The Infinte Om

by Liam Scheff
4 of 15×15


“Just walk up to her and say, ‘The guy over there.’ No, ‘The manager recommends…’ No. ‘Wants you to have this, compliments of the house.’”

“Deck, I’m alphabetizing.”

“Just do this one thing – this one thing for me.”

Ray exhales. He knows somewhere inside that he’s going to be part of this transaction, but he’s going to make Declan earn it for a change.

“Deck, why is the travel section arranged alphabetically?”

“What? How else should it be?”

By country, Declan. Haven’t you ever fuckin’ been anywhere?” Ray doesn’t say it angrily, but with an intention to instruct. Declan gets down on his haunches and listens as Ray holds court. He’s going to earn his favor. Ray pulls a book off the shelf. “Indonesia.” He holds up ‘The Insight Guide to Indonesia.’ “Makes sense to have it next to another book on?” He grabs the next book, “Indonesia. Lonely Planet. Same place, different emphasis.”

“Okay,” says Declan, following along. “What’s the big deal?”

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