Oh, Britannia! Britannia Will Be Fracked!

by Liam Scheff

Fracking is a world-wide disaster – and the press and petrol giants are playing mental footsie with the public to get them to relent. Witness the business press playing at ‘fairness,’ ‘class warfare’ and ‘down with the rich’ all to sell a short-term boondoggle:

“The rolling country south of London is called the stockbroker belt for the residents who pay 50 percent above the U.K. average to live in pristine villages. The advent of shale oil under their lawns may shatter the idyll.

Two areas of Surrey and Sussex hold 700 million barrels of recoverable shale oil, or more than a year’s supply for Britain, the U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates. The advent of drilling near mansions in the Wessex and Weald basins may widen the nation’s shale-energy debate, which has focused on gas in northwest England, hundreds of miles from London.” [Link]

We’re being asked to feel pleased that the wealthy old gray men will have to give up their ‘posh’ estates to give Britain oil.

The numbers: 700 million barrels. “Not 10 day’s worth of global supply – but a year’s worth” in Britain. (Right! No – not right. “Estimated.” Now, knock it down to half, and down to half again, after estimated becomes ‘recoverable’ and the energy used to recover it is expended.)

So, a few ‘bloody’ months of shale oil and gas. To DESTROY the greenery south of London.

700 million barrels – more like 200-300, if they’re lucky – because estimates are always, always, always overstated – by 50 to 90%. See America’s “100 years of shale gas” lie, for example.

“If you investigate the origin of this supposed 100-year supply of natural gas…where does this come from? ….[I]f you go on and you actually read the report…what they’re saying is that if you pin this thing down where there have actually been some wells drilled that have actually produced some gas….the gross resource from shale is probably about 7 years worth of supply.” [Link]

But, they’re selling it to the Brits, aren’t they?

And who’s gonna tell them that they can’t drink any of the water in that region – for the next 1,000 years?


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