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Science – The Petroleum Priesthood

by Liam Scheff What we don’t understand (because we don’t see the road leading from antiquity to the present) is that what we call “Scientists” are actually priests to the god of petroleum. Everything we do, eat, touch, see, taste, have, wear, share and think we love is made of, covered by, sprayed with, machined […]

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But it’s Science!

“But it’s science!” “I don’t believe in myths! I believe in science!” go the common arguments against critics of science. But, what is science? Science = “Interpretation of data.” Data = “numbers collected and measured in a highly-limited and usually artificial, non-natural environment, which has been established for the purpose of creating numbers which serve […]

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Marriage and Monogamy – the Lie that Blinds

by Liam Scheff – The American Anti-Role Model (But Secret Role Model) I’m reading “Sex at Dawn,” by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá (Link ), and it’s cracking open a long thought I’ve had for about 24 years (or all my life), and settling a bet or question I’ve had that long time. Monogamy. “One […]

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Waking Up Into A Nightmare

This Building is Exploding 1 Liam Scheff 2010

by Liam Scheff Talking about Boston has been the most controversial thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been attacked personally, been called more names, been hated more ferociously than in years of talking about other medical and political frauds: 911, HIV testing, Vaccination. Boston had an attack, one that fits into: A pattern of FEMA-DHS drills/events, […]

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Oscar – A Real See You Next Tuesday

Cunt book

by Liam Scheff I always enjoy it when the culture becomes self-righteously vexed, because it lets us see what a bunch of cunts we all really are. The Onion called a young actress a ‘cunt’ in an online thread, and then apologized. The response has been the usual hailstorm or self-righteous recrimination. So, for the […]

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A very, very, very, very brief alternative re-history of the planet Earth and Western Civilization. Very, very brief.

Brief alternative (but probably more correct) history of Earth. Our current myth: 1. Earth was created out of nothing, through the “big bang’*, which somehow created dust, which somehow congealed into stars and planets, which somehow made life. 2. Then, many millions of years later, in the dusty Middle East, a Jewish guy became very […]

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Official Stories Chapter Excerpt – Survival of the Fittest

A preview of “Official Stories,” from Ch. 8 “Darwin is Dead.” What is Darwinism? What does it actually offer? Is it a science, or a philosophy? We’ll explore the question – and get some hard answers in the book.   Survival of the Fittest by Liam Scheff, from “Official Stories.” We have grown up with […]

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Official Stories (c) Out June 1, 2012

Official Stories Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need by Liam Scheff “Official stories exist to protect officials.” With the opening line as our guide, we’re going to pry open the vault of “official-dom” and see what lies beneath. Drawing information from 10 years of investigative journalism, Liam invites you to join the hunt for the […]

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Chapter 11: In Which Liam Discovers He Has Relatives He Actually Admires

I’m writing my first book – almost finished, see you in June – and was unfolding from my head stories of inventors; I remembered that I had one in my family – an uncle, a great uncle. No, a great-great uncle, I thought. And I knew he was the father of Helen Watson, who married […]

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Anonymous – Will it Change Your Mind, or Make You Care?

Anonymous – Will it Change Your Mind, or Make You Care? A Movie Enticement, by Liam Scheff If I told you the Earth was shaped like a pear, would you believe me? You’d say, “No, it’s round!” And you’d be right. Except that Earth is ever-so-slightly pear-shaped. If I told you so, would you be […]

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