Natural Culture?

Our culture is built on the notion that two people must be everything to each other:

Sexually, socially, psychologically, physically, therapeutically, monetarily, parentally, spiritually, religiously, politically and in every other practical sense.

If people “fail” to achieve some notion of perfection in any of these areas, they are considered “bad partners” and may be discarded, thereby forced to wander in the wilderness of “being single,” isolated from the two-couple pods, (who are often desperately clinging to each other for fear of this same fate).

Our ancestors lived tribally, with the natural understanding that all individuals were responsible, not to one person, but to a group, to provide a few basic duties: participation in food gathering, teaching skills to younger group members, and creation of crafts and materials. Our stability wasn’t dependent on one interaction with one person; we were in a stabilizing network of relationships that didn’t ask us to be “monogamous” socially, emotionally or even affectionately.

Which makes more sense, and which is more natural?


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