9/11 Research

The 9/11 investigation is expanded in Chapter 4 of “Official Stories.”

The related American History, CIA and JFK investigations are expanded in Ch. 1-3 of “Official Stories.”

We will proceed with this argument: 9/11 was an event manufactured to lever the compliant, often brain-dead and easily manipulated Western and U.S. population into a prolonged, generations-long, permanent imperial occupancy of the oil-rich Middle East.

Do you have questions about the events of 9/11?

Please join me in asking these questions and exploring the issues, while we still have a relatively free country and internet in which to do it….

9/11 Blogs | 9/11 Comics

Read the graphic novel Collapse or Explosion? Download the PDF.

And remember – it’s always been about the oil.

But what is peak oil?
What is oil, in any case? How much do we use? Can we do without it? What happens when it goes away?

These are questions that all of us really should be asking – but aren’t. We’ll ask them here.


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