Does CO2 cause Global … Everything? (Or, Water for PEOPLE, Not Cows)

by Liam Scheff

California’s drought has kept me up for days reading about water use. I’ve learned what I already knew – and it’s the reason I stopped eating big animals 24 years ago. A number rising to half of all California’s water goes to cows. And it’s more than that, because you’re not just counting the roughly 2,000 gallons per pound of flesh you need to push through a cow to produce a pound of edible beef – you’re including in the alfalfa grown to “grass-raise” the “happy cows” sold to Whole Foods shoppers, not just the unhappy factory-farmed holocaust cattle ground up for fast food chains.

You can find it in big articles in big publications: we’re spilling California’s stolen water into cattle – not people. Humans use about 4% of it. None of this is news. I knew it when I was 19. How? Was I prescient? No, I was reading John Robbins “Diet for a New America,” and Jeremy Rifkin’s “Beyond Beef,” which listed the same cattle and pig rancher’s data – that is, big herbivores drink a ton and poop a ton. Straightforward stuff – it’s not tortured data. It’s alimentary canal biology.

But the topic led me to one of my least favorite discussions: global warming. Or, global temperature change. Or, anthropogenic global … whatever it is this week.

So, I’ve been up for two days reading about global temperature – and weather. Note – they’re different things, aren’t they?

“Nobody knows nothing.” is about all I can say.

• Antarctic ice? The Al Gore machine said it would all be gone! Is it? No, it’s increasing at present.
• Arctic ice? There is less. But wasn’t it all supposed to be gone? And weren’t there supposed to be 50 million climate refugees by…5 years ago?
• Is it warming? Uhm. Yes? Sort of? Sometimes? Unless it’s really cold and a more terrible winter than…ever. But maybe that’s because we’re in a warming trend coming out of the “Little Ice Age?” Who knows!
• Is the ocean absorbing CO2? Yes? Sometimes? More than was believed? Send cash, we need more research?
• Do 97% of scientists agree? No. Not really. Maybe. On some things. But, really, not most.
• And hasn’t there always been climate hysteria? Well. Yeah, apparently there has. Quotes.

Also revealed: The Sun plays a more important role than “initially thought!” What? The SUN? Gasp! Say it isn’t so!

Yeah, the Sun. Driver of all things, giver of all things, God of all Gods. The bringer of life in our little corner of the cosmic playpen.

And this is why I never bothered with the fake debate. Because NASA scientists live in the 17th Century when it comes to understanding outer space. Theirs is a Newtonian world – a gravity-only universe. But the universe is electromagnetic – and if you discount the most powerful forces in the universe when modeling any motion – you’re always going to be wrong. (I cover electric universe and the Big Bang fiction in Ch.9 of my book, “Official Stories.”)

Also of note: recent massive CO2 increases do not reflect in weather or temperature. Why not?

Because weather is driven by the Sun. Unless – and boy, it’s a greasy pole – it’s not. Because solar activity – at least by some models, readings, estimations – (jeez – is anything here REAL?) – the Sun nicely correlates global temperature change – forever and ever, but there is a divergence over the last 25 years. (According to some, but not other graphs, models, articles, publications, websites and vicious online debates. Ugh.)

So, maybe it’s CO2!! And we’re back to the beginning.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Just like water. Yes, water! Of which there is an endless, salty, increasingly radioactive supply. But it’s hard to – impossible – to know to what degree CO2 affects temperature.

Now, about weather – you know, hurricanes, tornadoes, raining days and Mondays… these generally aren’t agreed by sober climate readers to be caused by “global warming.” That’s more of a newscast attention grabber. But – again – the recent blizzards in Boston are “caused by global warming!”

Because… the ocean might be a bit warmer. By some readings and models. (But not by others. Ugh. I’m tired and I want to go home!)

What’s clear is this: the politics overwhelm the discussion immediately. The Left Wing has never met a worldwide sex-virus-weather disaster that it didn’t IMMEDIATELY fall in love with. Yes, “Global Warming spreads HIV.” Look it up. It was a headline during Hurricane Katrina. (This is why so many do not give a damn what liberal media reports).

And the Right Wing? Oy vey. So in love with capitalism that nothing else really matters. If they’re on the right side of the debate sometimes, it’s an accident of greed.

Okay. Does CO2 “cause” global…something? Well.

I mean. Uhm. “Maybe a little?” is the recent compromise position – from both sides.

And the plans to “reduce” CO2? They all favor some meaningless, marginal reduction – that wouldn’t dent what they assert is the ’cause’ of all –…dry…snowing…

Right. And that’s another issue. Everything – every possible shift of a nose-hair on planet Earth is blamed on…. CO2. But it doesn’t line up most of the time. When it does, I guess it impresses – but turn the page, and the data (whoever, whatever, however it’s collected – and tomorrow it’ll be contradicted) finds the opposite.

Then, the adjusters come in: when it doesn’t seem to work, other “interfering” issues are called into play. So, now, there are “interferences!” And it’s “complex!” And even a little “muddy.” (But why, if CO2 is the primary mover of all things, high and low?)

It’s like vaccines: they’re “life-saving,” (except that they kill a lot of people and harm many more – and also, you can get the disease – or worse – that we’re vaccinating against….but it’s Science! Don’t be a denier of science!”)

Or, it’s like HIV and AIDS. “HIV causes AIDS” (but HIV tests don’t work, AIDS drugs kill people – and send cash, we can’t figure out how it all works. But it’s serious! Trust us! We’re in charge of life and death!)

I’ve been down this road before, and I know something about modern science.

HIV, vaccination, HPV, Global Warming, et al: these are modern religions; panic and death cults.

And if the “science” of CO2 were any good, serious or sincere, the military would be called out to take everyone’s car keys, and we’d all be forced to grow food locally, till we liked it.

And we’d get used to it. And weather would go back to being – crazy – which is what it’s always been…

I mean…hasn’t the weather always been pretty freaking crazy? Isn’t that the first thing people talk about when they meet? “How’s the weather?” “Pretty crazy!”

My hunch is and always has been that “global warming” is a proxy stand-in for another, more real, serious and important discussion – that of global resource depletion: from oil, coal and natural gas, to phosphate, rare earth metals and even drinking water…

I mean, check out this headline from the Financial Times:

“Discoveries of new oil and gas reserves dropped to their lowest level in at least two decades last year, pointing to tighter world supplies as energy demand increases in the future.”

Uh. Yeah. And we’re talking about CO2 – like we’re going to have a choice.

Oh yeah!

Hey California:

Don’t worry about CO2. Fight to end factory farming in your state. That’s the best use of your energy. Water for people, not cows.

One more time:

Water for people. Not cows.

Liam Scheff is author of Official Stories, a reverse textbook to all the fibs you were taught in school; his current project and next book is “The Oil Alarm” all about the collapse we’re just beginning to soak up, coast to coast.


Our Sex-Shaming Culture

Our sex-shaming culture gets its marching orders directly from one place:

The Bible.

Specifically, the Old Testament (which informs the New Testament, so don’t feel superior, Jesus people).

The “Bible” emerges from the warring herding cultures of the ancient Near East. Women in herding cultures were property, and the roles for men were predefined and limited (they were even circumcised to show that their sexual identity belonged to an angry punitive sky daddy).

And if you think you’ve escaped this by being an atheist or “pro-science,” think again. This culture extends all the way through the academic structures into medicine and science, which are the priest class of today, branding people with fake sexual ailments, and subjecting them to ritualistic drugging and injections which cause slow death.

What people do in the name of religion – or science – is what becomes real. That’s the tragedy of human civilization.


A Good Argument Is Like A Tent

by Liam

People don’t understand how to argue; they mistake small for large evidence; they mistake massive arguments requiring extraordinarily strong evidence for small ones requiring little.

How good are your arguments? How good are your thoughts?

Big arguments require big evidence. The bigger and more unusual the argument is, the better the evidence, the more solid and strong it must be, the further it must penetrate to hold the argument down.

An idea or argument is like a sheet of canvas. The evidence you hold it to earth with are like the stakes you secure it with.

How good is your evidence? How secure is your ‘tent’ when you make an argument?

• “Yahweh made the cosmos.” Big canvas. You’re going to need very big and very many stakes to hold that down.

• “Vaccines are safe and effective.” Pretty big canvas. How’s it going finding the stakes to plant it with?

And so on… and on.

When you debate, organize your materials. Figure out how large a claim is being made. The bigger and wider the canvas, the deeper and stronger the evidence must be.

See how the official stories of our time measure up...

Liam Scheff is author of “Official Stories,” drilling to the core of the gooey religious center of science.

We Modern Blood Sacrificers

by Liam Scheff

We modern liberals aren’t smart enough to realize that when we force people to vaccinate, we’re emulating the Catholic Church’s rite of Baptism.

We believe that injecting small bodies with liquid siphoned out of dead animal organs is “scientific.”

We can’t be bothered to understand the effects of pushing metals and chemicals into muscle tissue.

It is part of our inherited religion; this is the new blessing. This is how we welcome souls over the threshold of life.

We used to dowse in smoke, smear with ash or blood, or make a small cut somewhere on the body to symbolize the passage from the spirit world to this one, but we’re no longer “superstitious,” or so we tell ourselves…

But the mind that has rejected all tribal ritual can’t help but to frantically seek a replacement in a new religion.

Vaccination is a replacement for an ancient ritual. It is not a science, it is not medicine. It is a group occult ritual involving animal and human sacrifice, blood poisoning, pain and trauma.

Ask the question: “What is in a vaccine?”

Liam Scheff is author of “Official Stories,” drilling to the core of the gooey religious center of science.


Christian Apologetics, Vaccine Safety and Other Myths

by Liam Scheff

Here it is for the newcomer; was “Jesus” (Yeshua) an historical figure? A CNN web-flog takes it on in, albeit at a slant.

‘But the name on the amulet wasn’t Jesus. It was a pseudonym for Osiris-Dionysus, a pagan god in ancient Mediterranean culture. Freke says the amulet was evidence of something that sounds like sacrilege – and some would say it is: that Jesus never existed. He was a myth created by first-century Jews who modeled him after other dying and resurrected pagan gods, says [Timothy] Freke, author of “The Jesus Mysteries: Was the ‘Original Jesus’ a Pagan God?”

