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Science is Fact!

Science is Fact

Science is fact! • Fact is data, interpreted through a worldview. Science is observation! • Observation is subjective. Science is measurement! • Measurements are linear and limited. Science is Truth! • Nothing is all knowable.   —– Liam Scheff is a journalist, radio host and author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect […]

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But it’s Science!

“But it’s science!” “I don’t believe in myths! I believe in science!” go the common arguments against critics of science. But, what is science? Science = “Interpretation of data.” Data = “numbers collected and measured in a highly-limited and usually artificial, non-natural environment, which has been established for the purpose of creating numbers which serve […]

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The Big Bang Religion

The Big Bang Religion by Liam Scheff Your Science Class Has Been Hijacked By Priests! The Official Story about astronomy – the great big fib that you’re taught in school – is that ‘first there was nothing – which exploded,’ or ‘the big bang.’ Sounds a little crazy when you just lay it out – […]

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CO2, Green Nukes and Climate Change. Or Not?

CO2, Green Nukes and Climate Change. Or Not? by Liam Scheff An Open Question “CO2 Friendliness” is used by the nuclear energy industry to sell its very toxic products. “No CO2 emissions!” is the ad line that makes plutonium sound ‘green and good’ to environmentalists. And some well-known environmentalists have taken the bait (calling Steward […]

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Conspiracy Realist Vs. Conspiracy Theorist – Front Row Battle!

The Conspiracy Realist versus Conspiracy Theorists! It’s a hot time on the PsoNick Aitchison show (Type 1 Radio Lounge) out of sunny Brighton, England battling out the Judy Woods concept of 9/11. Liam Scheff isn’t buying it – he’s detailed the 9/11 story in “Official Stories” Ch 4. But the crowd battles back with their […]

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“Official Stories Posters, v.1″ by Liam Scheff Now Available

Liam Scheff OS Posters 2 b

Now Available! “Official Stories Posters, v.1 by Liam Scheff. The first companion piece to Official Stories, an essential teaching and learning tool for classrooms – or wherever you’re reading it – and a sure conversation starter. The striking images in “Official Stories Posters” are not only visually stimulating – they are compact lessons in the […]

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Part of the Whole

by Liam Scheff The central operating premise at the core of what we call “science” is not to discover what is true; it is that religion (especially Christianity) is wrong. “Where do we come from, how did we get here, how do our bodies heal and work?” These are the larger existential questions that religion […]

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The Jet Stream Is Shifting – The Trouble with Haarpianity

Update Hour 2: Radio HAARP – Myth, Counter-myth or Reality? (right click to save and download) The Jet Stream is moving – and it’s NOT HAARP. No, it’s a much more powerful electrical source: The SUN. The worshipers of the “HAARP can do anything and everything anywhere and everywhere” church of magic realism don’t do […]

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Astronomy Research

This investigation is expanded in Chapters 9 and 10 of “Official Stories” A Story-Telling Species Open a science textbook, and you will be greeted by this notion: “First there was nothing…which exploded, or expanded, and became everything.” This is called “big bang theory.” But it is not a theory. It fails the tests of what […]

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Evolution Research

This investigation is expanded in Chapters 8 and 11 of “Official Stories” What is Life? Evolution is an answer to a question – or an attempt at an answer. The question is: “What is the origin of life?” Darwinism answers: “Accident.” Neo-Lamarckians (Epigeneticists) answer: “Feedback loops in a ‘thinking’ or at least responsive systems.” Spiritualists […]

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