Dear Friends (final post)

I’m lucky to count so many as friends and so few as enemies. Oh, I’ve made a few of those, mostly by standing up against abusers (they don’t like being confronted, called out or embarrassed), and they’ve come after me with sharpened teeth and rapier witlessness.

But that’s life.

And so is dying, which seems to be happening over here. Or, extreme daily illness.

I don’t want any wishes to get better; they’re only tiring at this point. I’ve been fighting this for a year on every front. I’m no pushover and have fought mightily, with energy that I no longer have, with health that has been diminished by the many months…. Continue Reading

The End of An Age

The decline and end (and beginning) of an age. An interview with Liam Scheff and Kayemmo KMO O’Khan. For the record or the road: an interview on many to most of the things that I think, write and talk about:… Continue Reading

The Solar Myth

Many of you know I’m writing this during a severe health crisis. You can support the work at the links below. Now, on with the sunshine. by Liam Scheff A good friend asked me: Why do people believe the solar… Continue Reading

The God You Actually Worship

The God You Actually Worship Humans are a species of mammal infected by a virus. We can’t see it, but it runs riot through our thinking. It causes us to be willfully blind to the hard realities of a hard… Continue Reading