American Heretic

The video series that reveals how things are, how they actually work, and where we’re most likely headed.

This analysis is not based on insider information or recently unsealed documents, but comes through a unique and piercing philosophy that examines the human animal in all its habits, and understands it better than most newscasts have the time or depth to consider.

Come with me as I explore the fate and habits of humanity.

In a short period of time of watching these videos, your observation skills will be sharpened and your observations of humanity will be more penetrating and acute. By elucidating a very few but powerful habits of the species that we are, you’ll begin to see us clearly, separated from the confounding myths and stories we’ve been fed our whole lives long.

These videos and articles will present to you, bit by bit, a philosophy of the species that I hope will be:

1. Useful to you and help you survive the changing economic environment

2. Informative and illusion-dispelling, so that you can see what is, instead of what you’ve been programmed to see.

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