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GMO Fortified! with Liam Scheff

Liam takes a field trip to a local grocery store to help customers and staff recognize the pioneering work of Monsanto and other companies in genetically modifying so many wonderful foods! Let’s label it! Visit “Official Stories” facebook page for more information!

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Review of Ty Bollinger’s “Cancer: Step Outside the Box.”

Review of Ty Bollinger’s “Cancer: Step Outside the Box.” by Liam Scheff 8/31/2013 It’s strange that a book on cancer should be a pleasure to read – but that’s precisely what Ty Bollinger has managed with “Cancer: Step Outside the Box.” He’s done it by being himself on every page – honest, straightforward, easy-to-understand, down-to-Earth, […]

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Food, Politics and Personality


by Liam Scheff It is a personal belief of mine, borne out in continual observation, that what we eat changes the frequency of the vibrations which we tune into. We are not only what we eat – but the cells we build reflect the origin of the food; we ‘tune’ the universe differently, then, by […]

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Diet – Think Complexly – Five Ways

by Liam I’m researching and talking about diet and nutrition this week (something I haven’t done publicly much, because I don’t worry very much about what other people eat). But, when the Sally Fallon group and Primal rage diet folks began attacking “deadly” soy and “poisonous” grains, I had to chime in. And it’s been […]

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Paleo and Sally Fallon – An Overview

A short treatise on what is right and wrong with some aspects of the current “paleo/primal” and Sally Fallon (anti-soy) movements. I’ve done this in two languages, so those who eat a great deal of pork and beef, and those who don’t can both follow along. In three parts. First, for the boeuf crowd: 1. […]

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I Was Attacked by Weston Pricers!

Yesterday I was attacked by… Weston Pricers! Oh, it wasn’t that bad – just an FBI social network blow-up; but it’s happened so many times, I think I need to be public about it. Weston Price was a dentist who found that healthy people tend to eat locally-grown, seasonally-appropriate food, with an emphasis on grains, […]

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Longevity (EQUALS) Greens and Beans and Oil (PLUS) Low on the Food Chain (MINUS) The American Way of Life

America is bad – very bad – for your health. Or, LOW on the food chain is your best friend. Your new, easy-to-remenber health equation: Longevity=Greens+Beans+Oil +Low on the Food Chain – (MINUS) The American Way of Life. Here in this Mediterranean island population of happy, content, and with a preponderance of over-90-year old people […]

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ThanksFasting Day

Why not try it? Eat less. Take a walk. Detoxify. Give it a shot. And think of our poor friend… What’d he ever do to you?

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Breaking News – Whole Foods is Whole Pharma – Breast Cancer Pharma Squeeze

The Race for the Cash

Whole Foods is Whole Pharma How The “Natural Grocer” Prostitutes Your Dollars To The Drug Mafia By Liam Scheff for the Robert Scott Bell Show Whole Foods, the world’s largest “natural grocer,” is aggressively promoting October as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” and employees are being required to wear bright pink aprons emblazoned with the familiar […]

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Green Tea Police Attack Children, You, Me

Oh, it’s just a cartoon, right? Is this real enough for you? Wake up, sleeping masses. They’re coming for You, next… Massachusetts State Police Shutdown Twelve-Year-Old’s Green Tea Stand Forbes Thu, Aug 25, 2011 By E.D. Kain [link to original] Well it’s not exactly lemonade but it’ll do. Christopher Carr’s twelve-year-old stepson had set up […]

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