The Oil Blow Up?

Conspiracy of Evil or Confederacy of Dunces?
Or just plain bad, bad, bad, dumb, dumb dumb luck…

A former Bushie (“Brownie” of FEMA and Hurricane New Orleans) says that the Obama administration has let this oil spill rot and fester to make its point about oil being a lousy, dangerous commodity.

The White House says, “Not so.”

I’m placing no bets, except to say that this terrifying unnatural natural disaster will have the effect of steering America away from oil, and toward…?

…Nuclear energy, (as well as all alternative energy sources); and away from “Drill baby, Drill.” We’ll see a nation ‘lubricated’ at long last to receive nuclear power plants, and, I’ll bet, turn the vast empty American southwest into a burial zone for spent materials.

Certainly this media tango is a lot of old lousy Bushies playing mean politics with a lot of new lousy Obamites, and that’s as useful as porcupine quill toilet paper. But with the dying US economy, dollar and esprit de corps, I’m betting the future is green (and glowing), until that proves its dangers through and through.


Did I miss the most obvious change? I did. We’ll be drilling for oil still, but everywhere. On land, in your backyard, in the wilderness. Not offshore in the deep ocean, just because it’s out of sight (because it’s not out of mind, is it?). We’ll take it in our view, instead of comme ca. This disaster…


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  1. Put all of that junk on a boat and send it to Hugo Chavez. I have had enough of it. Oil is worse than heroin. All of the money generated from it here will just end up in some marshmallows trust fund.

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