“If I said to you that there was no real Good Samaritan, I don’t think anyone would be outraged,” says Freke, one of a group of mythicists who say Jesus never existed. “It’s a teaching story. What we’re saying is that the Jesus story is an allegory. It’s a parable of the spiritual journey.”‘ Link

Indeed, the question is barely asked before it’s allowed to be torn apart by the moment’s go-to ‘apologist’ for the historical Jesus. But who is this man? It is Bart Ehrman, ‘agnostic’ apostate from christian fundamentalism, a preacher who forced himself out of the flock for not believing the Bible was true, or accurate, or written by whom it was attributed to, and for a thousand other complaints.

Bart has spent most of his public career vocally ripping the Bible to shreds for horrified christian audiences. So, what can you make of the fact that he’s still holding onto it with all his white-knuckled might? He’s typed a manifesto in typical ‘apologetic‘ fashion to befuddle the case.

We’re So Sorry

Christian “apologetics” is a form of argument that’s meant to defend the anti-logical, anti-intuitive, anti-reasonable and anti-historical stories from ‘the Bible.’ (‘The Bible’ is in quotes because there are too many different and contradictory books in the thing, too many versions of it, and too much kept out that was initially in it, to really call it a ‘book.’ It’s more of a, well… it’s a kind of library of ancient myth and a lot of welding to hold it together).

But apologetics isn’t Aristotelian argument. “If A = B and B = C, then A=C, etc.” No, it’s not that. It’s pure blackmail. “If you don’t believe A, and we say A is true, because of course A is true (or people wouldn’t have said A is true)…then clearly you’re an idiot, and hell awaits you, idiot sinner bastard. Praise Jesus., etc.”

It’s emotional, pleading, whining, whittling the will down by constant personal attack, devoid of a penetrating logic, that makes weak cases based on strong, divisive emotion, over and over, and over and over, and over and over, and over and over and over and over. And over and over again. (They wear you out by sheer, numbing length, because while a lie is easy to say the first time, defending a lie takes years. Centuries, in fact.)

– “Learning apologetics directly helps our kids critically evaluate the “facts” that enter their awareness so they can determine with confidence what is relevant and what is important. Without such an understanding, the sheer volume of information they are being faced with today easily leads to spiritual confusion and indecisiveness.” [LINK] God forbid you think for yourselves, kids!

Deceptively Simple

“Jesus is Lord. Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus walked on water. He died for our sins.”

Simple, plainly spoken, ‘factual’ statements. Apparently factual. But then you begin to think. Immediately you’ll be told not to do that. “Faith is what you need to counter doubt!” There’s your first ‘apology,’ (or bit of brain-washing, thought-control.) It’s an ‘apology’ to (or a manipulation of) your higher self, your mind and spirit. Your spirit wants to know what’s true. Your mind wants to hold something and turn it around to see how it looks from all sides. You try and you’re left with murky darkness on three of them. You ask the questions:

“Walked on the water? How, why? What? Did anyone see it? Who? Who wrote it down? Nobody? Nobody? Not for 60 years? What? But…”

Well, you’ve gone too far here. You’ve let go of “faith,” which means you’ve grabbed onto critical thinking. This happens in the sciences all the time:

Vaccines are safe! Vaccines stopped polio! If not for vaccines, everyone would have the plague!”

And as with the religious fundamentalists, you are never permitted to engage in critical thinking, which would look something like:

But what is in a vaccine? How are vaccines made? In animal cells? In dead animal tissue? And suffused with metal and inflammatory agents and neurotoxins? Why? How can that be helpful to an 8 pound person?”

Go a little further, and the details emerge:

“But what was polio? The Wikipedia says that the polio virus only caused paralysis in .1% – point one – of cases. It didn’t cause polio 99.99% of the time. So how did it cause ‘polio?’ Weren’t they spraying DDT on, like, everybody at the time? Including directly on children, on fruit, on cows who produced the milk that children drank?”

Go a little further, and you’ll have really lost your faith. Religion is everywhere. In the sciences, it hides under a little math to seem, well, more ‘truthful.’ But it’s more myth-making.

A Lie is Easy, but the Truth is More Satisfying

“Jesus is Lord, he walked on water, he was the one son of the one God.” This pleases people. But scratch at the statement and the details begin to pour in.

While the initial fib or myth (or lie) can be told simply, defending it from critics will take centuries. A truth is a little more complex, and will be shouted down by the lie, initially. But the cracks in the fib will show, and the audience, like the riot-prone reviewers on who want to take issue with the portrayal of the villain in “The Dark Knight Rises,” will begin to poke and prod at it. And their prodding will grow in multitude, and their cries of ‘fraud!’ and ‘bullshit!’ will be heard to the highest heaven of Hollywood. That’s when the ‘apologizing’ (or apologetics) begins. And it never ends.

A mythic fib: Jesus is the one son of the one God, who died on a cross for our sins so that we might live.

A closer-to-the-truth statement: We’re a myth-making species. The myth of a dying-and-rising God-as-man or ‘son-of-a-God,’ existed in all agricultural cultures. The dying god represents the struggle of winter and the rebirth of the land in spring. The Christians were Jews who absorbed the gnostic teachings, as well as the Osiris, Dionysus, Horus and Mithras cults and myths, which were powerfully present in the ancient world. We tend to take myths as ‘literally true,’ so we’ve inherited a ‘literalized’ version of a myth.

El Barto

Bart Ehrman can be found in too many endlessly long, needlessly wordy criticisms of the ‘authenticity of Biblical texts.’ He’s an interesting case study because we witness, in his many dozens of hours of internet video, a man losing his religion through repeated attacks of critical analysis. But it is ‘real-time,’ and you’re aware of every breath and every step he takes. If he summed it up in a phrase it would sound like this: “You can’t trust the Bible, it was written by too many people and there are too many versions. It’s full of glaring errors and inconsistencies.” He ends, of course, with “But Jesus was a real person.”

Well, everyone’s got their breaking point, I guess. Their line in the shifting sand.

The article states:

Most Jesus deniers are Internet kooks, says Bart D. Ehrman, a New Testament scholar who recently released a book devoted to the question called “Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth.”

The writer doesn’t put the ‘kooks’ in quotes – so is it a quote? In any case, this is the common parlance. If you don’t believe the conventional wisdom, you are “an internet kook.” When he rips the historical veracity of the Bible into a thousand pieces, he is, naturally, a ‘scholar.’ But when scholars do the same but don’t accept the story of the repeating ‘god-as-man’ as historically true…they’re just internet assholes. Sorry, “Jesus deniers.”

Jesus Denier…get it? Like “Holocaust denier?” That’s the message: think critically about anything that the church or government wants you to believe, and you’re just a step away from… right. You’re a witch and a heretic. That’s what the term means in modern parlance. A horrible person who denies the intense suffering of others – a ‘Holocaust denier.’ It’s what they call vaccine opponents and critics, chemotherapy opponents, AIDS critics, critics of Darwin, global warming, etc, etc, etc.

If they said, “Jesus critic” or “Bible critic,” or “vaccine critic.” You see the difference? It would almost be something approximating “reasonable,” and “fair.” But why bother being that when you can employ a violently derisive and divisive rhetorical device? Does it matter that the conventional wisdom has always been, and will always be wrong?

Ah well. The CNN article gives a little, a precious little detail, and might dampen your enthusiasm for digging further. But it can’t hold back the concept: The Christ Myth. Which is what it is and always ways.

How Can You Say Jesus Was A Myth?

How can you say this story is anything BUT a myth? Its purpose is psychological, it’s not about a living person, it’s not historical (it’s not supported by strong or even middling historical evidence), and it maps the myths of a dozen others who were worshiped at the same time and earlier whose magic and mission, whose life and death were similar in too many ways and identical in too many more, to be anything but a story being told thrice.

Even if you want to close your eyes and hum to blot out the sound of history books not finding Biblical evidence, you might pause to recognize this simple truth about the human species: we’re story-tellers. We mythologize EVERYTHING after a time.

Even genuine historical figures and groups are mythologized – and even during their lifetimes. JFK, Gandhi, John Lennon, MLK, Clapton, Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Beethoven, Mozart, the Medicis, the Borgias, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Rothschilds, etc, etc. (Do I have to? Fine. “The Kardashians.) We take a little known reality, and add scads of People Magazine bullshit and hagiographical insanity.

Their ‘bad’ or ‘good’ qualities are magnified or diminished, they are made magical and transcendent in moments and they are painted with our ‘myth-making toolbox.’ This toolbox is the same collection of psychological tools that we painted onto the adults we looked up to (and at) when we were small – especially our parents. Our inherent myth-making worldview made us see them as gods, and we imprinted them on our psyches as total determiners of our human value for the rest of our lives.

We do this everywhere; in the sciences, in celebrity gossip, in religion. We do it not because we’re told to. We do it because we’re a myth-making species. It’s inextricable from the germ line, inseparable from our biology.

Oh really? Yes, we do.

 – Spider-man actor says: “He is misunderstood, like Jesus. I don’t mind the Jesus parallel for Spider-man. Jesus is an awesome guy. When Pontius Pilate said: “They say you’re the son of God. If you’re the son of God tell me.” Jesus was like: ‘I know who I am, bitch’.”

Whatever your take on myth, I recommend reading Tim Freke’s and Peter Gandy’s book and books. Here’s a video introduction LINK. As well as the plentitude of others asking the same question. Here is one of the first from the modern era:

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors.

It’s an education.

This…is CNN.

Liam Scheff is author of “Official Stories,” drilling to the core of the gooey religious center of science.


Science is Religion is Myth

by Liam Scheff

When religion claims to be based on historical miracle, it invites the critics to scrutinize, just as ‘science’ does when it wants to inject small people with monkey testicle proteins and aluminum (whoops! they call this a ‘vaccine,’ named after the cow (‘vacca’) pus that they used to stab into people’s arms and bodies).

