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 Just in time for Christmas 
Cooling demand for diamonds, HPV jab at school, clean water in the Horn

Blood on the ice
Blood Diamond opened December 8 in the U.S. and made its London premier the Saturday before Christmas, hitting jewelers right when it counts. The industry’s response, an ‘informational’ campaign touting the very Kimberley Process questioned in the film’s detailed exposition, has made few inroads in the entertainment pages where the story landed headlines. Saying that “whatever ring he proposes with would have to be a ‘conflict-free stone’,” DiCaprio hasn’t answered calls to Boycott DeBeers from Botswana, but the Kalahari San people battling diamond interests have won a major land ruling from the courts that reverses their eviction from ancestral lands since 2002. This week in Sierra Leone, the UN extends its successful peacebuilding mission a year, while elections are planned for July 2007. The government surprised the people of Freetown with a beautiful Christmas gift today – lights. “One man told our reporter, Olu Faulkner: “This is the best Christmas gift I have ever had. The mere pride of seeing lights in my capital once again is joy that I cannot describe”. .. Coming at the heels of earthshaking news that the country’s foreign debts have been erased, the government is riding a crest of unprecedented praises presently.”

UK to protect all girls
Flying in the face of parent groups concerned about underage sex, the British Department of Health has decided to vaccinate schoolgirls at age 12-13 against human papilloma virus (HPV). This extremely common virus (occuring in up to 75% of sexually active women at some point in their lives) is linked to nearly all cervical cancers. The jab costs £450 at private clinics, but a discount would be made for mass injections.

Clean water comes to Ethiopian schools
The EU has partnered with UNICEF to help Ethiopia provide safe drinking water to schools and communities, building scores of wells and other water supplies with a US $29 million project serving more than 160,000 children. “Around 80 percent of the disease burdens in the country are communicable diseases mainly caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation facilities,” The Reporter notes. The new wells will serve the homes of over 1.4 million people altogether.

Chad rebel signs peace deal
One of Chad’s rebel groups, led by Nour Abdelkerim, signed a peace agreement with the government at a meeting in Tripoli on Christmas eve. The rest of the rebel alliance dismissed the deal and refused to meet in Libya or discuss peace. Gaddafi has been pressuring Chad and Sudan to work together for peace, as the civil war threatens to destabilize the region. President Idriss Deby accuses Sudan of backing and arming rebels and jahnjaweed raiders, a charge Khartoum denies.

Sudan relents on Darfur
Finally threatened with sanctions, Sudan can no longer afford to block a stronger peacekeeping force for Darfur. The UK would support a UN-backed no-fly zone over the Darfur region to prevent further attacks on civilians.


Posted by gavin_rose
Savanna Reid is an environmental student writing in Las Vegas, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Disclaimer: Statements and opinions expressed in articles published on this site are those of the authors and not of the staff or editors of GNN, unless otherwise stated.


Let’s see if we can find the logical fallacy:

“This extremely common virus (occuring in up to 75% of sexually active women at some point in their lives”

So, we have something that occurs in 75 + percent of the population at all times (look up the stats, they’ll go higher),

And you then state that the nearly universal problem is “linked to nearly every“ instance of the problem…(“linked to!” Oh, how I love to hear those words from pharmaceutical companies).

So you have a condition that affects, less than 2 percent of the female population…

(In the cooked-up piece you link, we’re told (by the authorities!):

That 10% of a million girls will have a bad pap-smear.

8% will have some localized cell oddity, as is extremely common, past a certain age, on all parts of the body.

And 1,600 out of One Million will develop a serious cancer, but only if the pre-cancerous lesions aren’t removed.

And we want to vaccinate Every Girl in England?

So we come to the problem: Vaccinating – injecting adjuvant and mercury-soaked cellular sludge into the arm of school-aged girl is “good” for who?

Qui bono, Gavin?

And what is “linked to?”

It is as follows:

You assume that a virus causes cancer (ie, HPV and cervical cancer, or the mythical HIV and Kaposi’s Sarcoma),

You then look at very adult women who develop cancer, and see if, at any point, they had herpes.

Most of them have.


Herpes causes cervical cancer.

Let’s make a vaccine, and convince the entire population to stick it into their children!!!!

Jesus Christ.

Why do you report on pharmaceutical pronouncements without fact-checking the details?

Why is this a constant free-pass, carte blanche around here – never mind the feeble-brained mainstream – but at the “Guerrilla News Network?”

I have a new one –

GNN’s typical coverage of pharma nonsense causes ulcers in thinking people.

Go sell that to Merck. They’ll have a drug in a week.

Liam @ 12/26/06 13:10:27

well, Liam, if you for once in a while would check the yard, then you could’ve alerted g_r before this was published. that’s what the yard is for.

since you didn’t, I see no reason as to why you should accuse her of not checking the facts. because by accusing her, you also accuse me, because I read it while the article was in the yard, and I voted in favour of it being published.

not everybody is as ‘knowledgeable’ as you on this matter…

so stop being so god dammed condescending every time something like this comes up!

people will stop listening to you if you continue this way, I believe I told you that before, something about burning bridges?


