I Do Not Believe

“I Do Not Believe.” (I am not Fox Mulder).

I don’t believe in “big bangs.” I don’t believe in “magic bullets.” I don’t believe in “dark matter” and “black holes” and “higgs bosons” and “aids monkeys.” I don’t believe in vaccines when it means injecting people with weird animal shit and metals. I don’t believe in plate tectonics when it means that the entire surface of the earth is supposed to slide around and then dive under itself and grow but also shrink at exactly the same rate of speed but no one knows quite where or how.

I don’t believe in genetic causes for disease. I don’t believe that poisons are good for you. I KNOW, that’s a big one. But I’m supposed to believe that all poisons in the grocery or field are harmless. They kill the ants and rats, you know! So, I think they kill people too.

There’s a lot I don’t believe. And who cares? I don’t run the world. They think they do. But the truth is, the world is about ready to throw us all off its back. And maybe it should hurry up, because most people are assholes. And God should really think about starting over.

©2014 Liam Scheff




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