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Friday, July 25

This afternoon I gave a brief video interview to the Russia Times, who are making some effort to report on the AIDS medical scandal/cover-up. I’ve been told they’ll run the interview. The good-looking interviewer seemed more interested in whether I’d have sex with a ‘pos’ person than almost any other question. I tried to explain to her that the issue went beyond my sex life. We’ll see how they frame it. (You’d think with such a personal question she would have at least sent me flowers, candy…something!)

Que lastima…

Their website is, plus recent alt-AIDS conference coverage.

Saturday July 27th

Have a See for yourself:

Let me say — Thanks Russia Times for doing some real journalism. I’m impressed.

Interview notes: My apologies for what looks like me bobbing around the frame a bit, and where it appears that I wasn’t listening to her at times, (because I wasn’t looking ‘at’ her), but I was listening. I was trying to hear her voice more clearly, which was coming out of speakers, so I was turning my head toward the sound. But it was not a wonderful visual performance, and a bit distracting…So, I am sorry if I seemed rude or off-putting in the thing.

It’s very strange to talk to somebody by Skype video feed. It’s jumpy, not always perfectly lip-synced, to put it mildly. The sound is coming oddly out of speakers, not matching the mouth of the person talking on-screen, so it’s distracting to look at the image…And boy, I did not know where to look, because in reality, there’s nobody there, except a computer, with a voice coming out of it, asking me – about my sex life!

“Mr. Scheff, would you have sex with a person with screaming yellow parrot syndrome? Would you? Would you? WOULD YOU?!!!”

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But isn’t that the BS about AIDS? That we’re supposed to be able to know the intimate details of somebody’s life, just because? We’re supposed to be able to invade their privacy, violate all boundaries, and lay into them about whether they’re ‘moral’ or ‘immoral’ for using or not using a condom? How very Roman Catholic of them. And there I thought they were ‘liberated’ from all of that…

So, what should a reporter ask?

What do the Padian study, and studies like it, say about the public relations industry that fronts for the failures of the scientific/medical establishment? What does the Padian study say about AIDS? What does it say about our notion of a singular particle causing AIDS?”

My answer to her is and was this:

1). Padian Study, and all other studies on Sex and AIDS – read ’em. Padian Study, Padian Suppression, Sex Crimes, No Heterosexual Epidemic Experts Admit

2). HIV tests stink. They’re garbage. They come up positive for no one thing, and for everything.

3). And three? Your sex life is yours alone. HIV testing is a personal invasion – the tests are not accurate, standardized, and have no specific clinical meaning. Getting someone to take one is a violation of their civil rights. We should be REMOVING this label from people, and from the medical literature, not seeking to play games with it.

And on a personal level , we don’t have to follow the example of Madonna, and all be public prostitutes, letting everybody know the intimate details of our intimate details.

And four?

4). If you are ever doing a Skype video interview for television, look directly at the computer screen as though it were a person. Boy, that’s strange. But, take it from me, if you are ever in this wonderfully unusual position.

PS – Watch this guy. He knocks it out of the park.

You can find him online at

Okey-Doke…That’s a wrap.

Hasta Lunes, compañeros.



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  1. Liam, You’re too critical of yourself. You blew them away. Stick to being critical of the powers-that-be, voodoo science, and the like. There are too few of you.

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