would end up rocking in a corner like a monkey without his mother (or a carpeted facsimile) if I allowed myself to believe. I’m going to give myself small doses when I do my follow up research so as not to upset the balance of my precious sanity. :) Thank you so much for writing out your thoughts for me. It’s rare (in my opinion) to find great books that inspire critical thinking to a level that yours does. If I could just spend five minutes inside your brain-wait…that might be too much overload. Maybe 3 minutes. With a panic button. Yours in universal energy, Julie ?

  7. From reviews:

    Amanda Farrar – See all my reviews

    This review is from: Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need (Paperback)

    There’s this idea in American culture that anyone who disagrees with the official stories our government and media feed us is a conspiracy theorist, and that anyone who’s a conspiracy theorist is a crackpot and we shouldn’t listen to them. And I guess I kind of bought into that, despite BEING a conspiracy theorist. The best thing this book did for me was blow that ridiculous idea away.

    Liam Scheff is an excellent researcher and shows us important works by smart, serious people who dare to question the status quo. Why haven’t I ever heard of Fred Klenner, Wal Thornhill, Sam Carey, or James Sharpiro? Why does the mainstream work so hard to dismiss any dissenting ideas, regardless of their source? Because the system is rigged and the status quo is crap. And it doesn’t take a lot of scratching beneath the surface to reveal it. Official Stories opens the door to a whole other world where people are asking questions and, more importantly, answering them.

    Mr. Scheff takes us through some very serious subjects with a fantastic wit and irony and made me laugh even as he stirred my rage at everything that’s wrong with this world and, especially, this country. He has a great voice and does a really good job engaging the reader and making his whole book feel like a conversation with a friend. A really well informed friend who wants to open your eyes to all the things you aren’t supposed to question, my favorite kind!

  8. Wow! I am just about finished with an amazing factual yet hilarious book! If you have not read “Official Stories” by Liam Scheff, then I urge you to get your copy now. Official Stories is a great read that puts all things ‘silent’ into perspective. You’ve heard the saying, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”. Well, Liam begs to differ… as “What you don’t know IS KILLING you”. If you want great insights on HIV, Vaccines, big pharma, dreadful diseases and more…then THIS book is a MUST read. You will be astounded about how HIV/AIDS came about and the mis haps of western medicine (or were they mishaps?) My friend, Liam, is Seriously Funny and right on the mark. You will be rolling on the floor laughing yet scratching your head and thinking, wow, that’s really true. Read on my friends! Contact Liam to get more information. Yours Truly Organic Guru Lynnette Marie!

  9. “Tangle within tangle, plot and counterplot, ruse and treachery, cross and double-cross, true agent, false agent, double agent, gold and steel, the bomb, the dagger and the firing party . . . interwoven in many a texture so intricate as to be incredible and yet true.”

    Winston Churchill was commenting on wartime espionage, but there are indeed parallels with peacetime deceptions. Truth labours always under the restriction of different interpretations of the facts and, for its official version, the lack of immediacy imposed by the Freedom of Information Act. Lies of omission can turn what appear at the time to be routine and innocuous events into what later, once a fuller version of the truth is known, might more accurately be described as highly conspiratorial, mephistophelean intrigue.

    Liam Scheff begins his account of Official Stories stories with a refresher of recent American history and leads us through to the now well-documented plot hatched by the CIA and the Military Joint Chiefs of Staff known as the Northwoods Operation, to the later assassination of President Kennedy, to the 9/11 event, and invites us to consider in what other ways might the ‘Official Story’ be leading us up the garden path. And, if duplicity is uncovered in the future, does it lessen our complicity in accepting the convenient stories of officialdom of today? How do we guard against the worst excesses of our beliefs and convictions, and responsibly assess the world around us? And who will help us do that?

    Beyond sordid politics we are also led to consider other big-ticket items, such as the history of vaccination, the aids epidemic, Darwin’s Origin of Species, and the Big Bang, where we are reminded that there are many parallels between religion and science too that must be cut. Blind obeisance might serve religion, but is anathema in science, where consensus is often an insidious distortion of that enterprise.

    The lessons from Liam are that, if nothing else, the official story given to us must be read with caution. History is replete with tangles of lies and truth presented to us by those with vested interest in ‘beneficial outcomes’, and those in authority whom we vest with the expectation of truthful dealing often turn out to be the least qualified to wield that weapon so essential in maintaining our freedoms. The job of reporting is to uncover the facts, and it frequently takes the highest degree of determination and bravery to do that, for they are not always as presented to us at first sight. Liam Scheff has done that.

    The book is styled as a fast read, and in parts is deceptively light, for in others it is highly disturbing for highlighting the schism between what is presented to us as the official story, and what turns out with time to be a darker reality. It will certainly make you think, and very likely wish that you could remember certain aspects of your own history that seemed innocuous at the time, but for some reason just seem to escape you when you most need to remember. The book is a reminder that the amnesia that time presses on us is very much to our detriment, and that those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

    Thank you Liam, for a very thought-provoking read.


  10. This review is from: Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need (Paperback)

    I bought `Official Stories’ because our friendly neighbourhood conspiracy realist (Liam Scheff) appeared in the House of Numbers film which took apart the political and scientific rottenness of the war on aids, in particularly the virus `hiv’, the virus that never was and never will be. To stand alone and systematically deconstruct the very foundation of aids science and in the process explain just why a fast-track experimental lifestyle isn’t such a good idea was a brave thing to do especially when the corridors of power were obsessed with a virus that they have failed to find in 30 years of scientific progress.