BurningMonk @ 12/26/06 13:29:40

PS – Water to Ethiopean schools sounds great. Will look into to see who’s doing the work.

Blood Diamond takes off from the work of Janine Roberts’s book Glitter and Greed. (and at )

Jani occasionally blogs comments here, and will tell you that the new move on the part of De Beers, et al, is to tell the workers whose lungs have been destroyed by diamond dust and then Tuberculosis, that they have… want to guess?

Aids. Aids! So we can give them condoms and life-saving (life-ending) drugs.

From the new introduction to Glitter and Greed (Disinfo books)

What did most of the damage, the bacteria or the dust. I thus asked: “What is the clinical difference in patients between silicosis (in which no germ is involved) and TB?” He answered, “*Very little*. Except, there is more weight loss in TB.”

Freshly broken silica spilled out by drill bits is especially good at cutting into the lung cells. But sharp silica dust is not only in mines – it is in a wide range of industries and in many environments. However it is rarely as thick as in mine dust.

When I asked Professor Davies, “How common is TB in South Africa,” he replied, “*Extremely*” and explained emphatically how the other great epidemic, AIDS, “*is masking*” the true size of the TB “catastrophe.” His research revealed that silicosis/TB has been killing mineworkers from well before AIDS; that most mine drillers in Cornwall and the Transvaal were dying in 1902 of mine dust or TB before they reached their 37th birthday. [8]

The danger had not gone away. He angrily told me: “*We have 1000% more TB cases than the USA*. It has 4 cases of TB per 100,000. We have 500 cases per 100,000 – minimum – probably more like 750 new cases per 100,000 every year. Among our mineworkers it is far worse. They have from 4,000 to 5,000 cases per 100,000 every year.” When a group of migrant mine workers returning to Lesotho were tested, 60% had TB. “There are 330,000 new cases of TB a year [in South Africa] with some 7 million active cases.”

He explained why Sandy said TB was thought of as a disease of Blacks. This was because TB infection was more likely when our protective immune system is lowered by malnutrition, lack of sanitation and great poverty. He added angrily: “TB grows on a substrate of poor people.”

I asked about the new resistant varieties of TB, but he said this is of minor importance so far in view of the total size of the TB epidemic. Up until now only about 75 fatalities in South Africa have been attributed to the resistant bacteria.

I check the latest South African governmental health statistics, those for 2001. These list TB as the biggest killer, followed by pneumonia and then AIDS. The AIDS figures are not broken down into the “opportunistic infections” but TB is also by far the biggest killer in AIDS cases. TB is characterized by weight loss, as is AIDS. Silicosis also destroys immune cells. The end result is the same.

De Beers claims the cases of TB among its workers are solely due to AIDS. It stated: “A total of 28 cases were diagnosed during 2001 – 33 per cent up on the previous year. This was expected and parallels the AIDS epidemic.” Apparently it thought imprudent sex was solely to blame – and not the mine dust. This made me think rather cynically that, as companies are not generally sued for viral infections, it was no wonder that De Beers blamed viruses rather than mine dust for the ills of its workers.


The AIDS and TB epidemics are also inextricably conflated, it seems, because TB bacteria may falsely test as if HIV in the HIV test – as has been established by Dr. Myron Essex and his colleagues from Harvard University. Dr. Essex later won the top US medical research award, the Albert Lasker, with Dr. Robert Gallo, for his work on AIDS.

Essex wrote in the Journal of Infectious Diseases that the HIV test and the Western Blot “should be interpreted with caution when screening individuals infected with M. tuberculosis or other mycobacterial species. …This data suggests that mycobacterial cell wall antigens may well share common epitopes with HIV.”[17]

As the TB mycobacteria are present in some two billion humans worldwide, according to the estimate of the World Health Organization, and mycobacteria are present in most water supplies, this makes it more difficult to estimate the true size of the AIDS epidemic.

In 2004 one third of all South African mineworkers had active TB at the time of their death. But the link between dust and TB was masked by these false positive tests, as if HIV had caused the dust driving through the De Beers mines, as if it had caused the cuts and scars in miners’ lungs. For them the first measure needed was dust prevention. Only this could stop the epidemic.[18]

Read the rest here

Isn’t that clever?

It’s so nice that we’re so concerned about everybody’s sex life, in the post-Reformation European world. It’s like the Catholic Church never went away, huh?

Liam @ 12/26/06 13:39:03


Why have a comments box, if not for correction and contention?

And you don’t respond to the material – just to the perceived tone.

She didn’t check the facts in any way that could have made a hole in what she intented to report – that contradicted the status quo.

There are no bridges to burn, by the way. People either can or cannot tolerate a discussion about science and medicine.

Look at it from my perspective. I’m here, giving good evidence often that what is reported from happy big pharma ain’t necessarily so, and I’m given no special merit, not even mailed a draft to see if I can come up with something informative, even by Anthony, who knows better about vaccines (see True Lies) and the rest of pharma to let this kind of thing through.

I don’t hang out in the Yard, as you noted. If you think that’s a place to go, I’ll have a look.

On the other hand, respond to the material, and I believe you’ll see that the tone suits.

