Super Jesus

The Amazing Adventures of Super Jesus

Spider-man, Luke Skywalker and Super-Jesus: What Our Myths Tells Us About Culture

What if we understood religion the same way we understood our modern Super-heroes?

We tell stories of heroes. We give them extra powers and abilities. We make them face the most intense and impossible of physical challenges – far more than a human ever could withstand. We make them face death – lose – and then come back to life!

We do it with Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man. And Jesus-Man.

Understand how human beings tell stories – and you’ll never be confused or confounded by religion.

Q: Liam! Why are you beating up on religion?

A: I’m not! Well, a little. But it can take it. What I’m really trying to do is to put religion and myth-making into a broader analysis of the human species – that’s us! We’re story-tellers and myth-makers. We’re short-term thinkers, and long-term mythologists. We rarely know what’s true if it occurred centuries – and sometimes even minutes ago – and we are hardly bothered by the details of today’s biggest disasters if they don’t directly affect us.  (Fukushima, anyone?) But we insist that some stories MUST be literally true – or we’re all going to hell – or Philadelphia, which aren’t too far apart, I hear. But the truth is – we tell stories because it’s in our nature. We take what we want from them, and leave most of it behind, unused. That’s how people use religious texts – which indicates that they’re not true, as much as they are wanted for the mythic qualities they impart to our lives.

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