Meeting Africa – Interview with Professor Charles Geshekter

“They say in Africa, when an old man dies, it’s like a library has burned down.” – African Proverb

Challenging Scientism talks with Charles Geshekter, Professor Emeritus of African History about Africa, Somalia, the great granite continent, a field researcher’s work, and good things to eat…all in a spot that’s a mystery to most of us on this side of the ocean:

“I used to tell my students that Africa was a huge, complex, and internally diversified continent, a gigantic piece of extremely ancient granite rock that contained the tree where man was born.

With its 11.5 million square miles, 900 million people, 800 different languages and 56 countries, it was and is a tough place to generalize about.

I would speak a few key sentences in Swahili (a Bantu language) and then say them in Somali (a Cushitic language) so they could hear how dramatically different and indecipherable the two were from each other, despite being spoken by neighboring peoples in eastern Africa.”


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