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HIV, The Happy Exosome

“HIV” – A Case of Mistaken Identity, Political Profiteering, and Pharmaceutical Murder by Liam Scheff What is AIDS The AIDS mainstream butters its significant pile of bread with the notion that there is in existence a single particle, which they call “HIV,” which is known to do...


AIDS – A Kissing Disease?

retro particles

Download PDF Is there a single “AIDS Virus,” or do all humans and animals express similar little particles under stress? AIDS is the most well-known disease category in the world. It is diagnosed by HIV tests, which are supposed to be accurate. The tests are supposed to...


AIDS in Boston – The Other AIDS Debate Interview

– A great town. “If you don’t have confidence in your lab, then you can’t have confidence in your test results.” – HIV doctor on HIV testing, Boston. In 2003, I researched, read, investigated, walked, talked, thought, wondered, pondered, argued, took interviews for, sketched, drew, stitched, typed,...


Endless Darwinism, Most Flexible

Endless Darwinism, Most Flexible; A non-Darwinian philosopher’s review of “Endless Forms, Most Beautiful,” by Sean B. Carroll. by Liam Scheff published by W.W. Norton and Co. 2006 Amazon link. Dr. Carroll likes his rock and roll, and he’ll give you an unwanted lyric from time to time,...


The Good Man at the NIH

GNN, January 2006 Mr. Fishbein Goes to Washington Dr. Jonathan Fishbein’s fight for medical ethics in AIDS medicine Editor’s note: In December 2005, GNN’s Liam Scheff spoke with NIH whistleblower Dr. Jonathan Fishbein. In an exclusive interview, Fishbein discusses the controversial African AIDS drug trials he exposed,...


Inside Incarnation

Mimi Pascual

By Liam Scheff New York Press, July 27 – August 2 Mimi Pascual gave the children drugs every day and every night, on schedule, as the doctors ordered. She shook the children awake and popped the pills into their mouths, or squirted a syringe full of ground...


Blind Spot – Hitler’s Secretary (Im Toten Winkel)

Traudl Junge

– The woman in question “The older I get, the greater a burden I feel that I worked for this man and actually liked him…he was criminal and I just didn’t recognize it,” confesses Traudl Junge in “Blind Spot – Hitler‘s Secretary.” Junge met Adolph Hitler when...