The Next Version

by Liam Scheff

(Post-fever thoughts on a Thursday.)

Fukushima. Monsanto. GMO. Toxic injections. Poisonous petrol-drugs  Fracking. Oil spills. More nuclear waste.

We’re all doomed, of course. I think accepting this grants a certain laissez-faire quality to the whole parade.

I’m trying to put a pin in the ‘when’ – the point when the human species began to show its particular insanity – but it was always there. We’ve always divided into ‘classes,’ we’ve always dehumanized those poorer (not born to the manor), and expected that their lives would be harder so that ours could be easier.

Before oil and coal-power, we were still enslaving and making massive war on each other. Oil just sped up the process 100-fold, and made us 100 times more effective in energizing our schemes. Once we’d uncorked nuclear power from its bottle, the game was over – we just didn’t realize it.

But we’re not long-term planners or strategists – we’re a myth-making monkey that grew up as a hunter-gatherer. We can’t see beyond a season. Our memory blots the intense heat of summer and cold of winter from our conscious mind. How could we be expected to understand something like “24,000 year half-life?

We continue to believe, like children, that we are invincible. “Radiation poisoning is for other people to worry about,” the purveyors told themselves. I think it was always a ‘fait accompli.’ The thing was doomed from the start.

We’re not a logical animal. It is our chief folly to think otherwise. We are a myth-making, spiritual, symbolic, art and music-making creature. These are the things we’re best at. We hunt, gather and do small-scale farming, and we even enjoy it.

What a world we’ve tormented nature into! How quickly it is falling away from us. We’re like apoptotic cells, suiciding ourselves with Monsanto and prescriptions.

When it’s all clearly falling (and that will be soon – many of us see it now) – don’t tell me that despite the sorrow of seeing it fall, we won’t breathe a collective sigh of relief that this morose game of excess is over.

Maybe, maybe, if it’s not all poisoned, the species can get back to something more lasting. Or, we just leave the planet uninhabitable for a few hundred thousand years – and then Nature, in her infinite creativity, has another go.

Maybe she builds in a better long-term analysis feature in the next version.

Liam Scheff is the author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.”

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  1. I don’t want to oversimplify…but it seems to boil down to denial. Looking back at the past, Americans were all too happy to absorb themselves in the likes of the Donna Reed Show and Father Knows Best. These days, we have Drew Carey in The Price is Right, and 1000 satellite television channels.

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