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Marriage and Monogamy – the Lie that Blinds

by Liam Scheff – The American Anti-Role Model (But Secret Role Model) I’m reading “Sex at Dawn,” by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá (Link ), and it’s cracking open a long thought I’ve had for about 24 years (or all my life), and settling a bet or question I’ve had that long time. Monogamy. “One […]

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Fukushima Predictions at the Commencement of Mass Denial

by Liam Scheff This week, the Yakuza and debt-asylum otherwise known as TEPCO has begun, in full force, its destruction of the world, via an increasingly dangerous and heavy radiological spill and run-off in coastal Japan (which is attached to every other Pacific coast by virtue of the salty pond between America, Hawaii, China and […]

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Debunking debunking

by Liam Scheff Get into a debate about the make-believe sciences of today, and you’ll meet one of the self-appointed internet or journal attack dogs, whose trade it is to puke on reality and call it a ham sandwich. (I’m a vegetarian, myself, so neither is a happy place.) They’ll describe their process as “debunking,” […]

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Oblivion – The Argument/Review


by Liam Scheff Note: This conversation may or may not have taken place, yesterday, soon or tomorrow. This “Argument Review” is a story in the Fragments series. Jeff is stalling – still. Still waiting for me to say it for him. “How is it possible that you can’t just say it? It…?” Jeff looks at […]

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The Dividing Line

The Dividing Line by Liam Scheff The Choice Will Be Yours, Mine and Ours. Divided We Stand, United We Fall: Solar, Wind, Oil, Coal, Nuclear.  The arguments pile up in disorganized, swaying towers, in colonies and countries of data – kilowatt hours and gigawatt years, energy returns and investments, environmental damage done and reversed, savings […]

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How Much Oil Is In The Ground In The Middle East?

by Liam Scheff How much oil is in the ground in the Middle East? Good question! Answer: they never quite tell the truth about it. Question: Do they “not quite tell the truth” by claiming less – or more? Have a look at what happened in the ’80s, as OPEC companies changed their rules about […]

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The Deadly Vagina Meme

Do Michael Douglas’s Wife and Girlfriends have Carcinogenic Vaginas? by Liam Scheff for The internet is popping with reports that Michael Douglas’ love of cunning linguistics caused the throat cancer he underwent radioactive chemotherapy for in 2011. But, is it so? Did this Lothario of legend truly lick cancer from the gleaming thighs of […]

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Oscar – A Real See You Next Tuesday

Cunt book

by Liam Scheff I always enjoy it when the culture becomes self-righteously vexed, because it lets us see what a bunch of cunts we all really are. The Onion called a young actress a ‘cunt’ in an online thread, and then apologized. The response has been the usual hailstorm or self-righteous recrimination. So, for the […]

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Conspiracy Realist Vs. Conspiracy Theorist – Front Row Battle!

The Conspiracy Realist versus Conspiracy Theorists! It’s a hot time on the PsoNick Aitchison show (Type 1 Radio Lounge) out of sunny Brighton, England battling out the Judy Woods concept of 9/11. Liam Scheff isn’t buying it – he’s detailed the 9/11 story in “Official Stories” Ch 4. But the crowd battles back with their […]

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Are You a Member of the Laziest Generation?

by Liam Scheff Do you stop yourself from writing complete, unabbreviated words, even when using a full-sized keyboard? If so, you may be unintentionally making yourself less intelligent. Do you find that you forget words that you are certain you used to know? It’s because you don’t use them anymore. You’ve ceased. Stopped. You don’t […]

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