Like I said, I’ve been here for about two years, offering good evidence that big, happy pharma ain’t necessarily telling the big, happy truth often enough to most-of-the-time, and I’ve had previous tries at getting those who sit on the rungs of the reporting ladder here to debate or consider, and it always comes up blank expressioned. (ie see my attempt to get Tango to actually Debate – you were involved in that thread).

Blank expressioned – ‘it couldn’t possible be…well, I don’t know…but they couldn’t be wrong/lying/misinformed…They’re the authority!”

Why? Because there’s a religious quality to people’s belief in this stuff. Pronouncements from on high, etc. The religion of the era. Reductionism versus a fear of the old dogmas.

And so you’re either concerned about the details, or you’re not.

And if you’re not, then you won’t be able to tolerate anything contradicting the authorities for anything – either the tone is too fawning and conciliatory, or too hard and arch.

You only find these criticisms taking the fore where something is really at stake.

Enough of that, though.

Respond to the points, and you’ll start to see why it’s a big deal. Why vaccinating millions of schoolgirls with the HPV-adjuvant slurry is not a good idea.

Why telling diamond miners that they’ve got the ‘always-fatal sex disease’ when they have TB is not such a noble cause.

And on, and on.

Liam @ 12/26/06 13:58:47

No, I’ll stand by those questions, to Gavin, GNN and anybody who reports on science and pharma in our oh-so worshipful era.

Why report on it without making sure it’s actually true?

And that’s what journalism is supposed to be for, not doing press releases for the major movers and money-makers in the world.

We wouldn’t do the same for the President of the United States, and no amount of politesse is required when attacking the Bush administration.

Your comment is touched by that thing that I’m describing – that inability to get over the hurdle and say, “Okay, have it, the sciences are fair game,”

As we have done with politics, government, economics, national security, the CIA, FBI, the media, and almost everything else for the last 30 years.

I say this with due respect and fondness, but get over it. It’s a new ballgame.

It’s either an open field, or it’s not. For me, it is. If you don’t like it, well, there’s not a lot I can do about that.

Liam @ 12/26/06 14:07:59

your TB comments are more substantive than your hpv rant, Liam, but the link between TB and HIV is not undermined by the coincidence that mining conditions exacerbate respiratory health problems where regulations are shitty. in short, your argument is bombastic but hollow. I’m no stranger to getting screwed over by big pharma, but outrage is no substitute for information. And just because big pharma has been in charge of medical research for decades doesn’t mean every theory ever tested and established under the auspices of corporate greed is really an elaborate deception to push mercury jabs or sell life-sapping drugs to the destitute. You can’t just categorically dismiss official sources of background medical information because their institutions’ press releases are typically slanted to promote short-term gains for corporate backers.

gavin_rose @ 12/26/06 14:54:19

I really can’t see how you can call Liam’s argument bombastic but hollow, Gavin.
Liam is, as usual, wel-informed. The very idea of a link between TB and HIV is preposterous. The only existing cases where bacteria and viruses have any connection at all is with bacteriophages. But then it’s the bacteria themselves that are the host cells being infected. Obviously, that’s a totally unrelated topic.
TB has been around for a long time, and the causative bacteria get their chance to strike whenever an individual’s resistance is weakened – either by mine dust or other causes. TB is a truly opportunistic disease.
HIV, on the other hand, is a fairly recent invention from the early eighties. It has never been isolated, nor has its existence ever been proven unequivocally. True, there are markers (p24, RT) which are claimed to originate with HIV, but they are totally unspecific properties of all host cells.
HIV is a phantom virus that is being interjected between every disease known to mankind and its real cause. I already invented the “.357Magnum Virus” myself, as the virus that kills people after they’ve been shot.
This whole HIV virus theory doesn’t hold water, not only for trained virologists, but also for every logically thinking person regardless of education. It is only held up by Big Pharma to keep the cash register jingling.
Of course we shouldn’t dismiss medical information just because it comes from the pharma industry, but we should scrutinize it as we do with all other information that comes to us. And when we do that, not only do the press releases not fare well; also the bulk of peer-reviewed papers in scientific papers, written by up to 20 authors, fail to convince. Now and then I fillet one, when it is offered to me as “proof”.

WilhelmGodschalk @ 12/26/06 15:47:33

Gutless response, Gavin.

Or should I say, are you going to address the issue of vaccinating an entire nation of 12 and 13 year old girls with an experimental vaccine, for a disease clearly not caused by the particle in question?

Or the issue of pro forma pharma reporting at GNN?

No, just come up with a few 25cent school-yard names – ‘bombastic and hollow’ will do fine, for the purposes of not having to look deeper.

My god, what a lazy son-of-a-gun you are.

You’re not even going to look into the vaccine? Not even going to read reports on its trial, on its adverse effects, its purported efficacy, and the limits of the data’s utility?

Please stop writing about pharmaceutical issues, if that’s the case. Because you have no business doing it. Or maybe I have that backwards. Maybe you’re just right for the business of doing it.

I’ll be back with more on your magical HPV potion, and we’ll see if you develop an ability to research (not reiterate) between now and then.

