PBS – The Public Brainwashing Service – a Public Challenge

Proposition: Public Television is the propaganda arm of government (that’s taxpayer-funded) science. PBS gets its information and marching orders from the riders of the academic gravy train…and what is that?

It’s the academic elephant walk that fills university labs with bespeckled, dutiful grad students, suffering insult, overwork and injury from the deadbeats who runs the lab and the program at their expensive university.

Each of the grad-lackies shucks and jives, and jumps-as-high as required to get their wildly constrained research assignments in on time — overtime, underpaid, and over-worked as they are. They allow their limited results to be stolen for years, by their ‘betters’ – their academic mentors and superiors in the lab and in the department – so that they can get a share of the tiny bit of glory:

A mention in a paper. A name below the title with five, ten, fifteen other names. Is it ‘science’ they’re after? Or just a little ego recognition?

And what dictates the course of their research?

Answer: Same old bastards who ran university programs and “mastered the heights” while blue-collar fathers were working hard to put their bright progeny through college. It’s still the same old 17th Century bishop’s school. The same old church, with a little more emphasis on chemistry versus alchemy — but both do just fine to obfuscate their wildly empty theoretical gesticulations:

  • Does getting bitten in the groin by parrots cause weight loss? Let’s do a study.
  • Is doing drugs for 10 years in a row ‘immuno-suppressive?’ Let’s hire some deadbeat college drop outs, and publish!
  • How about feeding AIDS patients a great variety of nutrients, and giving them natural products to kill any candida they have?

“Now, we can’t do that! Because HIV is the sole cause of AIDS, and the only cure, or treatment, is strong Black-Box ’till death do ye part,’ drugs. Silly munchkin. You’ll learn!”

  • Well, surely we can see if there are any invisible things in space that we cannot see or measure, which also must have infinite energy (in order to explain the ‘big bang doesn’t work at all Paradox’)?

Yes! Yes we can. Let’s dip into the ol’ tax-payers wallet, and do that research…

And who knows? Someday, PBS may feature YOU, YOU, yes YOU, young pup, in a ‘documentary’ on…oh…”Dark Matter!” Or, “constantly mutating retroviruses that prove how accidental, blind evolution really must be true!”

We’ve got a million of them. And that’s where PBS gets its information. That’s what NOVA is. A collection of rubble, spewed out of the rear end of fading careers, locked into cracked and broken paradigms, held aloft by the vanity, mortgage and car payments of the permanent residents of the Ivory Tower.

And if you buy what you pay for (because you are paying for it, tax-dollars) on PBS science television, then you’re ending up with the greasy end of the pole.

Don’t agree? Then try me. List your favorite “best science” PBS program below – from the NOVA series, or Frontline, one of their big-budget one-offs, like this eugenics project…

And I’ll come back with a brief analysis.

If you agree that PBS managed to miss at least one very important exception to what they will most certainly claim to be ‘the best current theory,’ then you can buy me…oh… I don’t know. A puppy.

Or, something at Amazon.com. A book, a bauble, or something fun, like a pornographic magazine made of gold.

Or, you can just say, “okay, you got me.” And we’ll be square.

Awaiting ye science noids with your love of jargon. I thank you for your relative politeness up front, and will return what I receive in kind.


Liam Scheff

Rules: Be polite. Post your show’s URL, and make your claim. IE – “This fairly and accurately represents the best research being done in [Fill in the blank] studies. No great exceptions were missed, and it presented its critics views fairly.”

If I cannot find one glaring omission that falsifies or severely damages the program’s major premise, I will acknowledge this and give the episode a gold star and a special write-up in a separate blog.



  1. “A mention in a paper. A name below the title with five, ten, fifteen other names. Is it ‘science’ they’re after? Or just a little ego recognition?”

    For the most part, yes, it is the science they are after. They are after all human, and like any other profession, such as journalism, or art (at the risk of calling it profession), they also seek visibility…I’d say to varying degrees. The risk comes when one seeks visibility and fame more than doing science, and the manipulation that comes with it…. which is the unfortunate state-of-affairs of Science today.

  2. Pri,

    That’s very kind to the Ph.D.’ers, but it’s not even close to being true, in total…

    That is, what is science? What is it that they are after? They are on the pre-paved highway of the already-existing paradigm. It’s smoothed-over blacktop; it is a million un-cooperative details beaten into a compliant pancake, whipped, homogenized, and warmed-over for public consumption.

    But, did you have a PBS special to submit to the quiz? ‘Tis the question…

  3. maybe it is kind to the (less jaded, wanting to steer clear of the beaten path) graduate students aspiring a Ph.D. this is not so kind to the other crop that is happy to remain true to the path scripted by their superiors.

    I find PBS specials outdated, boring and superficial for the most part, hung up on the birds eye perspective on things. I will not be looking for something profound in such series.

  4. The PBS frontline documentary, the Age of Aids, hails the drug AZT as an important milestone in treatment for the HIV patient, saying that the only problem people were having with it was that the virus HIV was becoming resistant to it in people.
    It failed to mention that it’s over-dosed prescription was killing hundreds of thousands of people while in the process of blocking HIV’s replication and strengthening the immune system.

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