Fear of the Invisible – Book Review


Fear of The Invisible by Janine Roberts – a Review
by Liam Scheff.

“AIDS is a sex disease, and has one cause. SARS is the terror itself, unmasked. Bird flu will sweep human existence off the seven continents. Polio was conquered by vaccination, and without more vaccination, we will all succumb to a new plague, (as surely as the IRS collects taxes).”

These are the predictions of the masters of our universe – the dispensers of existential belief in our historical era of reduction, magnification, and intellectually sterile research, promulgated from on high, by sleep-deprived, grant-minded Graduate students, flocking as sleepwalkers in white lab coats from our grand Universities, marching into the world to save us from all these horrors.

But are they? Is it true – any of it, any of what they predict, or write as history? That is a question we small people are not permitted to ask in polite company, and certainly not in print; and certainly, not on television.

“Are the predictions of the Centers for Disease Control correct? Does the World Health Organization make sense? Is today’s science, true?” A journalist asking these questions, quickly finds him or herself out of the mainstream discussion, as surely as the IRS collects taxes.

And so, Janine Roberts new book presents a problem.

The church of old used to have the good sense to ban books like “Fear of the Invisible;” the existence of such books undermined their Holy authority and threatened insurrection and intellectual revolt, by pointing to the gaping holes and ten thousand improbabilities and logical contusions that exist in the Holy texts (especially when one is asked to read them as literal truth). Banning and burning these folios (and their authors) was simply a necessary business practice, in a cult of belief, such as was the Inquisition Church, Mao’s China or Stalin’s Russia.

Or the World Health Organization?

But times have changed. The current church of scientific orthodoxy, which has grown in the footprint of the church of old, does not have to ban books or burn authors in the flesh; they’re more clever and superficially humane in the treatment of today’s Galileos and Brunos.

Today’s heretics are burnt in effigy – in word. They find themselves derided and attacked, without an offer to respond, in the peculiar, small-minded, paradigmatic and highly illiberal Holy texts of our era – the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, Nature Medicine, JAMA, and their mouthpieces to the public, The New York Times, PBS, Newsweek, NPR, FOX and CNN.

If this sounds like a misapprehension, or a paranoid fantasy to you, please accept my invitation to read Ms. Roberts remarkable book, even a chapter of it, and watch what happens as your mind expands with charged particles of comprehension, as the blanket of belief that we’ve been told is irrefutable truth, comes into view, and the ten thousand tawdry holes in its canvas give way to the blazing light of epiphany:

“Ah-ha,” you will find yourself saying. “That, finally, makes sense.”

AIDS, Bird Flu, Polio, SARS – these are the promised plagues of our time – but they have been misunderstood and misrepresented so completely and forcibly by our trusted, benevolent, care-taking scientific authorities, that only time will tell if the complex truths that underlie these brand names for poverty, pollution and chemical toxicity, will ever be widely understood. If you wish to get ahead of the curve, I strongly recommend Ms. Roberts book.

Table of Contents

Especially pleasing to the curious-minded are the excavations of hidden history – or history that was hidden in plain sight – that she performs for us. Among her archaeological findings is the buried trail of deceit and decrepitude that is the published and venerated work of one poor, unfortunate Robert Gallo, a man who had the mal chance to be an egotistical wretch, pushing intellectually bankrupt but socially seductive work, in the wrong place, at precisely the wrong time in our history.

Or perhaps, the right place and the right time, to push one illiterate catastrophe of a hypothesis, like an 11th Commandment in a secular age, to the forefront of our era. The work Janine does in excavating Dr. Gallo’s truths, from his massive fictions, is alone worth the price of admission.

Will this book be burned? It will be attacked in electronic print, wherever it is reviewed, by those uncourageous few who have turned our redoubtable sciences into a maze of self-limiting, paradigm-bound-and-strangled science fictions; it will be slandered by those unwilling to consider how our intellectual past affects our present; it will be libeled by those who don’t bother to check the limits of their inherited world-view.

But for the rest of us, or those most curious among us, who can manage to give ourselves permission to color outside the lines, a book like this gives a rare and wonderful opportunity – it’s a chance to take a journey beyond the obscuring lens of today’s dogmas, and peer into tomorrow’s wider, more humane, more correct understanding of the rather grand world we are so very fortunate to live in.