Liam @ 12/26/06 20:09:50

liam, in your next hardhitting series you should dismantle the myths behind aspirin or water or something.

athena @ 12/26/06 20:12:42

“This extremely common virus (occuring in up to 75% of sexually active women at some point in their lives) is linked to nearly all cervical cancers.”

If this virus is “extremely common”, what are the chances that it will be linked to nearly all cervical cancers? But what does linked actually mean?

It’s certainly not as concrete as saying causes nearly all cervical cancers, or even implicated in nearly all cervical cancers. It’s just linked. I think they’re being quite honest in that wording, as linked is almost meaningless.

notdansavage @ 12/26/06 22:01:04

Yes, HPV is a very common virus, or rather a group of viruses. There have been more than 80 of them been reported. Only a small number of them were found to be linked to cancer.
These many different forms of HPV actually mean that a number of different labs have found DNA’s with differing sequences. Checking whether an experiment is reproducible seems to be out of fashion among molecular biologists. If they find a different DNA-sequence, they’d rather not spend the time to repeat the work. No, they rather declare they’ve found a new mutant, and rush out a press release.

Anyhow, what’s the deal on papilloma viruses? It has been known for half a century that they are very inefficient transforming cells to tumor cells.
HPV infects cells by skin to skin contact. But that is not proof that it spreads sexually. Infected skin cells don’t produce virus unless they have been keratinized. Maybe that could lead to a warning to both women and receiving gay men (bottoms), not to have sex with men with calluses (or warts) on their penis. But even then, the consequence would only be genital warts, not cervical cancer.
The cancer risk increases when there is immunosuppression, or if the victim smokes (!) I wouldn’t know about the role of smoking, but that’s what’s being reported.
The best lifestyle to adopt would then be to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. As the virus is so common, most people will already have produced antibodies against it. That makes a vaccination program pretty ueless.

WilhelmGodschalk @ 12/27/06 09:09:26

“The best lifestyle to adopt would then be to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. As the virus is so common, most people will already have produced antibodies against it. That makes a vaccination program pretty ueless.”

Thank you for the a much-needed shot of logic and common sense, Wilhelm.

notdansavage @ 12/27/06 09:21:25

FYI: notdansavage, and WilhelmGodschalk are both sock-puppets of Liam Scheff – which may explain why they only ever show up in threads Liam is in, and only to support his points and ridicule those with whom he disagrees.

It’s cute, but that’s no reason to completely dismiss their (his) points. However, statements such as:

HPV infects cells by skin to skin contact. But that is not proof that it spreads sexually

and others are quite valid reason to question his scientific competence.

[Edit: I should probably point out that this account is a sockpuppet account as well. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes a mask is required, even though it cannot hide hypocrisy]

BiologyNinja @ 12/27/06 13:14:44

we’ve been through this before with “Snark”.

I’m no “sock puppet”.

Liam invited me to GNN a year or so ago.

Yes, I most definitely comment in places where Liam comments, particularly on “AIDS”. And today, I’m commenting on this HPV vaccine-dealy. I know Liam and agree with him on a number of subjects. I bet that happens here with other people as well!

I did post on some pop culture crap a time or two. And I also posted on that Borneo-new species thread yesterday or the day before. Liam was nowhere to be found on those threads.

I’m not sure what you’re attempting to accomplish by labeling me or Wilhelm as “sock puppets”.

notdansavage @ 12/27/06 13:37:25

Thank you, BiologyNinja. I’ve suspected the same as well – and noticed the exact same behavior previously. You are a deadly accurate, I’m afraid. And Ghost Ninja’s don’t lie – they see all. ;)

Liam – I find your tone towards Gavin the definition of gutless. She is merely summarizing the news – thus it is called a Roundup or summary of current news. I applaud the return of Good News Roundup – because Gavin is actually doing something constructive to help GNN – writing a front page Article! What are you doing and being in relation to that? Gutless, arrogant, and confrontational.

Instead of attacking the messenger of the message – why don’t you log back in to your Liam account – click on the Articles Yard Link – and write a fucking article of your own!

Put yourself, your research, and your reporting under the GNN microscope for once. Until then…

Get over yourself, you egomaniac.

Ruff_Shot @ 12/27/06 14:05:00

Why have a comments box, if not for correction and contention?

i guess it’s easier to criticize then it is to participate

and yes, i was commenting on the tone, because your tone is what is bothering me

it makes discussion, the one thing you are looking for i believe, impossible


BurningMonk @ 12/27/06 14:14:10

Wow, Liam, your tone here is a huge turn off.

yourmome @ 12/27/06 14:35:37


remarcus @ 12/27/06 22:26:41


like, you know what I consider to be a real turn off?

Gutless reporting on pharmaceutical companies.

And defensive nonsense when errors are called to the fore.

I’ll have some material on the HPV stuff, unless you all care to be interesting and beat me to it.

Here’s what you can do.

1) Look up the studies that the policy is based on. You’ll be able to find it quoted by some of the science journals.

2) Get a hold of the article/s. Read them carefully, a dozen times. Review them with a few colleagues, including some who are specialists in a related field.

