Boston Bombers – The Official Story

Boston Bombers – The Official Story

by Liam Scheff

For the record, I no longer believe the official story about the Boston bombings (No, I never did, but I was holding out hope for some decent resolution of events, as a former and often resident of that particular city, which I have loved deeply. No, that’s not a sex joke, although that happened, too).

I do not believe the Chechen boys are responsible.

The Official Story: With no history of public violence, bomb-making or terrorist affiliation, two young brothers developed and executed a plan to blow up civilians in the largest public event in the city of Boston. This event must have involved extraordinary planning, a calculation of risk, some expertise in chemistry and demolitions, and a psychological reason for being.

Scratch the surface and we find that all of these seem to be entirely absent. Digging for details, and still accepting the official story we find:

They succeeded in their bombing “fatwa”, but also delayed exploding their devices until two hours after the peak of the event. They had been radicalized into terrorist forms of Islam, but they walked through the event openly, without disguising or hiding their faces.

They had achieved a blow against the “Great Satan,” but they remained in town after the event, going to a party with friends, and did not leave town in a hurry, having accomplished their radicalized turn into terrorists. They did not take a bus, car or train to New York where they could have booked passage to any city in the world. Or directly to Logan Airport, from which they could have done the same.

They, officially, have no handlers or helpers, but were, without training, rather expert bomb-makers, but, we have been told, at least one of them was “hand-picked” by Osama bin Laden, (although that story may already have disappeared).

The younger brother “tweeted” Jay-Z lyrics, if that is to be believed, but not a word about guilt, Allah, the infidel, white devil, or any other such “identifying” mark of a “terrorist.”

The older brother who was reported as both being “run over by his brother” and also “shot by police” was reported dead, but then a man, identified as the same brother who was killed was arrested and forced, by police, to strip entirely nude before getting into the police car. An eye-witness has identified the elder brother as being “run over by a police SUV and then shot by police multiple times.” The younger brother hid in a boat where he was seen by the boat owner who called the SWAT machine, who promptly arrested the skinny, slight young man, and shot him in the throat, so that he cannot speak, probably ever again.

The mayor of Boston, Thomas “Mumbles” Menino, allowed the Constitution to be violated/suspended in the city so that the military, in the guise of “police” could enter homes and terrorize citizens, without warrants, without recourse and without penalty. The right-wing press is now featuring a photo of the electric chair, with the caption “Justice” for the teenaged suspect.

The right of Miranda and a fair and impartial trial by peers was waived by the court, despite the fact that these were American citizens, whose friends and family, almost to a person, bravely denied that the accusations were correct, or expressed immense shock at the accusation, for it being entirely out of character for the people they knew the brothers to be.

One family member, an uncle who spoke bitterly and personally about his “loser” nephews, seemed emotionally-agitated and moved by reasons of his own. He is listed by investigator Daniel Hopsicker as an oil and gas executive with connections to Halliburton and U.S.A.I.D., a CIA front group.

The problem:

If you can plan a crime and pull it off, you have to have some measure of intelligence. You must be able to plan and think ahead. The pair are accused of having caches of bombs, though they seemed entirely unconcerned with leaving town after the public execution of a plot. Think about it: you blow up the parade. You’re agitated, confused, sickened, elated. You’re paranoid because there were cameras everywhere. You…

Stay in town and hang out with friends? You go to a party and manage to convince everyone that nothing’s wrong?


You care about the opinion of the “infidel?”

Look, even terrorists have to operate by a certain logic. If you hate the American devils, you’re not sitting around after striking a blow for your version of “liberty.” You’re off to your greener pastures, wherever those might be. So, if they accomplished the first part, it beggars belief to imagine that they would not have fled and reaped their reward in the welcoming arms of their “terrorist” comrades. I also find it quite impossible to believe that there was no handler, advisor or mentor involved in “turning” or training them in their new craft. They would surely have turned to this man or men to expedite their flight out of danger.

But, no – not these genius-idiots. We’re asked to believe that they stayed, partied and seemed in good spirits. Until guns were pointed at their heads, at which point, they ran. (If they were going to run… why not run when the getting was good?)

This official story of the Boston bombing is not, can not be true. There are other reasons for its existence, and they can be found easily in what was achieved:

The total occupation of a North American city by the military. This was the goal, and it was done – complete with, if you buy the media’s version – cheering crowds waving made-in-China American flags.

What’s next? The rounding up of dissidents, naturally.

Feel free to look any of this up and supply details or contradicting evidence – while you can.

Liam Scheff is the author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.”


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