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Five Recent Movies That Have Some Mojo

by Liam Scheff Jack Reacher It opens with an assassin scoping civilians through a marksman’s rifle. He’s on a bridge, they’re walking along a riverside park in Pittsburgh. The scene unfolds without mercy, for them or us. The rest is a who-and-why-done-it, and despite its bleak and...


Oblivion – The Argument/Review


by Liam Scheff Note: This conversation may or may not have taken place, yesterday, soon or tomorrow. This “Argument Review” is a story in the Fragments series. Jeff is stalling – still. Still waiting for me to say it for him. “How is it possible that you...


Elysium Tries To Look Like Tomorrow But Misses The Metaphor

Blockhead Robot

by Liam Scheff Elysium, the Dark Knight Rises, World War Z, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and every upcoming sci-fi action-adventure apocalypse film are all trying to tell us something: our way of life is threatened – and may be ending. And I tend to agree with that...


This is the Marvelous JoyCamp

This is the marvelous JoyCamp. My dear friends in Lost Angles – but don’t hold that against them. I loves ‘em. This is their submission for the Alex Jones video contest. Don’t forget to get the DRONE APP for your iPHONE!! And don’t forget: Don’t drive and...


House of Numbers

House of Numbers, a 2009 Documentary by Brent Leung (IMDB) takes on the most controversial human rights and human health issue of the last fifty years. Asking the un-askable, questioning the un-questionable, Mr. Leung uncovers the mass of information about HIV testing and the AIDS diagnosis that...


Film Reviews

Divine Intervention Directed by Elia Suleiman; Featuring Manal Khader, Elia Suleiman Boston’s Weekly Dig June 2003 No one’s ever cared much about Palestinians, so it’s not surprising that Elia Suleiman’s artful Palestinian film Divine Intervention was refused acceptance into this year’s Academy Awards. But don’t blame the...


School Of Rove

By Liam Scheff GNN December 2004 – Thinking of a master plan Bush’s Brain, the 2003 book and film by veteran journalists James Moore and Wayne Slater, and directors Joseph Mealey and Michael Shoob, lays out, with compelling bi-partisan evidence, the wake of destruction left by Bush’s...


Blind Spot – Hitler’s Secretary (Im Toten Winkel)

Traudl Junge

– The woman in question “The older I get, the greater a burden I feel that I worked for this man and actually liked him…he was criminal and I just didn’t recognize it,” confesses Traudl Junge in “Blind Spot – Hitler‘s Secretary.” Junge met Adolph Hitler when...