Most broadly-accepted ‘scientific truths’ of today have, at their core, a starting point in a religion, or in an anti-religious movement. Vaccination replaced baptism; HIV replaced Leviticus and a few of the 10 Commandments (which nobody followed); HPV shots replaced a coming-of-age ritual (like First Communion or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah).

Religion and Science are sisters under the skin, and can’t separate their identities from each other.

Science is religion with a little math on the surface. Religion is myth that thinks it’s history.

Liam Scheff is author of “Official Stories,” drilling to the core of the gooey religious center of science.

John B Wells Caravan to Midnight with Guest Liam Scheff – Excerpt 1 – HIV Religion

Exclusive excerpt from my 2.5 hour “religions of science” interview with John B Wells: The HIV Religion.

Liam Scheff joins John B. Wells on Caravan to Midnight to talk about the HIV Religion – no, it’s not a science. Liam talks about how it works – and how we all drive it. Please enjoy this exclusive excerpt from the entire two and a half hour episode, available as an MP3 download for the low price of 99cents on

The Whole Episode:

Read more in Official Stories, Ch.5 and 6.

Youtube excerpt:

OS cover banner

You Are Free!


by Liam Scheff

You are free! To fall in love and then bind yourself to a mortgage locked into a suburban half-floor for the rest of your life and never experience that surge of feelings again that made you fall in love before you had a chance to ask yourself if the feeling of falling in love was something that was worth building a business partnership or child-raising business upon or it was just a passing whim meant to light your soul into flame to create a higher dance of passion which drives you to new creative discoveries – but no matter because now it’s doused and locked into a suffocating glass cabinet where you can see the flickering ember slowly die which makes you resent your partner and hate yourself because all you really want sometimes is to be a little freer and to go out on the town again and dance and sing like you used to but grown-ups don’t do that because God said so or Jesus or Vishnu or Shiva or someone or the Government and we all have to follow the rules or what would happen?

You are free! To be equals in a relationship, both getting into cars which you have to pay for over a 10 year period until they fail and you have to do it again, so that you can fill them with oil by-products paid for by Middle Eastern dalliances with imperial occupation stacking the bodies higher and higher – but we need the gas so what are you gonna do – and drive to the cubicle where you stare into an eye-numbing series of figures that have to do with somebody selling somebody else something that you claim to care about and represent and everyday you pray the boss is sick and the building burns down and you can just go to an island and smoke ganja and make music with your many friends and sometimes husbands and or wives – but it doesn’t happen so you drive home and you sit in traffic breathing carbon monoxide and listening to Terri Gross lie to you about something that isn’t really happening in the world that you know you’re supposed to care about and you might have to pretend to care about at the next dinner party when you get together with all the other prisoners of the half-floor apartments that eat half of your budget while food that you can’t taste that’s filled with plastic and pest control products eats the other half – and you cram it into your mouth and go to bed and don’t have sex and don’t even touch for the memories it jostles in you of when touch lit you aflame.

You are free! To go to the doctor who will peer over his fat face through the all-knowing eyes of whatever medical journal article is getting funded this week and tell you that if you’d just take the injection you’ll be safe against the galloping snail trots that are sure to be going around soon because Terri Gross said it on NPR, but you’re depressed about something God knows what it is so why don’t you try this new pill? It’s a fantastic new pill it has very few side effects and you can moderate those with this fantastic even newer pill so why not try both? It’s all covered by ObamaCare which you pay the third half of your paycheck to.

Because you are free.

Liam Scheff is author of Official Stories, and is working on his new book about love, marriage, non-monogamy and relationships – and how to make them better.

America the Sexually Schizophrenic

The ancient Hebrew tribe, sandwiched between the Assyrians, Persians and a dozen other competitive rivals, sought to differentiate themselves by creating a different sexual-social landscape than their non-Yahweh-worshiping peers. To do so, they made male homosexual relationships, which were not given much (if any legal consideration) in neighboring tribes and civilizations, into a legally-punishable (in fact, deadly) “sin.” The same was done for anyone practicing sex for….Enjoyment. Yes, sex, according to Hebrew law, was only there for making babies. To have it for other reasons was a punishable “sin.”

While Jews today will not recognize either of these as inheritances from their ancient past – it was another, now dominant group which has completely absorbed the ‘teachings’ of the Pentateuch – the first five books that were made into the Hebrew Bible (The Old Testament of the Christian Faith)…

Christians and Catholics carry on the dark and fearful beliefs of the ancient Middle East, and one not-very-successful tribe, which was nearly destroyed time and again – until it rebranded itself under the name of a Messiah who sent a very different message than that of Yahweh.

Go figure. It’s where we live, and where we get our need to chase invisible and invented Sex Demons like “HPV” and “HIV,” while simultaneously turning children (Miley, Britney, Lindsay) into mini “whores of Babylon,” while waiting for them to get old enough to pose in Playboy.

It’s America. Land of sexual schizophrenia.

Learn all about it in Chapters 5 and 6 of “Official Stories,” the book that drills into the gooey religious center of science.

Thank You Mike Adams and Natural News for Getting “Official Stories”

by Liam Scheff

It happens to be my birthday at the end of the month – Geminis – the communicator of the zodiac. And at a certain age, by your mid-forties, it’s hard to be surprised by a present. But I’m surprised, and gratified. Please enjoy Mike Adams’ clear and straightforward (as always) analysis of the term “conspiracy theorist,” which he correctly redefines as an “analyst” of events, history, news and data.

I also want to thank him for this:

“The correct term for “conspiracy theorist” should really be “conspiracy analyst.” Most of the people who are skeptical of official stories are, in fact, analyzing conspiracies in an attempt to understand what really happened and what took place behind closed doors.

A highly-recommended book the delves into this matter in more detail is the five-star-rated masterpiece Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need by Liam Scheff.

This book will open the minds of those who still have the cognitive capability remaining to grasp it. (Sadly, the injection of mercury into babies in the form of vaccines has damaged so many brains across America that many people are now cognitively incapable of rational thought.)”

Hear, hear. Mike Adams is a hero – you might not know that. You might not understand why some of us do what we do. Or how bloody hard it is at times. And how often we’re miserably attacked by absolute phonies and cowards for trying to tell a little bit of complex reality.

You might not know how hard it is to fight, every day, to tell the buried, derided truth – call it “suppressed good evidence” – about medicine, science, food, health, governmental scams and malfeasance. It’s bloody exhausting. Nobody thanks you. You don’t make money. You just try to tell the truth of what you can dig up that industry hasn’t buried.

So, I’m deeply deeply grateful for Mike’s time and energy in looking at and understanding my book. A book I do love and am proud of, because it does what I wanted it to do: it helps you loosen the bolts of academic brain-freeze, of predigested Orwellian narrative, of patsy-by-proxy news items, of quasi-religious pseudo-scientific, pro-industry, anti-critical thinking, blame-the-victim-not-the-pesticide “explanations” for the messy petroleum-soaked world we live in. And it’s got more than a few laughs in it, because…isn’t that why we’re here on Earth? To laugh, and love and be kind.

And that list of things that are hard to do, Mike does that, every day. He runs big networks. None of us know how hard that is, how demanding. I couldn’t do it. You couldn’t do it. But he does it. And so does Ty Bollinger, and Robert Scott Bell, and Joni Abbott and others whose names you know and don’t know. These are good people. I’m very fortunate to know them and count them as friends.

Thank you Mike. And Happy birthday!

Refreshing rationality

Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need

Science is Fact!

Science is Fact

Science is fact!

• Fact is data, interpreted through a worldview.

Science is observation!

• Observation is subjective.

Science is measurement!

• Measurements are linear and limited.

Science is Truth!

• Nothing is all knowable.



Liam Scheff is a journalist, radio host and author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.” 

© Liam Scheff 2014


We Are Living in a Cult of Science

by Liam Scheff

– A More Transparent Tribal Ritual

For your consideration: You think the Reformation and Enlightenment turned back the darkness of Medieval religious meddling? Ha! and Ha! I say. Hardly.

Let’s have a look at what religion has become.

The Major Religions of Science:

Baptism = Vaccination.

A spiritual blessing upon entering the world is transfigured into a physical injection of toxins in a toxic world.

Monogamous Marriage = AIDS Ribbon.

The ‘swinging’ 60s and 70s gave way to a reactionary bit of propaganda; ie, that you could now get a sex disease that: 1. Didn’t show up on your genitals. 2. Didn’t make you sick for 10, 20, 30, 40 years or more. 3. You had to be told you had it by a Clinician (High Priest or Cleric), 4. You had to tell everyone you knew about it, and put an end to your ‘single’ cavorting.

Coming of Age Mystery Ceremonies = HPV Vaccine.

The passage into sexual adulthood, once marked by mystery ceremonies and first sexual experiences is now replaced by an injection with toxins (a re-baptism), based on a witch hunt for a ‘virus’ (evil spirit) that they say will (eventually, maybe, maybe not) corrupt your virginhood, your saintly pristine sexuality – but only after 40 or 50 years.

Don’t believe me? Do the research into any one of these fields to sort out the technical details. HIV Testing, Bird Flu Witch Hunts, HPV Fraud, Human Sacrifice, Toxic Misdirection, and Vaccine Horrorshows.

Get it? We’re a Tribal-Animist-Christian-Scientific cult.

All of us.

Shit. Any desert islands left? I’m about ready to find one.


Liam Scheff is a journalist and author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.” 

Remembering the Swine Flu Plague of… When Was That, Again?

by Liam Scheff

– Don’t catch a cold!

File under: “How stupid are we?” I noted this in 2009. It’s worth a revisit:

The deadly swine flu! See if you can spot the problems with the mainstream narrative:

“LA GLORIA, Mexico: Tucked away in this small mountain village in Mexico, off a dusty road flanked by pig farms, is where the earliest case of swine flu — a virus spreading globally — was confirmed.”

(Pig farms? Feces lagoons? Pesticides, antibiotics, nitrogen, bacteria, colon products – in ‘lagoons?’ And we’re confused by illness?)

