Energy Crisis? What Energy Crisis?

It’s called the….Aptera (say it in a deep, gravely voice; like Charlton Heston telling the Pharaoh to go screw himself…)


What does it mean?

A promise of over Three Hundred miles to the gallon of that dirty, dirty stuff we love so much…

(Oil, oil. I don’t know what you were thinking of, you animal, you).

Here’s a picture of the electro-polywog herself:

Aptera? Aptera!

Is it too much to ask? Three hundred plus? Is it a farce? Will it prove unprovable?

Maybe, maybe not. Here’s how she did on the road:

  • The initial prototype of the Aptera achieved 230 mpg, a number that is 195 mpg over the projected standard outlined in President Bush’s recent energy bill. As of now, the developers still have more time to work out the kinks and improve its efficiency — AC expects the Aptera to be ready for Californians in late 2008.

Yes, that’s right. Cad-ee-fawn-ya…here we come (again). That is, the car will be nowhere but Cali, for a little while. Meanwhile, I’ll be in Boston, waiting for our snow-hided version.


Makes you wonder, how many good ideas we’re sitting on (stuffing down, or actively suppressing), till the market (media and masses), give enough room for somebody’s brilliant idea to see the light of day?

I wonder, wonder, wonder…



  1. Liam,

    there are countless great ideas out there. Many of them sound like science fiction, but they’re not.

    Set aside greedy oil companies for a moment and ask, “is humanity really ready for some of these ideas”? I don’t know.

  2. Yeah.. yup, yes, that’s sort of the wonderful horrible point. We’re such a funny species… always driving ourselves to the brink (real or imaginary), just to show ourselves we could’ve pulled back much earlier…

    We must like the Drama of it all…

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