Reading the book, you will discover answers to the following questions:

“Despite intensive research efforts, the causative agent of AIDS has not yet been identified,” goes the crossed-out text in Gallo’s pre-publication paper.
“named also as lymphadenopathy associated virus (LAV), which is here described as HTLV-III”
“I just don’t believe it, You are absolutely incredible” writes the redoubtable Gallo
“a reference virus (gift) from Dr. L. Montangier”…”Mika you are crazy,” fumes Gallo.
“a patient with mature T-cell malignancy was negative for HTLV infections as well as no viral particles were found by an extensive electron microscopic examination,” goes the original report, now crossed out, and never seen by the public.
How did Gallo send samples to make tests, before publishing his papers?
Meanwhile, in Jan/Feb 1984…
“I would like to point out that the “particles” in the micrograph are in debris of a degenerated cell. No other extracellular “virus-like particles” were observed… The small extracellular vesicles are at least 50% smaller than HTLV. Again these vesicles can be found in any cell pellet. I do not believe any of these particles are HTLV I, II, or III.” 

-Dr. Gonda, Head of the Electron Microscopy Lab to Dr. Gallo and Mika Papovic on their 1984 HTLV-III (Hiv) proof.


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  1. This, I think, will be a good book. I have ordered it from Amazon. People, generally, are afraid of germs. I am not Pro-Germs. I do think its not a bad idea to wash hands and practice good hygiene. But I recognize that, if you believe in evolution, we evolved from germs. We came into their world. We co-exist with germs. According to Scientific American, our bodies have 10 times more bacteria than human cells. Think about that — scientists admit that we live healthy lives in a virtual sea of germs.

    So, I think these microbe hunters need to chill out. Germs, generally, do nothing. Like homeless people in a City, they are not the CAUSE of all these problems, they are more the consequence. Just hanging out, trying to survive the day.

    I know it’s sounds counterintuitive, but that’s just the way it is.

  2. David,

    Did you catch Gallo’s original paper? It’s in the links and photos above. It almost resembles honest science…amazing to see the original, and then what he turned it into with many mad and desperate pen strokes.

    As to germs, well. I asked a reporter who wanted an interview on the BBC movie thing:

    Here’s a funny question. What major advance was the most useful and effective (and “safe”, to use that abused NIH descriptor) in eradicating illness from plague-ridden medieval Europe, to our modern age?

    Penicillin? Nope, important, but no.

    Hand-washing in surgery? No, important, yes, but no.

    Give up?

    Sewage reclamation. Water processing and purification. Garbage reclamation and burial. Filling the swamps and eliminating the mosquito population. And ensuring a sufficiently nutritious and abundant food supply for the general population. (Although many would wonder at the “nutritious” aspect of our American diet, we do have an abundance).

    So…germs. What’s interesting in Janine’s book is the movement toward understanding the body as an absolutely and unalterably interactive organism – that is, interacting and functioning ONLY WITH the many ‘machine’ organisms (mistakenly called viruses) which bring us news and information, on a sub-cellular level, which help us adapt, which ‘adapt us’ to new environments.

    There are certainly pestilential and unfriendly little ‘machines’ out there, and you’ll know it quickly if you have one. But these have an affinity for the lack of sanitation that marked so much of human history, and are the daily life of many, many, many, many, many… many, many, many people living dirt poor today, who don’t have the benefit of sanitation, water purification, anti-malarial initiatives, etc.

    I mean, how many British settlers at Jamestown died because of malaria and dysentery? It’s not an African problem, it’s a poverty and infrastructure problem.

  3. Hey Viruses are such a mystery to the masses of people that listen to coats. I mean even the coats don’t know anything about viruses. From my perspective they only thing they know about is prescribing. Sympton and drug.

    The coats really have women by the vagina. HPV is getting diagnosed at alarming rates now. It is one of the new market trades. And estimates are at 25 million women. The treatment for the teens is $375 and is said to last for only 5 years. The white coats are coming, the white coats are coming and they are scaring the shit out of our women. Its really beginning to make me stand up. I wonder what the HPV test is testing for?

    Here is an article on the cost and the insanity of HPV. Any thoughts Liam?


    By the way i have a strong feeling that the HIV and HPV testing are using the same scientific model.

  4. Yes, yes I do. We got into a debate on the subject here at GNN:
    (See comments below main article):

    Let’s see if we can find the logical fallacy: “This extremely common virus (occurring in up to 75% of sexually active women at some point in their lives)”

    So, we have something that occurs in 75 + percent of the population at all times (look up the stats, they’ll go higher),

    And you then state that the nearly universal problem is “linked to nearly every“ instance of the problem…(“linked to!” Oh, how I love to hear those words from pharmaceutical companies).