3) Compare the actual results versus the published summary in the study.

4) Review what is known about cervical cancers, from the mainstream and alternative health perspective.

5) Analyze the data linking HPV with said cancers, including the source of the data, the age of participants, the working hypothesis and a priori assumptions of the study, and all other cited factors.

6) Analyze the data used to support the use of the study to make a claim that the vaccine:

a) does anything to prevent HPV

b) does anything to prevent cancer

7) Review the negative incidents in the vaccine trials and usage. What are the negative effects? How often do they occur? How have they been recorded? Are they under-reported?

I’m sure there’s more, but you get the idea.

Now, what were you saying about tone? I have so much to do, I plum forgot.

Listen, there’s a lot at stake here.

1. A lot of money,

2. A lot of money,

3. Did I say a lot of money?

There’s also the trust of populations in corporate-government bureaucracies that may very well be in need of some tree-shaking.

Imagine, if this is what I get here, at the gullible noise network, among those who are supposed to be devoted, ferociously, to the T-ruth, about all things…

Imagine what the reporters who would actually like to consider doing even 1/10th of what I listed above get as a response from advertizers and editors at the big papers.

I have spoken with folks at the tops of their medical/sci/pharma fields, and they’ll tell you it’s the Parallax View. You speak, you lose career, you lose friends, you lose livelihood.

Hell, some people even disappear.

So, when I ask GNN to bother to check into what it reports on big pharma, I’m not doing it just to whistle dixie.

Forgive my tone, if you don’t like it. You’ll have to forgive me, because in truth, I don’t really have the time to give a good goddamn.

I can’t do all the work I sometimes like to do on a subject, and also spoonfeed it so three of you feel better about it.

And look, I’m not going to defeat any big, bad pharma monster. I can’t. I’m very small compared with them. It’s not even my goal. But if I see something as blatantly dishonest as the Gavin Rose “hep jab saves lives” Bullshit at the top of the page, I’ll put on the bat signal, if I can, and a few folks will take notice that there’s something there, and that’s good enough.

Pre ps – Wilhelm and Dan are very nice guys, but I haven’t had my hands up either of their tuchuses. Dan’s in the rural North somewhere, and Wilhelm’s in what, the Netherlands? My arms aren’t that long. I guess there really are just three rude aholes on the site who have no love for Herpes ‘vaccines.’

If they show up when I’m writing, it’s because I will sometimes, but not always, let them know when a good thing’s going on, and they throw their hats into the ring. Because that’s the name of the game here, participation.

But I’m sure the accuser knew that, and just wanted to change the subject.

The subject being:

So you think that somebody would sieze onto the actual comments?

You mean they’re drugging an entire nation of children because 1,600 people a year get a cancer? And only if they don’t get an earlier, non-invasive surgery??


Holy shit!

You mean the South African government and de Beers are turning their mine deaths into AIDS cases?


Holy shit!!

But, no, no.

tone. And snarkypoop from people who’ve got nothing relevant to say.

Monk, you’re just going to have to be disappointed with me. I’m going to let you down, time and time again.

I’m sorry, but there’s only one way to point out when someone is lying, and that’s to point it out.

I hope you’ll find your way back to the material, if it’s the truth that you’re interested in.

Liam @ 12/28/06 01:49:40

Wow, Liam, your tone here is a huge turn off — yourmome

why? — remarcus

considering Liam’s latest post I’m inclined to ask the same…condescending ?... sure… we’ve all witnessed our “teh beloved” Snark blow a gasket numerous times encountering attitude for the sake of being combative disrupting his effort in bringing helpful data to the discussion. He’s hardly been made a pariah for it.

yea, I also found Liam’s entrance as gavin called to call it to be somewhat, “bombastic”. dude apears to be acknowleding that, and offers a sparse apology.

I found his last post to be thoroughly on point in a number of areas. I’m currently adjusting my opinion about the guy. Will this forum chose to ignore what’s being said here over style of delivery ?

There’s also the trust of populations in corporate-government bureaucracies that may very well be in need of some tree-shaking.

Imagine, if this is what I get here, at the gullible noise network, among those who are supposed to be devoted, ferociously, to the T-ruth, about all things

Imagine what the reporters who would actually like to consider doing even 1/10th of what I listed above get as a response from advertizers and editors at the big papers.

I have spoken with folks at the tops of their medical/sci/pharma fields, and they’ll tell you it’s the Parallax View. You speak, you lose career, you lose friends, you lose livelihood.

comments on this, anyone ?

Wilhelm and Dan are very nice guys, but I haven’t had my hands up either of their tuchuses… If they show up when I’m writing, it’s because I will sometimes, but not always, let them know when a good thing’s going on, and they throw their hats into the ring. Because that’s the name of the game here, participation. (emphasis added)

seems reasonable enough to me

JustLurking @ 12/28/06 02:44:20

Liam, you know I support a lot of what you are saying, not everything, but a lot.

It’s just when you get personal in your comments you make it impossible to have a decent discussion.

Don’t be a crusader, be a persuader. It’s a lot more effective, I think.


