History Will Record that WWIII Started…

Two days after Christmas, in the year 2007?

I think it’s a good, bad bet that it’s so. I think we will all have to learn a thing or two that we’ve been putting off…

The meaning of the terms “Wahhabi” and “Wahhabiism,” for example.

The intimate geography of the Middle East (and East), from the Persian Gulf to Bangladesh, from Indonesia back up to the US West Coast…

Who the Bhuttos were historically.

And that some of our ‘venerable’ liberal theologies – “The US is the cause of all evil”, “Everybody wants peace”, “War is a Western invention”, – that these don’t matter much (and don’t hold back the flood), when there is true conflict in the world, coming closer and closer.

The Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary

I never really understood the value of pinning WWI on Archduke Ferdinand; it seemed to me that the European world wanted to throw itself into a tribal spasm, to remake boundaries according to the new steel technologies, and to reorder (or solidify) the pecking order.

And then, there is simply the fact of war…there is little in logic that explains it; this is the liberal conundrum, of course. But the error, in my opinion, lies in the assumption that we are, primarily, a species concerned with logic. We’re sold this ideology, as a post-hypnotic suggestion entering out of a presumption that we actually left the Middle Ages, and are truly in an “Age of Reason and Enlightenment.”

We are a technologically savvy animal, to be sure; but we are as tribal, acquisitive, belief-centric, and highly competitive as we ever were.

Two days after Christmas, in the year 2007. I know it looks like just another post-holiday sale day at the mall, another day in a work week, another day of vacation before going back to work…or just another day, but I think history will remember it as something very different and very specific.



  1. More here:

    Pakistan’s Bhutto Killed in Attack
    Associated Press

    RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AP) — Enraged crowds rioted across Pakistan and hopes for democracy hung by a thread after Benazir Bhutto was gunned down Thursday as she waved to supporters from the sunroof of her armored vehicle. The death of President Pervez Musharraf’s most powerful opponent threw the nation into chaos just 12 days before elections, and threatened its already unsteady role as a key fighter against Islamic terror.

    The murder of Bhutto, one of Pakistan’s most famous and enduring politicians, sparked violence that killed at least nine people and plunged efforts to restore democracy to this nuclear-armed U.S. ally into turmoil.

    Another opposition politician, Nawaz Sharif, announced he was boycotting Jan. 8 parliamentary elections in which Bhutto was hoping to recapture the premiership, and Musharraf reportedly weighed canceling the poll.

    Bhutto, 54, was struck down amid scenes of blood and chaos as an unknown gunman opened fire and, according to witnesses and police, blew himself up, killing 20 other people.

  2. Spot on. Cold shudders ran down my spine as i read this piece. All I can say is: My feelings exactly…here we go…let’s see it all snowball.

    My timing to get back home was perfect. I knew something was about to ring the salvo, I was just not sure what and where it would come from. Now that I see it I too recognise it. Let’s just hope we are wrong.

  3. The start of WWIII? Maybe, maybe not.

    If WWIII is coming, this event may not have been the trigger so much as simply an acceleration toward it.

    It’s my cynical belief that the “events” for which wars are started are either false flags or simply an excuse to do what was already being planned, or hoped for.

    We are a technologically savvy animal, to be sure; but we are as tribal, acquisitive, belief-centric, and highly competitive as we ever were.

    I think technology has lulled many of us into a belief that we’ve somehow evolved past our basic human nature. We can look at all the fantastic technological advances being made every day and forget that we are both human and animal. Funny how most people in the world either forget or simply dismiss that we are animals (scary, isn’t it?).

  4. False flags!! Hmm.

    It all depends I suppose what one believes to be Al Qaeda to be. I believe that every time we see that organization being held responsible for anything it usually just means “false flag”.

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