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Has the Internet revolutionized the way we live? Are we heading for a freer future because of this technology?

I can’t see that anything has changed in human tribal species behavior as a result of the Internet. It’s simply a managed newspaper that people read their biases into. It’s a place to fight with strangers.

The masses have indeed been screaming for all of history. That’s what the masses do, they scream. They drink. They screw. They fight. They sleep. They eat. They drink some more. They used to grow food in between the drinking and screwing.

The masses no longer do anything but serve coffee, do I.T. jobs, play video games, work at Wal*Mart, shop at Wal*Mart and get extra vaccines for government sponsored flu drives… the masses no longer grow food.

The masses will die in hordes when the trucking system ceases to feed it its “mass food.”

This is not pessimism. This is not “hope-ism.” This is realism. Actuality. Observed reality. Not fantasy. It’s a good solvent for that brain paint called “hope-ism.” It’s a good pill to take if you’d like to not live in fantasy.

But Americans love to live in fantasy! That’s us by definition.

No one here knows where their food comes from. It just arrives. No one knows how their clothes got here. They just showed up, ‘on sale,’ ready to be washed in a machine that came from somewhere, too, (but where? it doesn’t matter!)

And people imagine spitting up opinions (just like this) onto ‘social media’ has any value in ‘shifting’ the direction of a million year old monkey species that makes tools, believes in fantasies, and goes to war when anxious.

Let’s try something other than imagining “hope” can fix anything. Or even “hope” and “petitions.”

Let’s just pull our heads out of the sand for a moment:

• Look around at the declining state of our sanity, health, the mountains of nuclear plastic trash we’ve coated our world in.

• See the five dozen wars, proxy wars, border wars, and oil wars now being fought in this hallowed “age of the Internet.”

• Look at the lines for video game releases that let fat suburban Ritalin junkies pretend to be super-soldiers in an apocalyptic future, and now peddle some hope this way.

Try it… it’s a punchline that writes itself.

We’re a species that will grind itself down to small and manageable numbers in this century of decline and death. We rose in the oil age, we’ll decline at the decline of the oil age. It’s a straight correlation, requiring no artificial thinking to support it.

Ditch hope. Ditch pessimism. Try realism. See what the view looks like when you’re not kidding yourself about this creature called “humans.”

Try reality, if you can stand it. Otherwise, Jesus, X-Box and Prozac await you. That’s the American way.


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  1. Actually…
    I DON’T grow my own food, at the moment. But I DO…harvest ALL SORTS of wonderful, wild food…straight from mother nature!

    OK…I “liberate” some FRESH oregano and rosemary that grows…um…”wild”, here in the neighborhood! ;)

  2. This is a wonderful expression of frustration and it was great to read. You’ve articulated an extremely likely reality, but I would go you one step further, and in two directions.

    I don’t believe humanity will survive at all. Small numbers of humans will survive the first round of nature kicking back, but this won’t be the same thing as civilization surviving- certainly not what we recognize as civilization, that’s for sure. However the next wave of nature reasserting itself will leave us all but wiped out. This means that there is no longer any such thing as human legacy. We will leave behind the shadows of ourselves, but we will be gone.

    That’s one direction. The other is that great things can still happen that we will get to experience, even if that doesn’t mean anything in the long run. Remember that the Renaissance happened during the Black Plague, the Hundred Years’ War, holy wars, economic depression, cultural turmoil, violence, famine and disease. Great things can happen in terrible times. Maybe, before our collective system-induced suicide is complete we might be able to unite the planet and experience for the first time what it would feel like to cast a vote in a global democracy. Then when people say “we” need to do something to save the planet they would actually be speaking *correctly*, because until that time there really is no “we” to do anything about anything.

    I don’t have hope, but I do have a life to live, to the best that I can live it, for the time I am still alive. I dread the turmoil ahead of us, but I also don’t have a completely negative filter either. There could be a global Rennaissance waiting for us that actually NEEDS enough turmoil to make it awaken. If it does, great! Let’s be part of it. Yay! But if it doesn’t, then let’s try to enjoy the shit show of humanity as much as we can before we all meet our sticky demise. :)

    FYI: I’m part of a Facebook group called the Near-Term Human Extinction Support Group. Just sayin’.

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