BurningMonk @ 12/28/06 06:38:50

By the way, everybody,

Anybody notice the price of this “jab”?

450 Pounds. That’s, what, 800 dollars? Per girl. In all of the United Kingdom.

Did I mention money? A lot of money at stake here?

Liam @ 12/28/06 09:07:24


I told you, it’s going to be easy for you to be disappointed in me from time to time. I’m asking you to look into the details, and I always appreciate your politesse, but it is not reciprocated by the folks running the pharma show, and I can’t tiptoe around the problems. So, on we go.

Liam @ 12/28/06 09:09:28

And PS, BioNewbie.

I want your name and conflicts of interest front and center.

You’ve accused me of fabricating personalities on this website, without providing proof. This is libelous.

The name you see here is mine, it is not an internet pseudonymn. The goofy picture you see at my blog is mine, it is not a cartoon avatar.

You make real accusations, be prepared to back them up. “Necessary” to hide?

And here it is – there are a lot of shills in this game, and you’re one of them.

So when you have to back up a statement like you made with proof, and you can’t, because it’s a lie, I want you have to eat your lie publicly, as is necessary and appropriate.

Liam @ 12/28/06 09:11:38

I misspoke and cited a “hep” jab. That’s the hepatitis B vaccine, another ongoing CDC population project. It’s worth looking into as well.

Liam @ 12/28/06 09:12:25

But we’re feminists!

1,600 out of a million. That’s an adjuvant and squalene laced cell slurry put into the muscle and blood of Nine hundred, ninety-eight thousand, four hundred per every million (998,400 per million) barely adolescent girls who will not benefit from it.


What’s an adjuvant?

What’s squalene?

Look it up. I’ll be back with it, but you can find many, many references with a simple search.

And this is only if we accept the very big fish story that the HPV slurry ‘jabbed’, as Gavin says, into millions of girls, actually protects them from anything.

Jab“. Such a good Orwellian word. Like it’s a hip thing, a cool thing to do.

Have a look at the spin. It’s given a vague whiff of feminism to sell it:

“We know that girls are sexually active, so we’ll fight church authorities and give them this important medication.”

The manufacturer (FDA, CDC, media and GNN) are claiming that the vaccine must be administered before a girl ever has sex to be effective.

I’m stealing this from an oncologist friend of mine, but,

How good do you think the science is on this particular bit of research?

Do you think they’ve followed virgins around for 60 years to see if they ever have a problem with their cervix(es)?

Do you think they followed anyone around for 60 years to see what in the world they eat, take and do that actually affects their health?

How do you think nonoxynol-9 and all the other toxic garbage girls are told to shove up their birth canals affect that sensitive tissue after years and years?

From the Associated Press, and all news outlets, as per the FDA, May 2006:

Gardasil does not necessarily protect against one or more of the four viruses in people already infected before they get the vaccine, and can increase their risk for precursors to cervical cancer. Also, Gardasil does not protect against infection from the many other virus strains not included in the vaccine.”

Already infected“??

These are the most common viruses on earth! Holy sh-ugar, babies!

(Oh, hell, I’ll bet they’re not even looking for viruses, they’re looking for some or another commonly-occuring protein, how about that? That’s a good question. How are they testing for the protein they consider indicative of the ‘infection’? Hmmm…)



In other words, we don’t know why a cancer appears here and not there, but sometimes it follows this, which is caused by…something. Maybe herpes, but also not, because a lot of people have herpes. But, you know, I still think we can sell it.

It’s really something. Like a catechism, or a sign of the cross, a pre-penance for sexual sin in our churchless age.

I mean, where do we put all of our cultural anxieties about sex, without the hail mary’s to absolve us? We go to the CDC:

“Get your daughters to the doctor, because you know they’re screwing and you can’t do anything about it, so at least do this!!!”

Here it is blogged as a feminist’s nightmare: We won’t get the life-saving squalene, because the christians hate sex!

Step 2 – Sell the liberati illiterati, reactionary pseudo-feminists (‘feminists’ only because they like to screw and are not religious), and you’ve got your pre-made marketing.

It’s just fucking genius. You’ve got to hand it to these folks, they play the culture like a single-stringed instrument. They pluck once, and the right crew comes running. Every time! It is to be admired, in a sense.

Right. So here it is, we’re sold.

Now sex will give your daughter cancer. Unless you give her the hip “jab” that costs 800 dollars and may permanently damage her…

Look up adjuvant yet?

Liam @ 12/28/06 09:33:11

Here’s one: Aluminum Adjuvant Linked To Gulf War Illness Induces Motor Neuron Death In Mice

Gulf War illness (GWI) affects a significant percentage of veterans of the 1991 conflict, but its origin remains unknown. Associated with some cases of GWI are increased incidences of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other neurological disorders. Whereas many environmental factors have been linked to GWI, the role of the anthrax vaccine has come under increasing scrutiny. Among the vaccine’s potentially toxic components are the adjuvants aluminum hydroxide and squalene.


Behavioral testing [with mice given the adjuvants] showed motor deficits in the aluminum treatment group that expressed as a progressive decrease in strength measured by the wire-mesh hang test (final deficit at 24 wk; about 50%).