“Meet the child known as “patient zero” by his doctors — 5-year-old Edgar Hernandez, who survived the earliest documented case of swine flu in an outbreak that, officials say, has now spread across four continents.”

(It has spread! It must have killed everyone in the town!)

“His family lives in the 3,000-population village of La Gloria in the state of Veracruz, where a flu outbreak was reported on April 2. State officials arrived and tested dozens of people.”

(Dozens! Dozens of people living around feces lagoons… didn’t… feel… well!!)

“Edgar has managed to bounce back from his symptoms and playfully credits ice cream for helping him feel better.”

(Dear God.. NOOOOO!!!!! Noooo. I mean. Oh.)

(Okay. So…. Right. Can we learn more about this scourge?)

“LA GLORIA, Mexico — Everyone told Maria del Carmen Hernandez that her kindergartner’s illness was just a regular cold. But it seemed like the whole town of 3,000 was getting sick.”

(Oh NO! It seemed like 3,000 people living around pig farms… uhm.)

“As early as February, neighbors all around her were coming down with unusually strong flu symptoms — and the caseload kept growing. When state health workers came to investigate March 23, some 1,300 people sought their medical help. About 450 were diagnosed with acute respiratory infections and sent home with antibiotics and surgical masks.”

(Well! 450 people had respiratory problems. 1,300 had “unusually strong flu symptoms. Like… headaches? Diarrhea? Gosh. Sounds like pesticide poisoning).

“Five-year-old Edgar Hernandez was still healthy then. Hernandez wanted to keep him home from school so he wouldn’t get sick, but her husband said, “We can’t be afraid of what might or might not happen.”

(But, I thought he was “patient zero?”)

“Then he came home with a fever and a headache so bad his eyes hurt. She took him to a clinic, and after a few days of antibiotics, he too recovered.”

(Oh. He wasn’t. He didn’t. Right. Ice cream. He’s fine! Okay! They gave him antibiotic-rich ice-cream, and didn’t look for pesticide poisoning. But, how is he patient zero?)

“His family lives in the 3,000-population village of La Gloria in the state of Veracruz, where a flu outbreak was reported on April 2. State officials arrived and took samples from dozens of people.”

(Dozens of cases of swine flu! NOOO!!!!)

“Lab tests confirmed that Edgar was the only patient in Veracruz to test positive for the swine flu virus; the others had contracted a common flu. Health officials had returned to Edgar’s sample only after cases of the new flu strain were spotted around the country.”

(What? Nobody else ‘tested positive’ on the (crap) non-specific test? So, although he was the LAST of 1,300 people to feel sick… he was the only one “with” swine flu? (Or, the only one who tricked the (crap) test?)

(But, it’s the swine flu PANDEMIC! It must have killed to cause an international emergency!)

“Meanwhile, Mexican health officials suspect the swine flu outbreak has caused more than 159 deaths and roughly 2,500 illnesses.”

(Oh NO! They… SUSPECT!!!!! That is… hm. Uhm.)

“The World Health Organization says at least 105 cases have been confirmed worldwide, including 64 in the United States; 26 in Mexico; six in Canada; three in New Zealand; and two each in Spain, the United Kingdom and Israel. WHO has confirmed deaths only in Mexico, where seven people have died from swine flu.”

(OH NO! A hundred and five people have had an ICE-CREAM FLU!!! Dear No. Hm. Seven deaths in Mexico. Maybe near…pig farms? Where people live near…Feces Lagoons!? No. Couldn’t be a ’cause’ of illness. Lagoons of feces. Please!)

End of slideshow.

So, let’s summarize? Some VERY FEW people around the world (105 cases of a cold!) get a sniffle. The WHO hunts for it with non-specific tests. It kills a few with antibiotics. Some die of pesticide poisoning.

What about the factory farming? Wait…we do that here! Hey! Let’s visit Iowa!

• The nearly 733,000 hogs on factory farms in Plymouth County, Iowa, produce twice as much untreated manure as the sewage from the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.
• The more than 857,000 hogs on factory farms in Hardin County, Iowa, produce three times as much untreated manure as the sewage from the greater Atlanta metro area.
• The more than 1 million hogs on factory farms in Sioux County, Iowa, produce as much untreated manure as the sewage from the Los Angeles and Atlanta metro areas combined.

And it’s not just hogs that are crammed into the state’s factory farms. According to FWW, Iowa’s vast confinement facilities also house 1.2 million beef cattle, 52.4 million egg-laying hens, 1 million broiler chickens, and 64,500 dairy cows. Altogether, this teeming horde annually churns out “as much untreated manure as the sewage from 471 million people—more than the entire US population.”

Keeping such titanic amounts of shit out of water is a near futile task.

There are occasional spectacular incidents—FWW points to the time in 2008 when spring floods “destroyed at least 3 hog factory farms near Oakville, drowned up to 1,500 hogs and flooded manure from storage pits downstream into waterways throughout eastern Iowa.” [LINK]

– “This is one of the lagoons. It’s pink because it’s filled not just with shit, but with porcine afterbirths and blood and chemicals and medicines and trash and anything that falls through the grates in the sheds where the pigs are kept. And Smithfield makes one of every four pork products sold in the States. They rule the industry. And that’s the real problem: industrial farming. Pigs are bred and killed in quantities difficult for us to imagine, but if you took the populations of America’s 32 largest cities and killed and sold them, you’d have an idea of the scale on which Smithfield operates.” [LINK]

Gooooo, Iowa! Gooooo, North Carolina! Back to Mexico….

After calls to the American CDC, the WHO shows up and, deflecting attention from pesticides and toxins, covers up a toxic spill or pesticide spraying. How? By using non-specific testing. They do it in every field.

In sum, a case of toxicological, environmental poisoning became an international ‘swine flu.’ Rinse, wash, repeat.

Articles quoted: New York Daily News.
This! is CNN.


Liam Scheff is a journalist and author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.” 

Debunking debunking

by Liam Scheff

I do not believe

Get into a debate about the make-believe sciences of today, and you’ll meet one of the self-appointed internet or journal attack dogs, whose trade it is to puke on reality and call it a ham sandwich. (I’m a vegetarian, myself, so neither is a happy place.)

They’ll describe their process as “debunking,” but be warned, they’re full of ham. People who use the word ‘debunk’ are always propagandists. No one ‘debunks’ anything. They bunk it.

‘Debunking’ contains a hidden verbal attack on whatever the intended target is. It’s not a ‘critical analysis.’ It says, from before the first argument is heard, that the target is a liar, full of ‘bunk,’ a con and a scam-artist.

If a writer is serious about presenting information, they don’t ‘debunk,’ they offer fair and clear analysis. Everything else is either opinion or propaganda.

Don’t fall for snotty-nosed academic put-downs. Demand fair and equal-time, equal-weight debate – or walk away from the opponent, because they’re not being sincere or serious. And remember, “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.” 

New Article: The Map of Now

I have a new article, published by Thinking Moms’ Revolution:

“The Map of Now”

by Liam Scheff
for Thinking Moms’ Revolution.


“In the past three months, two mothers of autistic children have tried to kill those children and then themselves. ”

You may not know it; you may rebel against the thought. You may reject it. But these children were murdered long before their mothers lost all faith in the universe, before their frayed nerves ignited into a whirlwind of madness.”

“If mothers are not allowed to choose to avoid this poisoning, you will see not only an epidemic of autism, but its inevitable consequence: the collapse of motherhood. The broken souls of mothers who’ve never been able to see their infant become an adult, or even a self-sufficient child, will run out of options. And the strength that has to be prayed for every night, just to get through the following twelve – or two – hours, will fail her.”

Read The Article at TMR

Thanks for reading…

The Deadly Vagina Meme

Do Michael Douglas’s Wife and Girlfriends have Carcinogenic Vaginas?

by Liam Scheff

The internet is popping with reports that Michael Douglas’ love of cunning linguistics caused the throat cancer he underwent radioactive chemotherapy for in 2011. But, is it so? Did this Lothario of legend truly lick cancer from the gleaming thighs of his many mistresses? Or was something else to blame?

Michael Douglas has lived the life of a conquistador. He revels in his civilized excess – booze, cigars, women. He’s listed in the top cigar smokers of all time and pictured on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine. Indeed, he is a lifetime smoker and drinker.

The mainstream understands that tobacco and alcohol are toxic poisons; the burning remains of chemically treated tobacco products are irrefutably carcinogenic. Mike therefore has a problem that follows demonstrably from lifestyle choices – from sucking on and drinking carcinogens and cell-deregulating toxins.

But, we’re being asked to ignore reality and look at the invisible, undetectable scapegoat: the “HPV virus.”

Testing the Vagypothesis

Of course, we’re not canvassing the world to ascertain how many vaginas have been dutifully, gloriously, excitedly, bemusedly licked, slurped, sucked or twiddled by tongues, male or female. We’re not being shown the great “lesbian throat cancer plague of 2013,” or any other year. We’re not asked to be even mildly curious about how many licks it takes to get to the “HPV center” of a tootsie-pop, male or female (it is supposed to be an equal-opportunity offender, after all).

It also comes to mind that babies live inside of uteruses and pass through vaginas without succumbing to cancer, oral or otherwise, after they pop out of the happy porthole to life. (Unless, of course, you count every death at the end of life as having been caused by early exposure to a virus. This is something the mainstream might want to consider, as it would promote drug sales.)

But we’re now told (again) that HPV “causes cancer.” Many kinds of cancer, in fact. The notion that this is, in fact, “true,” is not based on carefully accumulated, cross-referenced, differentially-diagnosed data. It comes, instead, from a couple of press releases.

The reality: HPV is never tested for. The tests used to inform people of this “deadly” (near harmless) “infection” are either PCR or antibody tests. Neither are standardized or demonstrate any particular entity causing cancer or even being present. Both are subject to immensely erroneous readings. (See “HIV testing” for a long and thorough walk-through).

The notion that there are different “strains of HPV,” come from tests called PCR, which test for almost nothing – fragments of dust, which are magnified in laboratory breeding experiments into artificially large numbers (of nothing). This can most clearly be understood as wishful thinking turned into a business model.

