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Science is Fact!

Science is Fact

Science is fact! • Fact is data, interpreted through a worldview. Science is observation! • Observation is subjective. Science is measurement! • Measurements are linear and limited. Science is Truth! • Nothing is all knowable.   —– Liam Scheff is a journalist, radio host and author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect […]

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But it’s Science!

“But it’s science!” “I don’t believe in myths! I believe in science!” go the common arguments against critics of science. But, what is science? Science = “Interpretation of data.” Data = “numbers collected and measured in a highly-limited and usually artificial, non-natural environment, which has been established for the purpose of creating numbers which serve […]

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Debunking debunking

by Liam Scheff Get into a debate about the make-believe sciences of today, and you’ll meet one of the self-appointed internet or journal attack dogs, whose trade it is to puke on reality and call it a ham sandwich. (I’m a vegetarian, myself, so neither is a happy place.) They’ll describe their process as “debunking,” […]

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Laughing Our Way Out Of The Shakespeare Myth One Fact At A Time

by Liam Scheff Will Shaksper, or “Shakespeare” was, for all that historical records can tell us, a grain-merchant and businessman from a rural outpost and center for sheep slaughtering about 100 miles from London. He was not a poet or a writer; he certainly possessed no books or manuscripts of is great work. So, how […]

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Dr. Rashid Buttar Endorses “Official Stories” by Liam Scheff

Review by Dr. Rashid Buttar of “Official Stories”: “Liam Scheff’s book “Official Stories” could easily be turned into 11 blockbuster movies. The book has a tasty entertaining appeal which is only exceeded by it’s stunning educational value. The awareness and realization that the reader will inevitably reach as they devour and digest the material would […]

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New Article: The Map of Now

I have a new article, published by Thinking Moms’ Revolution: “The Map of Now” by Liam Scheff for Thinking Moms’ Revolution. Excerpts: “In the past three months, two mothers of autistic children have tried to kill those children and then themselves. ” “You may not know it; you may rebel against the thought. You may […]

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Syria: We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges

- Nutrasweet Magnate Donald Rumsfeld and a Former U.S.(CIA) Soldier Syria: We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges by Liam Scheff The following is an excerpt from Official Stories, detailing the reality of now. Invasions of seven countries in the Middle East in 10 years, as per Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of the […]

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The Big Bang Religion

The Big Bang Religion by Liam Scheff Your Science Class Has Been Hijacked By Priests! The Official Story about astronomy – the great big fib that you’re taught in school – is that ‘first there was nothing – which exploded,’ or ‘the big bang.’ Sounds a little crazy when you just lay it out – […]

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The Deadly Vagina Meme

Do Michael Douglas’s Wife and Girlfriends have Carcinogenic Vaginas? by Liam Scheff for The internet is popping with reports that Michael Douglas’ love of cunning linguistics caused the throat cancer he underwent radioactive chemotherapy for in 2011. But, is it so? Did this Lothario of legend truly lick cancer from the gleaming thighs of […]

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Waking Up Into A Nightmare

This Building is Exploding 1 Liam Scheff 2010

by Liam Scheff Talking about Boston has been the most controversial thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been attacked personally, been called more names, been hated more ferociously than in years of talking about other medical and political frauds: 911, HIV testing, Vaccination. Boston had an attack, one that fits into: A pattern of FEMA-DHS drills/events, […]

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