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Geneticals Cover Med ©2013 Liam Scheff

It’s The Geneticals – the world’s first team of vaccine-damaged super- heroes. They’d gladly give up their powers – if they only could! Being vaccinated has caused them to develop strange and powerful superhero side-effects – forcing them to band together to fight bad science and search for a cure for their toxic state.

Together with Professor Emilio Nongrata – a brave researcher who believes that these injections are indeed harmful – they fight the U.U.S., (the Union of UnGeneticals Order Buttoninterested Scientists), who’ve launched an attack of living mutant vaccines on all elementary schools.

Join Anxious, Spider-Andy, Aluminum Man and Insanika as they battle the living vaccines – and try to reverse their own vaccine damage without driving each other crazy!

Author’s Note: Is “Geneticals” politics or pop art? It’s a little of both. “Geneticals” is a funny, satirical superhero adventure following a standard, lively comic-book structure – the origin story and the big battle. But underneath the adventure is, unmistakably, the hidden but very real issue of vaccine damage. The comic itself plays lightly with the material, as a means of introducing the reality of the trouble with vaccination. That is, injecting people – especially children – with toxic material derived from animals, humans, bacteria and viruses, and containing metals and chemicals – is not, I believe, a sane or well-considered thing to do – especially by force or government proxy, as we have it now.

“Geneticals” doesn’t set out to solve the problem, only to introduce it in a ‘Smash-Bang’ style that we can all appreciate, while pinching the powers-that-be on the nose for their lack of interest in the problems with widespread mandatory injections.

But, at its heart, Geneticals is a funny, light-hearted, vividly and lovingly-drawn and colored comic that’s sure to make you smile and laugh at its wit and good humor, even as it asks you to think openly about the politics of vaccination.

“No one that I know of prior to this has tackled such a brutal subject with such levity at the same time delivering such depth.
– Robert Scott Bell, Homeopath and National Radio Host (“The Robert Scott Bell Show”).

Geneticals Promo ©2013 Liam Scheff


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