We’re told by true-believers and fearful acolytes to this ‘scientism’ that there is some weak to strong ‘correlation’ between ‘HPV’ and cancer. But we hardly test anyone in the world, so what are we talking about?

Let me offer a wager: if 100 percent of the world were ‘tested’ for whatever would make these tests ping, then 50 to 80 percent of the world (the poorer or more pharma’d persons) would generally click the test. But some minuscule portion of these people, in the hundredths to thousandths of a percentile, would have this kind of cancer. And those who died would have generally been chemo-therapied and irradiated (cut, poisoned and burnt).

HPV Testing Causes HPV

The reason that ‘HPV’ correlates with cancer is because non-specific tests for ‘junk’ DNA sequences will ping more often in persons with some liver or toxicological damage. This is who they test: the STD clinic patients, the inner city victims of poverty or toxic living.

But it’s the test itself that drives the notion. The tests are not accurate or specific, but they are used on specific populations. So, we’ll hear now that HPV should be tested for in African American males and females over 45. In inner city settings, in working class neighborhoods. In pregnant Latina girls. In all African immigrants.

But despite Mike’s ascension to the uncunning-linguist’s throne, it is a safe bet that healthy white, wealthy people won’t be tested. College boys and girls in expensive university settings will not be subject to this – at least, not yet. (But, note, there is a eugenic strain to all of this: “Breed less, we’re overpopulated,” just as there is to Angelina Jolie’s recent self-butchery, “Destroy your ability to be a mother – we’re overpopulated.”)

But now, a great many middle-aged adults with any type cancer will be tested – and there will always be some correlation, weak or strong. This will be advertised as “proof” in the Wikipedia, which uses press-releases for medical references. The CIA factbook, aka Wikipedia, thus launches this ‘meme’ into the blogosphere:

“In the United States, HPV is expected to replace tobacco as the main causative agent for oral cancer.[18]”

That “[18]” leads to a press release from the California Dental Hygienists’ Association, which contains no references for the claim. (Linked below)

The notion that HPV causes any kind of oral cancer links (in the Wikipedia entry) to (below), which lists tobacco and alcohol as the leading cause of these cancers. It also lists “EBV,” or Epstein-Barr Virus – a previous favorite in the “virus causes cancer” sweepstakes that the petrol-pharma complex has been trying to sell to the world since Richard Nixon launched the sale in 1971.

Just today, some gullible sap wrote me demanding to know why “60 to 90 percent” of persons with cancer made “HPV” tests light up. The reality is: there is no reality there. No one was tested for anything specific. And I’ll wager that none of these people had a ‘viral’ outbreak. They had the misfortune of being ill in a toxic society that wants to brand everything as “transmissible.”

Voodoo Spirit in your Girlfriend’s Panties

We’re being asked to be afraid of a new breed of ghost or spirit, now called a ‘virus.’ But the virus is in the mind. And just as you can’t reason with a religious zealot, so you must walk away from the people with these tests that test for nothing – for nothing but fear and anxiety about sex lives.

That’s what these are about. Fear, population management and eugenic control.

There is a reality underpinning all of this, of course, and it is as follows: we are over-populated, but not as a result of cunnilingus. We have filled every corner of the world on the back of petroleum-powered agriculture. The present decline in our petrol-fortunes looms heavily in the minds of oil geologists, military commanders and open-eyed economists. It is this that we have to prepare for, not a vague sense of fear about oral sex, which, as even Michael Douglas said, might also be the cure for what ails you.

Wikipedia “References”:

Wikipedia “HPV” (note HPV (oral sex) to replace smoking and drinking as carcinogen)

Dental Hygenists Press Release:

Our Michael:

Introducing the Geneticals

“The Geneticals” is an oversized 8×10, vivid, painstakingly and lovingly drawn and colored, beautifully printed book which pits the world’s first rag-tag group of vaccine-damaged heroes against the Union of Uninterested Scientists.

U.U.S. Letter response

The book plays lightly with the very real themes of vaccine-damage, but manages to point out a number of important details about what vaccines are, how they are grown, and how they work – or don’t. Details that are always left out by the helpful mainstream media…

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It’s The Geneticals – the world’s first team of vaccine-damaged super- heroes. They’d gladly give up their powers – if they only could! Being vaccinated has caused them to develop strange and powerful superhero side-effects – forcing them to band together to fight bad science and search for a cure for their toxic state.

Together with Professor Emilio Nongrata – a brave researcher who believes that these injections are indeed harmful – they fight the U.U.S., (the Union of Uninterested Scientists), who’ve launched an attack of living mutant vaccines on all elementary schools.

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“Geneticals” doesn’t set out to solve the problem, only to introduce it in a ‘Smash-Bang’ style that we can all appreciate, while pinching the powers-that-be on the nose for their lack of interest in the problems with widespread mandatory injections.

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Geneticals Cover Med ©2013 Liam Scheff

It’s The Geneticals – the world’s first team of vaccine-damaged super- heroes. They’d gladly give up their powers – if they only could! Being vaccinated has caused them to develop strange and powerful superhero side-effects – forcing them to band together to fight bad science and search for a cure for their toxic state.

Together with Professor Emilio Nongrata – a brave researcher who believes that these injections are indeed harmful – they fight the U.U.S., (the Union of UnGeneticals Order Buttoninterested Scientists), who’ve launched an attack of living mutant vaccines on all elementary schools.

Join Anxious, Spider-Andy, Aluminum Man and Insanika as they battle the living vaccines – and try to reverse their own vaccine damage without driving each other crazy!

Author’s Note: Is “Geneticals” politics or pop art? It’s a little of both. “Geneticals” is a funny, satirical superhero adventure following a standard, lively comic-book structure – the origin story and the big battle. But underneath the adventure is, unmistakably, the hidden but very real issue of vaccine damage. The comic itself plays lightly with the material, as a means of introducing the reality of the trouble with vaccination. That is, injecting people – especially children – with toxic material derived from animals, humans, bacteria and viruses, and containing metals and chemicals – is not, I believe, a sane or well-considered thing to do – especially by force or government proxy, as we have it now.

“Geneticals” doesn’t set out to solve the problem, only to introduce it in a ‘Smash-Bang’ style that we can all appreciate, while pinching the powers-that-be on the nose for their lack of interest in the problems with widespread mandatory injections.

But, at its heart, Geneticals is a funny, light-hearted, vividly and lovingly-drawn and colored comic that’s sure to make you smile and laugh at its wit and good humor, even as it asks you to think openly about the politics of vaccination.

“No one that I know of prior to this has tackled such a brutal subject with such levity at the same time delivering such depth.
– Robert Scott Bell, Homeopath and National Radio Host (“The Robert Scott Bell Show”).

Geneticals Promo ©2013 Liam Scheff

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  • Who invented “Big Bang” theory (is it a science, or a religion?)
  • Who were the Dulles Brothers, and who really killed John F. Kennedy?
  • Was polio really caused by a virus (or was it the DDT?)
  • Does HIV cause AIDS? Does HPV cause cancer? Does Gardasil stop it?”

In a careful reading of the posters in this book, the viewer can trace the creation of the modern pharmaceutical era – from the realities of vaccine history, to CIA, JFK and 9/11, to HIV testing and AIDS theory, to Shakespeare and the Big Bang, to HPV propaganda and more.

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“Official Stories Posters Vol. 1? is also an excellent – and perhaps essential – teaching aid for any class on the differences between what we’re told to believe, and what a serious researcher can find in verifiable, resilient evidence of what lies beneath in our heavily-propagandized culture.

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1. Creating HIV and AIDS
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3. America is Built on Cannabis and Hemp
4. Pesticides and Polio
5. HIV and Sex
6. JFK and Oswald
7. Vaccine History
8. CIA – Dulles to 9/11
9. HIV Test Candy-land (Road of False Positives)
10. 9/11 Twin Towers
11. How HIV Causes AIDS (Ask The Experts)
12. HPV Shots? Not if I have anything to say about it!
13. Stop! You’re not injecting my children.
14. Koala – What Is In A Vaccine?
15. Road to Toxicity – Road to Health
16. HIV Test Warning Label (Warhol version)
17. What Is In A Vaccine?
18. Shaksper, not Shake-Speare.
19. The Big Bang Religion
20. Government Medicine – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
21. Death In Its Many Guises
22. What Is In A Vaccine? (green variation)

Large format (double-page):

24. Vaccine History
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What Do Vaccines Really Do?

What do vaccines really do? Behind the doors of their journals, in their repose, each to each, (but not to the general public), they just say it: Neurotixic mercury.

And then they give it to little children, and teen-aged girls…Strange religion we live in.

“The neurotoxic organomercurial thimerosal (THIM), used for decades as vaccine preservative, is a suspected factor in the pathogenesis of some neurodevelopmental disorders.”

That’s right. They just say it: Vaccines cause precisely the neurological damage we now bundle into the label of “autism.” Just don’t ask them to forgive you for not injecting your child. They don’t have the patience for that sort of independent thinking.

If you want to know more about the verifiable, factual, evidential – but hidden history of vaccination, pick up “Official Stories” and read chapters 5 and 6… You’ll see what we’re dealing with in the church of the poisoned needle.

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Many and forever thanks to the moms who suffer the ignominies of this murder racket for diligently combing the medical literature for what the white-coats bury. Thank you, Dana.

Vaccination Propaganda Season

A permanent marker: Today’s “must-have” carry-round, so that you can write on “Vaccines Here” adboards.

ie: words like “Lies” “Poison” and “Population Control” work nicely to help counter government-pharma propaganda.

Learn all about the hidden history of vaccines in Chapter 5 of “Official Stories.”

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Amazon UK | US | Europe (search title)

Official Stories (c) Out June 1, 2012

Official Stories
Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need
by Liam Scheff

“Official stories exist to protect officials.” With the opening line as our guide, we’re going to pry open the vault of “official-dom” and see what lies beneath. Drawing information from 10 years of investigative journalism, Liam invites you to join the hunt for the details that lie just beneath the surface.

