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Thank You Mike Adams and Natural News for Getting “Official Stories”

by Liam Scheff It happens to be my birthday at the end of the month – Geminis – the communicator of the zodiac. And at a certain age, by your mid-forties, it’s hard to be surprised by a present. But I’m surprised, and gratified. Please enjoy Mike...


But it’s Science!

“But it’s science!” “I don’t believe in myths! I believe in science!” go the common arguments against critics of science. But, what is science? Science = “Interpretation of data.” Data = “numbers collected and measured in a highly-limited and usually artificial, non-natural environment, which has been established...


“Official Stories Posters, v.1″ by Liam Scheff Now Available

Liam Scheff OS Posters 2 b

Now Available! “Official Stories Posters, v.1 by Liam Scheff. The first companion piece to Official Stories, an essential teaching and learning tool for classrooms – or wherever you’re reading it – and a sure conversation starter. The striking images in “Official Stories Posters” are not only visually...


Official Stories (c) Out June 1, 2012

Official Stories Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need by Liam Scheff “Official stories exist to protect officials.” With the opening line as our guide, we’re going to pry open the vault of “official-dom” and see what lies beneath. Drawing information from 10 years of investigative journalism, Liam...


Inside Incarnation – German Translation

Im Innern des Incarnation Centers NY Von Liam Scheff Translated by Dean Braus New York Presse 27. Juli 2005 Während die Debatte über die AIDS-Medikamente Versuche am Columbia’s Incarnation Kinderzentrum lauter werden, enthüllt eine ehemalige Mitarbeiterin, was sie gesehen hat. Mimi Pascual gab den Kindern jeden Tag...


HIV Fraud Liberation Day

by Liam Scheff for the Robert Scott Bell Show and Natural News It may come as a shock to realize that if everyone in the world who was supposed to be HIV positive, suddenly no longer cared about this designation, and returned the diagnosis and red ribbon...


Are You a Slave?

by Liam Scheff Are you a slave? Does the government have the right to tell you who you can mate with? Do they own your body? The bodies of your children? Are you a slave? And, what are you shopping for today? I approached the Magic Johnson-sponsored...


America the Truthful

Say something critical of my country, and you’re likely to hear, “America! Love it or Leave it!” Well, how about, “America, Let’s tell the Whole Truth About it!” Please add your bit of hidden truth, piece of buried history, and let’s see if we can learn to...


Is Your Awareness ‘Raised?’

With the hundred ‘awareness-raising’ pharma-sponsored, and pharma-supporting ‘races for the cure,’ it’s a wonder that reality doesn’t intrude a little more into the minds of the masses. The drug companies don’t cure illness. They cause illness. Pharma Kills – Raise that Awareness! Wear a Pill.


The Emperor’s New Virus

House of Numbers AIDS Special – “The Emperor’s New Virus” Film maker Brent Leung digs into his hundreds of hours of footage from “House of Numbers,” to bring you a never-before-aired documentary that demystifies the gobbledygook thrown out by the perennial inhabitants of the Ivory Towers that...


Radio This Weekend – The Official Story

Join Liam Scheff and guests for this weekend’s radio shows: Listen live or download MP3 for later, on the Intel Hub. Toll Free Call In Number: 1 (877) 598-8549 or 646-727-3387. Saturday 2PM EST: Treating Vaccine Damage. Liam welcomes special guest April Boden, mother of a vaccine-damaged...


HIV, The Happy Exosome

“HIV” – A Case of Mistaken Identity, Political Profiteering, and Pharmaceutical Murder by Liam Scheff What is AIDS The AIDS mainstream butters its significant pile of bread with the notion that there is in existence a single particle, which they call “HIV,” which is known to do...