    So you have a condition that affects, less than 2 percent of the female population…

    (In the cooked-up piece (linked in the GNN article), we’re told (by the authorities!):

    That 10% of a million girls will have a bad pap-smear.

    8% will have some localized cell oddity, as is extremely common, past a certain age, on all parts of the body.

    And 1,600 out of One Million will develop a serious cancer, but only if the pre-cancerous lesions aren’t removed.

    And we want to vaccinate Every Girl in England?

    So we come to the problem: Vaccinating – injecting adjuvant and mercury-soaked cellular sludge into the arm of school-aged girl is “good” for who?

    Cui bono?

    And what is “linked to?”

    It is as follows:

    You assume that a virus causes cancer (ie, HPV and cervical cancer, or the mythical HIV and Kaposi’s Sarcoma),

    You then look at very adult women who develop cancer, and see if, at any point, they had herpes.

    Most of them have.


    Herpes causes cervical cancer.

    Let’s make a vaccine, and convince the entire population to stick it into their children!!!!

  5. Thanks for linking the Gallo documents, Liam.

    Interesting indeed that the draft paper more properly had the term “rescue” instead of “isolation” in the title.

    I’ve extracted the following from the draft where we see the fraud at its core:

    “The yield of the virus produced by H4/HTLV-III cells was produced by purification of concentrated culture fluids through a sucrose density gradient and assays of particulate RT activity in each fraction collected from the gradient. As shown in Figure 2b, the highest RT activity was found at density 1.16 g/ml similar to other retroviruses. Electron microscope (EM) examination of aliquots from the fractions with highest RT activity revealed that the banded virus particles were highly purified. An approximate estimation (blank) of the number of viral particles determined by EM and RT activity suggests that the total yield of virus is about 10^11 particles per liter of culture fluid. Therefore the established T-cell clones are susceptible and highly permissive for cytopathic variants of HTLV; all of them preserve proliferation capacity after infection; and, as demonstrated in the case of H4/HTLV-III some can proliferate and continuously produce large amounts of HTLV-III in long term culture.

    “We have used two clones, H4 and H9, for the rescue of cytopathic variants of HTLV from patients with lymphadenopathy (pre-AIDS) or AIDS.”

    “The establishment of T-cell populations described here which continuously grow and produce virus after infection has opened the way to routinely detect the highly cytopathic variants of HTLV in AIDS and provides the first opportunity for their detailed molecular immunological analysis.”

    In the published version, Figure 2b has a description of the high “RT activity” in the peak fraction that precisely reveals the sleight of hand to “continuous growth and production” of “virus”. The “poly(A)” RNA synthetic template of course contains no genetic information but has a marvelous multiplier effect on the reverse transcription kinetics by several orders of magnitude when compared to HTLV RNA genome directed transcription to a “real” cDNA product. This is oh so slooowwww and thus cannot be used to mimic “continuous production”.

    And if there truly were 10^11 particles/L, it would be no problem using established velocity gradient techniques to isolate the 70SRNA complete genome. This was never done for so-called HTLV-III.

    The EMs with the final paper can be compared to others in the field to confirm that even the “virus-like particle” standard was not reached.

    Best regards,

  6. That’s some paper, that pre-publication Science draft by Papovic. Reads a lot like the Perth Group, don’t you think?

  7. Perhaps the Perth Group has raised this issue of synthetic templates and the spiked reverse transcriptatse reactions but I haven’t found it in their testimony at Parenzee. It’s important of course because in his expert opinion testimony Gallo ADDED another sleight of hand, stating that “continuous production” = “mass purification”. This of course stands the purification idea of the 70’s on its head.

    The lawyer could have blown Gallo out of the water on his “mass purification” lie IMO, if the scrutiny of “continuous production” reported in the paper was as heightened as it is now.

  8. Brilliant review Liam. One of the best I have ever read. Of course I had the pleasure, or displeasure if you will of reading the book before I found your review. Thank you so much for including the four documents.

    While Gallo was not officially charged with fraud as more than the 200 scientists who complained about his work wanted, NIH did find him guilty of scientific misconduct and banished him from NIH. Unfortunately his four papers in SCIENCE are still considered the Holy Grail showing just how perverted science has become.

    I urge you to also read Jon Rappoport’s 1988 work, AIDS, INC., Scandal of the Century.

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