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HIV, The Happy Exosome

“HIV” – A Case of Mistaken Identity, Political Profiteering, and Pharmaceutical Murder by Liam Scheff What is AIDS The AIDS mainstream butters its significant pile of bread with the notion that there is in existence a single particle, which they call “HIV,” which is known to do one thing, and that is to “kill T-Cells.” […]

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You are a Secret Conspiracy Theorist

by Liam Scheff published at Lew You! Yes, you, sane and calm, worldly-wise and down-to-earth. You’re not a conspiracy theorist, are you? Of course not! You don’t go along with plots to hatch and scheme and plans to deceive? Do you? But do you ever deceive? Do you personally ever participate in deception? (Well…everybody […]

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How the Earth Works: Plate Tectonics – A Beginner’s Guide For Experts

by Liam Scheff July 2010 “From Soup to Nuts, Science Has it Covered” – Me. “`Cheshire Puss,’ she began, rather timidly,as she did not at all know whether it would like the name: however, it only grinned a little wider….Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ – Alice’s Adventures […]

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Japan Times Breaks Earth, Terrifies Science Elite

Extra! Extra! “Mainstream Newspaper Reports on Failures of Geo-physics; Skeptic Magazine, and Scientific Elite Get Big, Big Wedgie and Have Fit, and Scream and Call People Names, As Science Demands.” How in the World… Late last year, the Japan Times allowed its readers inside of one of the gigantic-ist fist-de-cuffs in the sciences as they […]

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AIDS – A Kissing Disease?

retro particles

Download PDF Is there a single “AIDS Virus,” or do all humans and animals express similar little particles under stress? AIDS is the most well-known disease category in the world. It is diagnosed by HIV tests, which are supposed to be accurate. The tests are supposed to find a retroviral particle, “HIV,” which is supposed […]

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An On/Off Switch for Retroviruses – Can it be that Simple?

Young Turks

H-E-R-V not H-I-V An On/Off Switch for Retroviruses – Can it be that Simple? by Liam Scheff First, this is an area of exploration I’ve been reaching into, but am now firmly committed to, with many thanks to Cal Crilly (who I believe we are all indebted to) for leading the way. I hope you’ll […]

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Electric Suns and Pregnant Planets

Big Bang?

How did we get here? What are stars? What are planets? How did life come to exist on Earth? These grand questions are approached by a scientific mainstream that asks us to believe in their unifying myth – that the universe is, first, an accident, starting with an inexplicable ‘big bang.’ That stars are nuclear […]

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American Conspiracies by Jesse Ventura – A Review

It takes remarkable personal courage to come out against the mean, to write about unpopular ideas, to talk about probable conspiracies – and so it can’t be said that Jesse Ventura doesn’t have guts. But let it be known that he’s got a very good head on his shoulders too. American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and […]

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AIDS in Boston – The Other AIDS Debate Interview

– A great town. “If you don’t have confidence in your lab, then you can’t have confidence in your test results.” – HIV doctor on HIV testing, Boston. In 2003, I researched, read, investigated, walked, talked, thought, wondered, pondered, argued, took interviews for, sketched, drew, stitched, typed, lived, breathed, ate and drank the medical and […]

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Endless Darwinism, Most Flexible

Endless Darwinism, Most Flexible; A non-Darwinian philosopher’s review of “Endless Forms, Most Beautiful,” by Sean B. Carroll. by Liam Scheff published by W.W. Norton and Co. 2006 Amazon link. Dr. Carroll likes his rock and roll, and he’ll give you an unwanted lyric from time to time, to let you know that he’s cool, as […]

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