    Official Stories covers the pitfalls of a fast-track lifestyle, the STD’s, the antibiotics, the destruction of the gut, the poppers, the destruction of the lungs, followed by medical voodoo, a non-specific protein test that we translated into language of hiv, into language of infection and death. Monumental blunders were made, a bad test, a deeply flawed human translation of that test, followed by a mass poison and stigma and bone pointing voodoo.

    Add to this the joys of a high dose AZT prescription, and we then have an issue of genocide that cost 372 billion dollars to operate. Sadly, medical science turned to prostitution in support of theory of germ, but that is the price we pay to support the rottenness of the whole issue, an issue based on a testing kit that could only test for non-specific proteins that the entire world could test positive.

    If the science and medicine had been based on reality as opposed to a madman theory, the so-called aids epidemic would have been over and done with within 12 months, but bad science and bad thinking turned it into a 30 year old war with at least 150,000 casualties. So this chapter and the vaccination chapter are the main reasons I bought this book and it’s an excellent read, so go buy the book and take a look behind the murky world of Official Stories!

    John Wantling, Rochdale, UK

  11. This review is from: Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need (Paperback)

    “You might start this book wondering what those crazy conspiracy theorists are talking about. But, you’ll complete it as a self proclaimed, “Conspiracy Realist.”

    I always thought of myself being open minded and aware of current and historical social issues. I quickly realized that I was completely in the dark (along with most of America!) I feel as if the veil has been torn. I’m now aware. I’m now awake.

    This book is expertly written. Liam adds just enough humor and suspense to make it nearly impossible to put the book down. It’s laden with actual facts…… what happened/s behind closed doors… What main stream media doesnt talk about.

    I remember how I used to live in a clueless little bubble– where I believed our government was solely on the side of the American people. Liam popped that bubble. But, in a very positive way! I would never go back.
    His book is NOT scary, negative or anti-American!! It’s empowering.

    This book is so well put together. It’s condensed and powerful… Riddled with humor… Loaded with facts. If you have ever been curious about vaccines, 9/11, the CIA, JFK, etc… Read this book. It has it all! Even topics I had never considered to be questionable, like HIV.

    I HIGHLY reccomend for everyone to read this book. In fact, I’ve bought it as a gift for several people.

    We also homeschool and use this as a corrective textbook.”

    ———-“The love of money is the root of all evil.”———-

  12. New Amazon Review from Radio’s Nick Brannigan:

    The History Textbook for my grandchildren, September 14, 2013
    By Nick Brannigan

    Liam Scheff takes history (his story) as told my the “officials” and exposes the giant holes in their fables.

    He has a look into the JFK murder, the CIA, the 9/11 fairytale, Darwin and so forth and shows that the short story couldn’t possibly be true because of the vast amount of lies and contradictions in the long story.

    The two chapters that hit me the hardest were vaccines and HIV/AIDS. I have researched vaccines and finding them to be lethal poison. But, this is just the history of vaccines in recent decades. Liam takes you back through the long history of vaccines and exposes how it was a fraud from day one.

    The ridiculous lie known as HIV/AIDS is truly mind blowing. I couldn’t possibly do Liam’s work in this chapter justice in this review, but let’s just say “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” And, um… “Wow!”

    If you’re like me and reading the truth makes you feel more alive, then this is your book.

  13. Game Changer
    By Michelle C.

    The age of my naivety came to an end with Liam’s book “Official Stories”. I had never considered any of these subjects to be controversial…they existed as they were reported to be. In fact, I didn’t even realize an “official story” existed!

    After reading this book, my perception has changed. I am more aware of the secret motivation behind propaganda and more inspired to consider the possibilities of a Universe that is alive. Liam didn’t just poke holes in these Official Stories he pulverized them and in the process blew new life in to my imagination. Thank you Liam, can’t wait for the next book!

  14. Question Everything You Thought You Knew!

    Aaron (Amazon Review):

    Official Stories in an awesome read. I couldn’t put it down until completion. Well researched and thought provoking, Liam also presents this information with a great sense of humor.

    I will recommend this book to everybody i know who is interested in waking up and questioning the lies prevalent in our society with the plethora of official stories we are bombarded with on a daily basis by our government, media and medical industry.

    My favorite chapters include the AIDS Scarlet Letter and the chapter on Louis Pasteur and Vaccinations. I was also enlightened on topics I did not know much about such as Plate Tectonics and The JFK Assassination. Also, hooray for the Electric Universe! If you are considering reading it, just do it. You will not be disappointed!

    Thank you, Liam for defending the truth.

  15. From Amazon reviews:

    “Truly a Must Read, October 26, 2013

    By Aaron W.

    “This has been one of the best books that I’ve read in quite some time. It was light, fast, and funny to read while being very informative. One of the neatest things about the book is the fact that Scheff took the time to cite his sources, this means I/you can do further research if we want to. I for one am very happy that someone would take this much time out of their life researching these things that a lot of people take a fact value.

    It was a great read and an eye opener when I came to realize that my critical thinking skills have been sub-par lately. So with this refresher under my belt and some cited sources I’m going to delve further into this whole plate tectonics thing.

    That was the whole reason I bought the book since I really enjoy Geology I was all like “what’s this guy know?”. Turns out it made me go what do I know? This book is so good I contacted the author and thanked him for his time writing it.

    Buy the book, open your mind, and get ready for a ride.”

  16. Thank you! Thank you for Official Stories. Thank you for writing another. I felt compelled so many times while reading it to stop, share it out loud with my family, which was difficult as many of the passages caused me to giggle. The way you simplify and expose the absurd is refreshing and entertaining. You masterfully weave together so much if what I learned piecemeal from other sources. I soooooo look forward to the next one!

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