Significant cognitive deficits in water-maze learning were observed in the combined aluminum and squalene group (4.3 errors per trial) compared with the controls (0.2 errors per trial) after 20 wk.

*Apoptotic neurons were identified in aluminum-injected animals that showed significantly increased activated caspase-3 labeling in lumbar spinal cord (255%) and primary motor cortex (192%) compared with the controls.

Aluminum-treated groups also showed significant motor neuron loss (35%) and increased numbers of astrocytes (350%) in the lumbar spinal cord.

The findings suggest a possible role for the aluminum adjuvant in some neurological features associated with GWI and possibly an additional role for the combination of adjuvants.”

Seems worth looking into, no?

Liam @ 12/28/06 10:12:29

These people seem nervous about vaccines and children. Wonder what they have to say?

And this mother of three, who finds time to learn all about vaccines, also has concerns.

And this silly magazine covers the issue, though, to be fair to Gavin, who’s ever heard of this ‘zine? Or the ahole they interviewed. (_oops, I’m sorry, he’s a Kennedy, and I thought I was supposed to I introduce him like that – my bad_).

Good News roundup, Gavin. All you needed was one google search. “Vaccine, toxicity”, and you go from there.

Please stop covering pharma issues, if you can’t cover them. Or email me with a draft, and I’ll throw some of the controversies your way.

I said it once, I’ll say it again.

This is fair game, this pharma biz, and whether you like it or not, it’s a new ball game, and it gets no special treatment. It’s the same as every other piece of bureaucratic and/or government shmuckery – the Prez, the Congress, the Military, the Environment, the Economy, Fortune 500, the Media, the whatever. The same, not the least bit sacred.

One google search, Gavin.

Liam @ 12/28/06 10:46:53

I’m going to have to throw my lot in with Liam and the rest on this one. You can’t let your delicate sensibilities inhibit you from learning something you might otherwise be unaware of.

Thank you, Liam, for inciting me to stop and question my views of ‘Big Pharma’, as it were.

Zoso @ 12/28/06 15:13:47

Liam is a psy-op (and so is everything else)

ShiftShapers @ 12/28/06 15:21:45

Great writing, Liam.

notdansavage @ 12/28/06 16:16:13

“Gardasil does not necessarily protect against one or more of the four viruses in people already infected before they get the vaccine, and can increase their risk for precursors to cervical cancer. Also, Gardasil does not protect against infection from the many other virus strains not included in the vaccine.”

Let’s take this in small, manageable pieces…

“Gardasil does not necessarily protect against one or more of the four viruses in people already infected before they get the vaccine”

So, this may not help anybody who already has the viruses mentioned. And as Wilhelm rightly pointed out, their immune systems will create natural antibodies to them.

“and can increase their risk for precursors to cervical cancer.”

Not only may it not “protect”, it can actually increase risk to precursors to cervical cancer. I don’t know what they’re calling “precursors”, but it sounds like a nice, vague way to say that it might actually increase the risk of cervical cancer.

Obviously, the course of action is clear. Vaccinate.

notdansavage @ 12/28/06 17:05:17

Now what? I’m supposed to be a sock puppet, all of a sudden? Whoever thinks that must not be getting around much. I’m all over the place; not only on American blogs, but also here in the Netherlands, on our Dutch-language forum.
But I must say, whenever I encounter Liam and/or NotDanSavage somewhere, I feel good about joining the discussion, because these guys make a lot of sense.
The first time I heard of Liam was when I read an article entitled “The AIDS Debate”, which he published in “The weekly Dig”, and which can be found on the web.
My own skepticism about the tendency to see a virus behind every disease dates from way, way back. Researchers have wasted billions of dollars on finding a connection between viruses and cancer. They have come up with nothing. When the money started to dry up, it was Bob Gallo who saved the labor market for incompetent molecular biologists by inventing HIV as the causative agent of AIDS.
It won’t be all that long anymore before the HIV/AIDS paradigm comes tumbling down. Just in case, they have kept the virus/cancer falderal on the backburner.
That’s part of the reason for the HPV/cervical cancer story.
For the orthodoxy, after having bamboozled the whole world for several decades, and wasted a gazillion of taxpayer dollars, there is a clever way out:
They will develop a bogus vaccine against either HIV or HPV (depending on which game gets blown first). Then they’ll just forget about the whole thing. HIV will suddenly disappear (easy, because it didn’t exist in the first place). HPV will be reduced to its fitting, modest role from before the cervical cancer craze.
The vaccine won’t do anything; nothing good, that is. But the vaccine makers will claim the credit for eradicating AIDS and/or pushing the incidence of cervical cancer back to a low level. After taking a bow for the Moronic Majority, they quietly disappear to the tropical location where they keep their money.

WilhelmGodschalk @ 12/28/06 18:00:18


Not showing up, but once to call names and run, and then not reviewing this stuff doesn’t go far to prove commitment to integrity in reporting, come hell or high water.

I think you owe your readers the consideration of a review of the caption: “UK to Protect All Girls

Liam @ 12/29/06 20:02:48

I volunteer.

yourmome @ 12/29/06 20:05:24

PS, JustLurking and Zoso, Remarcus, Dan and Wilhelm, and anyone else who did so,

Thanks for your fair consideration.

