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Summer of ’74, The Book and Screenplay

Summer of ’74, the unnofficial, unauthorized, “true” story of how “Star Wars” really began, in Barstow, CA, 1974. Nixon, Chevy vans, key parties, cannabis, the hero’s journey, gynecology and more conspire to tell the story behind the story…

Official Stories Poster Book

OS Posters v.1 Available Now. Educational material to accompany and illuminate “Official Stories.” ©2013  (Read more) [Available at]

The Geneticals

Available Now! The world’s first team of vaccine-damaged superheroes. They’re out to stop the U.U.S. (the Union of Uninterested Scientists) from injecting all children with mutant vaccines, while they work on reversing their own vaccine damage.  Comic, satire. ©2013  (Geneticals at

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