Evolution Research

This investigation is expanded in Chapters 8 and 11 of “Official Stories”

What is Life?

Evolution is an answer to a question – or an attempt at an answer. The question is: “What is the origin of life?”

Darwinism answers: “Accident.” Neo-Lamarckians (Epigeneticists) answer: “Feedback loops in a ‘thinking’ or at least responsive systems.” Spiritualists answer: “We’re manifestations of a cosmic, transcendent intelligence.” Biblical Creationists answer: “Yahweh.”

Some of us think we cannot ever really know the answer, not as an artifact or digit, a laboratory product – but that we can only observe the pattern of life as it unfolds. But we can weigh the current theories and ask after their validity.

Is “Yahweh” a fact, or a story? Can it be tested for? If not, then we have to get beyond any religious literalism in looking for answers.

But, is the world an accident, a giant “whoops,” as Neo-Darwinians suggest? Or does the world emerge in pattern and design?

Does all of life emerge from a series of mistakes, blunders, in a wind-up, mechanical chaos system? Are we ‘biological accidents’ whose highest calling is a struggle against death and a race to breed? Or does the Universe emerge in an endless matrix of form and energy, whose mysteries we have not begun to penetrate?

This is the question of our age, and a question that lies at the center of the fight for the soul of our culture. Darwinism, or Neo-Darwinism, today’s most popular and prevailing philosophy, states that the world is a machine brought about by cosmic stupidity – by accident. Opposed to this idea are those, like myself, who see a grander order in the Universe; a creative, and destructive, but transcendent force at work throughout.

Science is Religion in Inversion

Most of the sciences today are truly only inversions of the religious or philosophical notion that they sprouted from, in negation:

Christianity: ‘Life was created for a reason and a purpose.’

Darwinism: ‘Life was not created, and has no reason or purpose.’

These are inversions of the same philosophical position. Neither is a testable ‘science.’

The Debate is Over?

If life on Earth, and possibly elsewhere, gives evidence for a transcendent principle, that stimulates, creates, structures, orders, organizes, and recapitulates form and function, in all its variety….

Then science must be allowed to follow the evidence where it leads.

I hope you’ll join the discussion, and learn more about what Darwinism actually says, actually proposes – not just what you imagine it does.


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