It’s a tough, tough nut to crack. Very hard to get people to have a deep look at this stuff.

I grew up in a family of docs and researchers, and I tend to argue the stuff the way they did and do – fiercely.

That’s the funny thing about all of this. When you get past the dividing line, and you’re inside the family of sciences, the rules change.

The thing that is so inconsistent in the sciences is the difference between what we see on the outside – the placid facade of truth, justice and knowledge, and what it looks like on the inside – outright, no-holds-barred war – Bam, Bam, Bam! Over thanksgiving and christmas holidays, in every long phone call, in a family of succesful (some big time) docs and sci/medical researchers.

Bam! goes uncle #1 to uncle #2. Bam! goes grandfather to uncle #1. Uncle #3 comes in for a jab, connects, and it’s my mother (a doc), coming in for an aside to grandfather. Grandmother (a medical researcher) comes in for a total dismissal. And on and on it goes.

In practice, the difference between the public and private view is so incongruous that it fails to function, and thus begs the question, “Why is debate so shielded from the public?”

The very idea that there’s some absolute truth in the sciences is not even in the definition of practical science.

The point of arguing the material was to get to the weaknesses in the initial argument, and to get to the greater truths buried in it, or buried by the limitations of the constraining paradigm. And that, right there, is what I’m interested in.

But that’s gone.

What’s there now is a king’s ransom of real money, success, or, if you take the old route and seek out truths in the piles of conjecture – real ruination.

It’s a mean, mean game. I suppose, in a way, it always was, but the tremendous earning potential on an international scale has ruined it for ethics.

It’s all changed, and we really cling to it, because it is, in essence, where we turn to for succor, for psychological stability when asking the big questions – where do we come from, who am I, why am I the way I am, why do I want to have sex with so-and-so, and so often…etc.

And then there’s the wonder of controlling and soothing and directing populations in all of the ways that we can do, that we do do, to make ourselves feel better about those big, perhaps unanswerable questions.

And so, thanks for the openess displayed. It’s appreciated.



Liam @ 12/29/06 20:22:10

Liam – “Let’s see if we can find the logical fallacy:” – you open your comment with this, you have to expect that people will find your approach combative. It is one thing to point out inaccuracies or provide farther or contradicting information, it is quite another to just attack. You lose much of the impact of what you are trying to impart with the “tone” of your comments. People won’t look at the information you are presenting when it is done in such a belligerent manner. Also as suggested above a better time to correct “facts” in articles is when it is still in the Yard.

Peace and Hope!

Disenchanted @ 01/05/07 03:14:57

And more than a year later, we’re back:

The HPV Vaccine: Herd Immunity or Human Sacrifice?
Tuesday, April 22, 2008 by: Joanne Waldron

(NaturalNews) Reports of adverse reactions to the new HPV vaccine are escalating. One particularly heart-wrenching example is the story of an active 12-year-old little girl named Brittany who recently lost all feeling in her leg and collapsed two weeks after receiving the Gardasil vaccine.

Although she once had dreams of earning an athletic scholarship, she now struggles to hobble around each day with the aid of braces and a walker, First Coast News reports. According to the article, she has been diagnosed with Acute Demyelinating Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), a condition characterized by inflammation of the brain and associated with the vaccination.

Like many other parents, this girl’s mother had no idea that this kind of reaction to the vaccine was possible and never would’ve allowed her daughter to receive it if she had been made aware of this.

To add insult to injury, people who are injured by the vaccine cannot even sue Merck, the maker of the Gardasil vaccine, because the vaccine is part of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund. Unfortunately, the only recourse for those injured by this vaccine is to file a claim with the government. Translation: compensation of the victims becomes the responsibility of taxpayers.

So far, more than four million vaccinations have been done and nearly 4,000 adverse reactions have been reported.

“Even the worst case scenario, if you have four thousand in four million that is a one to one thousand potential adverse effect,” says Dr. Benrubi.

The list of complaints range from temporary blindness, blurry vision, convulsions, seizures and numbness in arms and legs that won’t go away.

“If you know something is happening why do you let it continue?” asks Bob Giuliano, Brittany’s grandfather.

Giuliano and his daughter want answers as to how they didn’t know paralysis could be a possibility for Brittany.

“I am very angry,” says Brittany’s mom. Two months later and after hours of physical therapy, Brittany still has no feeling in her left leg.

Getting around is difficult. It’s hard for Brittany to walk and balance and she often needs a little help.

“She’s mad. I can tell she’s mad,” says Brittany’s mom. A little shy, Brittany did not want to talk to us, but she did want her story told so parents and young girls know how her life has changed.

Now she is learning to cope with braces, crutches and a walker. “It’s changed everything for us,” says Bell.

Brittany’s doctors have diagnosed her with Acute Demyelinating Encephalomyelitis or ADEM. It is an inflammation of the brain that has been associated with a vaccination.


Be critical of the technologies that surround science, be very very critical.

Liam @ 04/24/08 09:43:22


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