Science – The Petroleum Priesthood

by Liam Scheff

What we don’t understand (because we don’t see the road leading from antiquity to the present) is that what we call “Scientists” are actually priests to the god of petroleum.

Everything we do, eat, touch, see, taste, have, wear, share and think we love is made of, covered by, sprayed with, machined by and delivered on the back of the GOD of energy we call Oil.

Twenty million barrels per day in the U.S. Ninety million in the world.

One barrel is worth about 7-8 years of you or me going to a day job and digging ditches.

The human species never had this kind of power, not in 200,000 years.

All of our chemistry, all of our medicine, all of our ‘science,’ our seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, skyscrapers, water systems, air-conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, trucks, supermarkets, amusements, diversions, entertainments, music and art – today – is made of oil.

There is no ‘science,’ there is only petroleum propaganda, and its priesthood.


Liam Scheff is a journalist, radio host and author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.” 

© Liam Scheff 2014


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