Are You a Member of the Laziest Generation?

by Liam Scheff

Do you stop yourself from writing complete, unabbreviated words, even when using a full-sized keyboard? If so, you may be unintentionally making yourself less intelligent.

Do you find that you forget words that you are certain you used to know? It’s because you don’t use them anymore. You’ve ceased. Stopped. You don’t try. You don’t search for synonyms, or struggle to find the best-feeling, sounding descriptor for a feeling.

Do you use this word in conversation? “Lol.” Do you mean a lull? No, you mean – it’s funny. Is it hard to say, “funny?” That’s funny! Funny. How funny! Amusing. Clever! It is to laugh! Hilarious! Rib-tickling. Ridiculous! Oh, that makes me laugh! Comedic! Comical! So very, very amusing.

Your. You’re. Something you possess. Something you are about to do or be. Please, please learn the difference.

Apostrophe “S.” As in: ‘s. This is not how to form a plural. Thing’s is not more than one thing. It indicates that something is the property of “thing,” as in, “Thing’s vibrator was set to stun.” On the other hand, “Things are not working out for Thing, as his vibrator was set to stun,” indicates first that many events in Thing’s life are not going well, and that his vibrator is probably shocking him.

I’ll leave you to ponder the life of this unfortunate person – or thing – named “Thing.” But, please don’t use apostrophes to form plurals. Please.

What if you had to use words and sentences again. You know, there are people who can’t. Who can’t speak. Who’ve had strokes. Who are mute. Why are so many of us making ourselves so much less than we are?

Do you believe language has value? I do. I know that makes me strange in America.



  1. Hey Liam,
    It was so cool that you and I were on the same wave length. I have used “lol” or “u” instead of “you” before,and other types of abbreviations. I do write like that if I’m texting a friend or something, but if I’m writing a letter it’s totally different.

    What bothers me, is people have become too lazy nowadays to finish what they have to say. One day, I was watching a TV show that I like and there’s was a ten year old girl who was talking like this, “toats hilar” and “toats fantast”, etc……! (which means “totally hilarious” and “totally fantastic”) And so I was thinking to myself, “That’s weird. That’s not how a 10 year old girl should be talking,or any person for that matter!”

    I really like your article, and what you had to say. I totally agree with everything. Thanks for writing this. I think America should know!

  2. I think language has value, Liam. I hope I’m not doing too many of these “cute” shortcuts, myself. I do pride myself on having at least a decent grasp of the English language…whether I’m right or wrong in that analysis.

    This has been going on for at least thirty years, now, near as I can tell…this condensing and simplifying of the language. I think the internet age has accelerated a process of dumbing down. OMG! I know…that’s not even funny.

  3. One of the reasons I left the social network was the ‘lol’ and ‘omg’. When you have serious thoughts about some issues and try to express those in a foreign language and harvest nothing than rapped as well as raped expressions, I think that is the moment one jumps off the cliff, metaphorically of course.

    Yes I believe language has value, indeed I am certain it has. The word does not belong to the speaker but it is the very thing or better said the addressed to whom it is property. That is why a prayer must not be captivated by a belief system such as Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist and what ever we put behind; it is the mere expression of a soul communicating with heaven.

    Yes, language has value, more than we know and I appreciate every attempt to save it’s very meaning, be it in English or in German and all the other great origins we humans created.

  4. It literally hurts my brain every time I read “loose” when the writer obviously means “lose”.

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