In this heavily-researched but irreverent book, we’ll look under the rocks and stones of our culture: From CIA and JFK, to 9/11 and Shakespeare; from Vaccination to HIV to Big Bang theory, and more.

We’re going to find out what’s real, what’s true, and what’s just an “official story.”

About the author:
Liam Scheff is an investigative journalist, radio host and stand-up lecturer on the contemporary myths of science, politics and culture.

He has broken national stories of pharmaceutical badness, been published widely in print and on the web, and has worked on and been featured in films that have not yet been banned by the state censors. To his credit, he’s also been libeled on the front page of the New York Times. (See Ch.6)

Find him on the web in print, on radio and in performance at,, the FBI social network (facebook), and on the Robert Scott Bell show.



Flu Vaccines – The Mainstream Admits, We Want an Epidemic!

by Liam Scheff

for the Robert Scott Bell show and Natural News

Listen to the discussion on the Robert Scott Bell show.

Vaccination is a near-religious plank of modern medicine. But what good is it to inject people with proteins and viruses grown in animal and human body parts and tissue, mixed with metals and dangerous, aggravating chemicals?

A new report from “The Lancet” medical journal gives some idea. New research on the value of flu vaccines states that the yearly injection is “only 60 percent effective.”

So, 60 percent of people who take the shot do not get the flu? [Link] What can this mean but that 40 percent of people who take the shot do get the flu?

The numbers that are being paraded are actually “59% effective,” leaving 41%, ‘not protected,’ I suppose, from the flu.

In an analysis of 31 studies published in Thursday’s issue of the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, U.S. researchers concluded that since the vaccine often differs the from virus circulating each flu season, the effectiveness averages only 59 per cent in healthy young adults. [Link]

It was reported last year in the alternative health media ( , and even in the brainwashed junk-science worshipping media (NPR) – that flu deaths, far from reaching the 30 plus thousand per year, really hovered somewhere between Three thousand, and forty-nine thousand.

What? Somewhere between  three and forty-nine thousand? Do I get a free toaster oven with that estimate?

The real number may be as low as 1,000, as reported on the Robert Scott Bell show, by guest researcher Peter Doshi, who arrived at that figure by removing, from the CDC’s own statistics, cases in which death occurred because of “secondary complications.”

With a half-million people dying of prescription drugs in this country every year, you can easily bolster ‘flu deaths,’ with some of the deaths-by-medicine.

It’s all so dodgy that even NPR (or, as I call it “Neural Prosthetic Radio” because it gives you the illusion that you’re thinking) a news agency funded by agricorps and pharma mafia like ADM and Monsanto, Squibb and Pfizer, has no choice but to report that they have no idea how to report on the flu:

“We’re still mulling over exactly what we’ll say in our reporting – we definitely say “tens of thousands die from flu, on average, each year.” But whether we get more specific than that is still under discussion. Your ideas are welcome.”

Tens of thousands? But it might be 3,000. Or 1,000.

But if flu deaths are as low, by official estimates, as 3,000, and probably lower, then we have to look at flu cases, by their numbers.

If the CDC and pharma mafia get their way, 100% of the U.S. population would be injected with the monkey-kidney-aluminum-adjuvant brew (called a ‘vaccine’ to sell it better). In a population of 300 million, approximately, we would then expect what percentage of people to be “protected” from the flu?

The answer: 59%.

So, by their numbers, 41% of 300 million vaccinated people – or 123 million people – would get the flu every year.

Can we say “deadly epidemic?”

Half the U.S. population suffering influenza? Government shut-downs, police emergency, quarantine of schools, malls and public areas.

Cats and dogs sleeping together – True panic in the streets!

We can view the mainstream statistics for “the number of people who get sick OR die from the flu each year.” The CDC lists it as “Five to twenty percent” of the population.

“Flu seasons are unpredictable and can be severe. It is estimated that, on average, approximately 5% to 20% of U.S. residents get the flu, and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized for flu-related complications each year.” [Link]

Five to Twenty percent? I think I need a better estimate.

Will this number stick? Or will it be reconfigured in the coming months as health freedom doctors and activists put the screws to the numbers, and see what gives and what holds?

Let’s take their low estimate of five percent. Compared with 41% of the vaccinated group, this seems like a tremendous relief – even a blessing.

At 41% “non-protection” (ie, people who get the flu), we have a major national crisis. At 5%, spread out over a year, we have life as it has always been lived.

But the mainstream is jockeying for 100% injection, and therefore, a 41 percent failure rate. We can see by their own admission, that this is not only the inevitable result, but the intended result.

The short version: Every time you run to get vaccinated, you are enlisting yourself in a waiting crew of epidemic victims.

My advice to any who value their health: Do not inject yourself with poison. Instead, learn and study natural, whole food and natural supplementary methods of dealing with colds and flus. [Link and search your own]


Listen to the discussion on the Robert Scott Bell show.

Peter Doshi:

“Are US flu death figures more PR than science?” BMJ 2005; 331:1412 (10 December)
“Viral Marketing: The Selling of the Flu Vaccine.” Harpers Magazine. March. 2006.

April Boden Reveals Big Pharma’s Plan to Destroy California’s Children

by Liam Scheff

for the Robert Scott Bell Show and Natural News

On Tuesday’s Robert Scott Bell Show (10-10-11) April Boden, vaccine activist, blogger and mother of a vaccine-damaged six-year-old in California, revealed her deeply insightful take on the politics of the two – count them, two – vaccine bills, that were just passed by Governor Jerry “Drug-Fever” Brown.

According to April (, “The whole thing was entirely calculated. On one hand you have bill AB499 which allows a minor to consent to vaccines without parental knowledge, on the other you have SB946 which is about autism insurance reform.”

These two bills were put to Governor Brown for approval on the same day, a crass calculation says April, as they pit one and the same group of activists – those concerned or mortified by vaccine damages – against each other. The first bill, AB499, allows students in public schools – and minors all over the pharma-crazed State of California – to be given drugs for any presumed sexually transmitted disease, including the Gardasil vaccine injection.

But is HPV truly an STD? It occurs in some 80 percent of the human population. It is a harmless wart virus that does not – I repeat – does not “cause cervical cancer,” despite what the pharma propaganda machine tells the sleep-walking public. According to even the mainstream’s statistics, close to 99 percent of women who ever have the ‘virus,’ never get the disease! How’s that for ‘proof of causation?’

The reality is this: HPV is an entirely common nothing of a virus, which like most “viruses” is expressed under cellular stress, and which is suppressed or made completely inactive in a healthy, well-regulated cell.

Cells which are nurtured and fed essential nutrients, like essential fatty acids, selenium and glutathione regularly stop the expression of “viruses.” Cells which are dysregulated, starved for nutrients and intoxicated by chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and neurotoxins often express viruses. We encourage viral expression in bodies which are starved and abused. And let’s stop to note that the very chemicals and agents which damage cells are precisely those which constitute vaccines!

But the once “hippy” Governor isn’t interested in nutrition, or cellular health, or even that long-forgotten concept of “choice” that Liberals claim to care for with such passion. No, he wants children to be able to “opt in” to eugenic ‘science’ programs that would make Goebbels blush with pride. Now ten-year-olds can be propagandized at school with the anxiety-provoking lie that they have to be afraid of getting genital cancer from something that almost everybody in the world has at one time or another.

And now they can ask for – and receive – the dangerous Gardasil or Cervarix vaccine. And ‘dangerous’ is not hyperbole. This injection has already killed close to a seventy girls, young women and some boys, whose parents trusted the State-pharma complex.

The second bill, SB946, is supposed to help parents with vaccine-damaged (‘autistic’) children pay for medical care, rehabilitative education and special needs. But April, in reading the fine print, found that the bill is like the electronics you buy at Best Buy on a whim – it is obsolete before you get it out of the store. The bill expires in two years, at which point cash-strapped parents will have to muster more free time to fight the state again.

April writes: “[The bill] only pertains to private pay insurance; State-paid insurance will be exempt.”

In other words, those who can afford to pay for insurance are getting a hand. Those too poor to purchase exorbitant insurance, are stuck with a broken and decrepit State system.

And April notes, “It does not prevent insurance companies from raising rates as a result. In the meantime California is reducing its State funded programs for autism left and right – so what happens when the insurance companies start picking up the tab?”

“People won’t notice that their State funded programs have been removed until 2 years later when they are saddled with higher insurance premiums and no services. But people have short term memory and will have completely forgotten how they got there.”

The HIV Clause

How deeply has big pharma parasitized the State of California? April spied a rider to the bill that’s a real blood-sucker: “There is an additional, tag-along clause in SB 946 regarding HIV reporting.”

But what does “HIV reporting” have to do with Autism? Or even Gardasil? The answer is – California is broke, and in order to make up its endless budget shortfall, it is selling its children into pharmaceutical slavery.

Here’s how it works. Beyond asking for Gardasil, children in California can receive handfuls of the FDA’s most deadly drug – AZT – for another phony diagnosis – that of “HIV positive.”

AZT is a bone-killing, blood-suppressing, liver-destroying drug, recycled as a failed chemotherapy agent into the gay community in the late 1980s. It was given to gay men who were told they were “HIV positive,” but it did not help. The shameful and oft-hidden reality is that the death toll attributed to “HIV” in the 1990s was a direct result of AZT. Hundreds of thousands of gay men took high doses of the drug, though they were not sick, and died a short, agonizing death as a direct result.

The numbers tell the story – before the introduction of AZT, the “AIDS” death toll in was a little above 10,000 per year. After AZT, the number jumped to close to 50,000 per year, and stayed there until AZT was reduced from 1200 milligram doses, down to one or two hundred milligrams. AIDS researchers claimed a victory at that point, but the reality was that they just stopped killing so many patients so quickly. This is a well-known and ‘open secret’ in the AIDS community, but like all uncomfortable truths, it is swept under a rug, out of sight of the American public.

But the biggest open secret in ‘HIV care’ is the tests themselves. HIV tests come up “positive” or reactive for hundreds of reasons – there is no end to the number of cross-reactions that occur with this obscenely immoral test. HIV tests do not test for any particular particle – they are cross-reactive with proteins that every human body produces daily. The medical literature demonstrates ably that HIV tests come up positive for the ingredients contained in – get this – HIV tests! That’s right. Taking an “HIV test” can itself make you “HIV positive.” And so can being vaccinated! Having the flu! Drinking milk! The list goes on and on.

