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Which God Do You Worship?

by Liam Scheff We imagine that there is only one such thing as “God,” and it is the personified being that sits atop the Pantheon of our personal religion. Whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim or iPodist, you worship something and/or someone. But I’m here to tell you that...


Gods of Love

by Liam Scheff It is strange for me to realize that Christians tend to believe the following: There was an historical figure named Yeshua (Jesus) whose life is 90 percent a mystery, who was born of a virgin (who had her virginity restored) by the word of...


Introducing the Geneticals

“The Geneticals” is an oversized 8×10, vivid, painstakingly and lovingly drawn and colored, beautifully printed book which pits the world’s first rag-tag group of vaccine-damaged heroes against the Union of Uninterested Scientists. The book plays lightly with the very real themes of vaccine-damage, but manages to point...


The Geneticals – Available Now!

Geneticals Cover Med ©2013 Liam Scheff

It’s The Geneticals – the world’s first team of vaccine-damaged super- heroes. They’d gladly give up their powers – if they only could! Being vaccinated has caused them to develop strange and powerful superhero side-effects – forcing them to band together to fight bad science and search...


“Official Stories Posters, v.1″ by Liam Scheff Now Available

Liam Scheff OS Posters 2 b

Now Available! “Official Stories Posters, v.1 by Liam Scheff. The first companion piece to Official Stories, an essential teaching and learning tool for classrooms – or wherever you’re reading it – and a sure conversation starter. The striking images in “Official Stories Posters” are not only visually...


America the Truthful

Say something critical of my country, and you’re likely to hear, “America! Love it or Leave it!” Well, how about, “America, Let’s tell the Whole Truth About it!” Please add your bit of hidden truth, piece of buried history, and let’s see if we can learn to...


Hi Monsanto! You Evil, Evil, Evil Bastards!

Hi Monsanto! How are you doing, you evil, psychopathic, bloodsucking, agent-orange, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), saccharin, nutrasweet/aspartame, BST, rBGH, Roundup pesticide, genetically-mutant terminator seed producing, food-patenting bunch of modern-day nazi scumbags? We’ve spotted you! And we, the people, are not happy with what you’ve been up to, for...


Is Your Awareness ‘Raised?’

With the hundred ‘awareness-raising’ pharma-sponsored, and pharma-supporting ‘races for the cure,’ it’s a wonder that reality doesn’t intrude a little more into the minds of the masses. The drug companies don’t cure illness. They cause illness. Pharma Kills – Raise that Awareness! Wear a Pill.


Wait! Don’t Vaccinate.

CDC Propaganda: What if the CDC had to report honestly on vaccine injuries and deaths when it hired PR groups to create ‘injection propaganda’ for the masses? It might look something like this: According to the CDC, pertussis (whooping cough) killed 17 Americans in 2000.  That same...


If Babies Could Talk…

What is in a Vaccine? “formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, thimerosal, and polysorbate 80 (Tween-80), gelatin, ammonium sulfate, formalin, and sucrose, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, chick embryo, hydrolized gelatin, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue, aluminum hydroxide, benzethonium chloride, and formaldehyde, formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, and...


We Are The T.S.A.

Got your irradiating scan today? Make sure to bring lots of nuts – enough for everybody to share!


Jon Stewart – America’s Anchorman on 9/11

Please download and repost these posters, with a link back to this site. Oh, what’s it all about? Have a see for yourself… The Daily Show: “In the end it’s not real news, it’s not fake news; it’s propaganda peppered with jokes.” [article] Fifteen Questions for John...


This is an Explosion

Please feel free to repost these and cause troubling critical thinking wherever you roam. Oh, don’t be so serious… It’s only reality. So, go read about it already…


The Slow Boat to China

Flying Steel - the Slow Boat to China by Liam Scheff 2010

Bill Manning, “$elling Out the Investigation,” Fire Engineering, January 2002: For more than three months, structural steel from the World Trade Center has been and continues to be cut up and sold for scrap. Crucial evidence that could answer many questions about high-rise building design practices and...