And if a child of a parent who has been given this false diagnosis requests a test, in California, she or he can receive one without parental consent, or even awareness – and the drugs will follow: AZT, its many clones, and the drugs which replaced it – less toxic in the immediate dose, but fatal in the long-term.

A parent never has to know. Your child can go to school, be filled with anxiety and dread about diseases which they do not have, request drugs which will kill them, and receive them, eat them, swallow them, and be poisoned by them, all without your consent or awareness. You never have to say “yes.” You never even have to know.

And your child can come home, and fall ill with a mortified liver, or unheard of gastric problems, or skin that peels off in bloody swaths – such are the well-recorded effects of Gardasil, AZT or Nevirapine. And no one will ever be able to tell you why; and no one will be responsible.

Increasing the Numbers, Selling Children to the State

April revealed the ‘insurance’ bill as a wholesale scam to get insurance companies off the hook for vaccine damages. The poor get nothing, the State removes the help it now offers, and two years later the whole thing disappears. But these agents of pharmocracy have also crafted an add-on, one that will increase the number of “HIV positive” young people – especially lower-income victims of government schools. April writes, “When a person comes up HIV positive it must be reported to the State Health Officials. This generates revenue for the State. However, there’s a lengthy form that many don’t bother to fill out.”

But, says April, the insurance bill “does away with the form, allowing them to put the person diagnosed with HIV on a list, thereby increasing the number of reported cases, and increasing the revenue for the State.”

So what’s the harm, you ask? We’re reporting more cases to the State. But remember, these tests and diagnoses are criminally negligent, and allow doctors to sell the most toxic – and most expensive drugs – to entire populations. But what if the populations can’t afford the drugs?

That’s where you come in. The tax-payers pay drug companies to give deadly drugs to the “HIV positives,” in California, and around the world.

“And you’d better believe that in the next reporting cycle we’ll see headlines reading ‘California HIV rates soar.'” says April. “People will have no idea this is due to this change in law, and will be begging for the HIV vaccine. Low and behold there is already a law in place that will allow minors to – you guessed it – take the HIV vaccine without parental consent.”

“Moonbeam knew what he was doing.” She says. “Both of these bills were to be signed as planned on the same day as a mirage. Parents will think, ‘Victory on one side, defeat on the other.’ But really the only one who wins is Big pharma; increased revenue for the State so they can continue their raids on health food stores. And Brown probably confused people enough to get re-elected.”

The result of this crisis is that there will be more dead children. More deaths from vaccines and deadly chemicals given to minors – both U.S. citizens and illegal aliens. Is this an undercover targeting of the poor in California? Or are do-gooding liberals so in love with the myth of ‘better living through chemistry’ that they can’t be bothered to read one single package insert from an actual drug or test that they mandate?

Either way, the only solution to this crisis is to nullify Brown’s ruling. Parents must withdraw all consent from the State to perform medical procedures on their children, even if that means pulling them out of public schools, and starting a home-schooling or charter school in your area – or in your home. Further, ‘we the people’ have to share medical information openly and without concern for what the Federal Government considers appropriate. If they won’t show us the package inserts, and give us freedom of choice, then we will.

It is up to you – everyone reading this – to go and talk to your friends, family, school officials, local parent groups, about these deadly myths: The myth of the ‘virus that causes cervical cancer.’ The myth of ‘life-saving AIDS drugs.’ And they myth of ‘HIV testing.’

These may be hard subjects to broach, but we all have a responsibility to self-educate, and to save those who cannot yet make critical decisions from a State which has been lobotomized by an infected ‘science,’ which cares nothing for facts, critical thinking, compassion or choice. We must all of us, every day, fight tyranny, most of all by interjecting reality into the public square, by speaking about controversies, and by supporting independence of thought and action throughout our troubled country.

Gardasil and Cervarix Realities, Side Effects, Dangers:

HIV Testing:

AIDS Drugs:

Breaking News – Whole Foods is Whole Pharma – Breast Cancer Pharma Squeeze

The Race for the Cash

Whole Foods is Whole Pharma

How The “Natural Grocer” Prostitutes Your Dollars To The Drug Mafia

By Liam Scheff for the Robert Scott Bell Show

Whole Foods, the world’s largest “natural grocer,” is aggressively promoting October as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” and employees are being required to wear bright pink aprons emblazoned with the familiar giant pink ribbon. A ribbon which the Susan G. Komen foundation defends rights to with a lawyerly passion.

I asked an employee at a Florida store whether the company was raising money for drug companies, and was told, “No, the company is not donating money to pharma.” The employee was not telling the truth – probably because she was not told by her superiors in the company.

We have discovered through an elementary web search that Whole Foods California was donating money to the Susan G. Komen, pharma-only, research cabal as early as 2007. From “Pink United” (

“We are offering a variety of Pink United products for sale in our stores. Every vendor is earmarking a product (or set of products) to bear the Pink United logo or text, committing to make a contribution to the breast cancer charity of their choice from the sale of respective products.” [2007, 2008]

What is Pink United? It is called a “non-profit,” a misleading term, as “non-profits” are often immensely profitable for their founders. The CEO of the Susan G. Komen foundation reportedly takes in $500,000 not including bonuses annually (according to Charity

Pink United “began in 2007, a highly motivated, women owned company committed to raising Breast Cancer awareness in our community.” It targets women and men for “raised awareness” of breast cancer. Nowhere on its site does it offer links to alternative (and far more successful) cancer treatments than those offered by the ‘poison, cut and burn’ till-death-do-you-part methodology that is the standard model of ‘care’ offered by Western medicine.

Whole foods partners with Pink United to raise money. Their webpage states:

“Wholefoods Market has been our vendor and biggest supporter of the program; helping us to reach the masses and grow Pink United to something bigger than we could even imagine. In our first year together we raised $70,000 for The National Breast Cancer Foundation.”

What about all other Whole Foods Markets than the few Southern California stores in question? What about every store in the nation? How much is being raised for truly effective, natural, detoxifying anti-cancer treatments by the nations ‘premiere natural grocery store?’

Where does Pink United’s Money Go?

Pink United, under its parent company, Zorbitz, inc, lists two breast cancer recipients on their Zorbitz store charity page (, in addition to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, listed above in its press release. The first is “Living Beyond Breast Cancer,” whose mission seems to have little to do with prevention or treatment of cancer – only “living with and beyond it.” Their medical advice:

“People of all ethnicities get breast cancer. Women with different lifestyle habits and from different walks of life develop breast cancer. Women with breast cancer can be fit or overweight, vegetarians or meat-eaters, regular exercisers or “couch potatoes.”

But is this true? Population analysis of Asian countries where little dairy (and no rBGH) was ever consumed have shown an absence, or near absence of breast cancer in entire populations. The mechanized, pesticide-, hormone- and antibiotic-injected West have always led the way in cancer cases, of all kinds. As our lifestyle has been exported, so has incidence of cancer spread to foreign shores.

But never mind reality. We’re “racing for the cure,” which means, going on walks, runs and charity-drives to raise money for the very petrochemical/pharmaceutical companies that have brought us the ‘better living through chemistry’ that has caused the rash of cancer, auto-immune disease and hard-to-diagnosis lifestyle illnesses of the first world.

The second recipient of funds listed on the Zorbitz charity page is the queen of them all – or the queen of the damned, depending on your level of research. It is the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” foundation – a pharmaceutical proxy, using the broken hearts and tormented bodies of women who have been abused by a toxic society, and destroyed by a toxic medical system, to curry favor and raise big funds for even more of the same. The same toxins, the same lies, the same poison, cut and burn.

This is only an initial survey into a company which has used its success to betray all of its founder’s intentions. Whole Foods Market. The once gratifying experience of shopping at a natural foods store has been replaced and abused by the infection of a corporate, pharma-happy mindset, more intent on “raising awareness” of nothing, than actually standing for something.

From Florida, this is Liam Scheff reporting.

Summary: Whole Foods has been raising money through Pink United for the “Fight against Breast Cancer,” through various organizations, including Zorbitz, (California). Zorbits is a ‘women owned co-op.’Their charitable donations include:

Living With Breast Cancer,

The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dig deeper, and you’ll find more.

I Can’t Believe They’re Going to Kill All of Those Children

Gardasil, or “Gardakill” according to its history-in-use, is making its way into broad use in Mexico – and mandatory use under once-hippy once-and-again Governor Jerry Brown, in California

But what about the reality of the thing? Does HPV cause cervical cancer? (No.) Does Gardasil prevent HPV? (No.)

Has Gardasil killed dozens and damaged thousands?

You know it.

Wait! Don’t Vaccinate.

CDC Propaganda:

What if the CDC had to report honestly on vaccine injuries and deaths when it hired PR groups to create ‘injection propaganda’ for the masses?

It might look something like this:

  1. According to the CDC, pertussis (whooping cough) killed 17 Americans in 2000.  That same year, vaccines killed or seriously injured 14,153 Americans.  This means that Americans were 83,152 times more likely to be injured or killed from vaccines than pertussis in 2000.
  2. If we consider former FDA Director David Kessler MD estimate that only ONE PERCENT of all serious adverse drug events (reactions) are reported, the actual number of vaccine casualties in 2000 was probably closer to 1.4 million.

Read the full story at

If Babies Could Talk…

What is in a Vaccine?

“formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, thimerosal, and polysorbate 80 (Tween-80), gelatin, ammonium sulfate, formalin, and sucrose, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin, chick embryo, hydrolized gelatin, human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue, aluminum hydroxide, benzethonium chloride, and formaldehyde, formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, and thimerosal, washed sheep RBCs, glycerin, and phenol -a compound obtained by distillation of coal tar, vesicle fluid from calf skins”

Read the rest at

Toothpaste! (What’s in Yours?)

We love government medicine! Yay! Who needs informed consent when you have ‘better living through chemistry?’

Here we explore one of the great innovations of the 20th Century – fluoridation! Yay, yay, yay. We love it. Now let’s learn about it…

Click for the Myths of Science Radio show.

And watch parts 1, 2 and 3 of….

Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation.

Science is Modern Myth (Or, How “Arguable” Trumps “True”)

“Science does not have to be true to be accepted. It only has to be ‘arguable.’ In fact, it can be observed that the more arguable (the less plausible or logical) a scientific idea, the more funding it will require.”

What is science? It is modern myth, wrapped in technological diversion…

by Liam Scheff

We are asked to believe that ‘science’ somehow equals ‘truth.’ But today’s science functions exactly as myth did in the ancient and medieval world. Science is myth, but with the added dimension of experiment through technology.

Technology is tool-making, at an increasingly complex level. It is something humanity does by nature. We make objects into specialized tools. We are very good at it. We develop tool-making to a level of precision detail that is truly impressive. But technology is not ‘truth.’ It is an object – a manipulation of a material substance.

Today’s religion – science – dresses its myth in the garments of this highly-specialized tool-making. This makes it even harder to penetrate than the myths of old. By combining mythic belief with technology, we have invented a priestly class of ‘scientists,’ who cannot be questioned even by learned citizens.

“But science is proven by experiment!” I hear you cry. This is, at least, what we are told to believe. If something that can be ‘experimented’ with – by playing with volumes of liquid, metal or gas – it therefore must be “true.” We even define the term with itself – it becomes “scientific,” which we use as a synonym for “accurate” or “true.”

But what if the central theory in which the experiments are based is false? Then the experiment does not reveal a deep truth, only a deepening confusion.

Let’s take an example from today’s scientific priesthood. “The Big Bang.” The start of everything. Is this a ‘scientific’ idea, or a myth?

Astronomers today believe, like the priests of old, that the universe formed from nothing – a null point – which somehow burst into being — everything! They call this hypothesis “The Big Bang.” To quote author and satirist Terry Pratchett, “In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded!”

Is this a new idea? It is as old as human society. It is the exact mirror of the Biblical Genesis – ‘First there was nothing, and then God turned on the lights!’ So how did Big Bang Theory come to be regarded as science?

The idea of a ‘scientific Genesis’ emerged in the 1920s, from an astronomer named Georges LeMaitre. This stargazer was more than a mathematician – he was also a priest, a Monseigneur in the Catholic Church. Abbé Georges LeMaitre was devoted to his math, and to the ancient myth of Genesis, and wanted to reconcile his two pursuits.

He arrived at his ‘scientific’ studies with a pre-existing myth in hand: “First there was nothing, which became everything.” He postulated that a ‘cosmic egg’ was the source for the universe. His hypothesis was at first rejected, for being so transparently Biblical. But, then, a funny thing happened.

Scientists who had abandoned the old myths for the myth of ‘pure science,’ began to support this barely-disguised notion. They formed proofs, set up complex mathematical structures, opaque to the layman, which argued, ad nauseum, a “somehow” that was confounding enough to keep critics at bay.

And today, all astronomers are stuck with this notion – an untestable recapitulation of the Biblical creation myth.

But Big Bang ‘theory’ can be disproven by a grade-school student, if he or she is permitted to think about it critically for a moment. First, it is not testable. It can’t be proved, or observed. This is a bad place to start a theory…

Second, it predicts a uniform, homogeneous shape of the universe. But the universe is arrayed along traveling ‘clumpy’ power-cords, Birkeland currents of electromagnetically charged and shaped material, coursing through space.

Third, it is said to be ‘proven’ by observing a quality of stellar light called “red shift” and “blue shift.” The idea was that red light was always moving away, and that blue was always approaching. In observation this turns out to be false, and red and blue shift seem to indicate a more complex energy dynamic, and not simple distance.

But you see, we’re already under the microscope, arguing sub-theories. This is how today’s science – and yesterday’s religious dogma – confounds the mind and silences critics.

If the theory is wrong – not testable, clearly based in a pre-existing mythic notion – then how can a quality of light be correctly interpreted to support one and only one idea? Answer: It can’t. Not realistically, not with a clear head. Not logically…

But it can be argued, to eternity.

Our major scientific theories are rarely true, but they make up for it by being “arguable.”

“In the beginning there was nothing – which exploded!” “Now,” Say the Ph.D. candidates, “Let’s argue thirty fragmentary points till dawn, and return no wiser than when we started!” Goes the old college cry. “Let’s talk about nothing for years – for decades! And collect grants all the while…”

And this is precisely what is happening in graduate schools today. We’re funding a thousand circular and bottled arguments about entirely mythical, and quite illogical propositions.

Take your pick from the “Science Bible”:

  • “Injecting children with proteins and chemicals drawn from animal cells and industrial labs protects them from illness.”
  • “HIV is a singular wily, fragile, ever-shifting particle; it is the cause of all of the illnesses called AIDS.”
  • Nothing exploded, by accident, (which is why we’re all here).”

Are any of these true? Not in the details. Not when examined in context. But they all breed a torrent of argument.

The ability to be ‘argued’ to distraction makes up for missing the central point, by having ten-thousand technical sub-arguments for every (incorrect) major thesis…

AIDS, plate tectonics, Big Bang, Darwinism, vaccine ‘theory’ – take your pick. They are all contradicted by observation. They are all entirely consistent with pre-existing dogma and myth. But they are all protected from criticism and hidden behind a thousand layers of highly technical, jargon-heavy ‘sub-theories’ meant to excuse the failings of the overriding idea.

Science does not have to be true to be accepted. It only has to be ‘arguable.’ In fact, it can be observed that the more arguable (the less plausible or logical) a scientific idea, the more funding it will require.

In other words, a failed hypothesis, like “Big Bang theory,” which managed to gain popular support within the scientific priesthood, is even harder to challenge than a truly new and revolutionary idea – because it will be defended by a generation of researchers, whose reputations would be incinerated if the theory were to die a public death.

The worse off a popular theory, the more it can be ‘argued,’ the more ad-hoc ‘solutions’ or rubber patches can be applied, the more research grants written to “unravel the continuing mysteries”…the longer a rotten idea stays afloat.

But for most of us, challenging the priesthood is uncomfortable. We need our myths. And so, for the most part, we don’t disturb the myth-makers with devastating questions or serious criticism.

But we are silent at our own peril. What we don’t know does hurt us, when scientists create massive public policy campaigns based on broken ideas. We pay in taxes to support their research, and with our health as we suffer the results of their gross misunderstandings.

We can do better. We have to ask ourselves to increase our level critical thinking concerning the pronouncements of today’s science. We must think more deeply, more argumentatively, about what we are told, if we want today’s “great truths” to be more accurate than yesterday’s dogma.

Further Reading

“HPV The Virus That Causes Cervical Cancer???”

by Liam Scheff

You hear it and read it everywhere: “HPV – The virus that causes cervical cancer.”

But is it true? The correlation is something like this:

Out of a million women, 1600 (drug-addicted, late middle aged prostitutes who never go for pap smears) will develop cervical cancer.

Counting? That’s precisely…

.16 Percent.

And this counts as “cause?” In other words, 99.84% of women who “have HPV” do not ‘get cervical cancer.’

These are their statistics: .16% equals “causation.”

“Although HPV infection is common, the majority of men and women clear the virus from the body and don’t suffer from any squealae of the infection, says Dr Suresh. Only one per cent of men with HPV get warts while of a million women with HPV, only 1,600 get cancer if not screened.” [Malaysia Oncology/Asia One ]

1,600 out of 1,000,000
160 out of 100,000
16 out of 10,000
1.6 out of 1,000
.16 out of 100

.16 Percent.

Can you see why they started with a million? (Because 1,600 is scarier than 16 hundredths of a percent).

And who are they? Drug addicts, late middle aged prostitutes, or others in ‘high risk groups’ for every disease. Most importantly, they are, according to the medical experts, women ‘who never have pap smears or go for a gynecological check-up – ever.’

And that’s a generous statistic. Here’s an actual sample from the US:

“For example, in the state of Maryland, 9.3 out of every 100,000 women contracted cervical cancer in 2003. Without considering any of the personal risk factors (like cervical cancer in the family), the general risk for someone living in Maryland would be 9.3/100000 or .0093% chance of contracting this disease.” |

In 2006, it was 6.7 per 100,000 women, or .0067 percent. Bring that up to match the “out of a million” and you end up with the following:

6.7 out of 100,000
67 out of a 1,000,000

Sixty-seven out of a million women. Not 1,600. But, in a real-world sample, sixty-seven per million.

Can we have our moment of “duh?” (to quote our friend Robert Scott Bell)

Note: Seaweed blocks “Cervical cancer virus”:

“The researchers found that carrageenan [Kelp extract] strongly inhibited different HPV strains’ ability to attach and therefore enter human cells. “We were floored by how much better it worked than anything else we have tested,” says Schiller.”

And healthy people “clear” the ‘virus’ sans difficulté’.

“Roughly 50% of sexually active women between the ages of 18 and 22 are infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) at some point, although their own immune systems can clear infections caused by the less aggressive strains.” New Scientist

“50%?” National statistics put it up to 75 and 80% prevalent, and still, no ‘cervical cancer pandemic.”

“Aggressive strains?” Do they mean in the .009% of late middle aged drug abusing prostitutes? Who have no concept of gynecological health and never ever ever or ever go for checkups?

No, it’s not a problem of individual lifestyle or health. This IS a National Emergency!

Can we all sue the Government now for fomenting such absurd fear-mongering? Or, just ignore them en masse. Always the best strategy…

But, how many young, healthy girls have been injured or crippled by Gardisil? Hundreds? Thousands. How about deaths following vaccination? Twenty? Forty? Sixty?

And counting…

Google Search Gardisil, Injuries

And now, they want your boys, too…


Please read Cal Crilly’s article at RTB, which points out the incredibly important toxicological factors that DO cause cancer. Cal asks what the researchers missed:

“What about all the other chemicals middle aged women are exposed to!! What about the pill? HRT? Benzene?!”