Understanding 9/11: The Purpose Is the Present

The Purpose of 9/11 Is the Present…

by Liam Scheff

“Leave a bowl of dry flour on the counter, and you do not have a cake.”

Intention or Accident?

Is life an accident, or is it intentional? To what degree do events follow from planning? To what degree do complex scenarios result from ignorance, or apathy?

If you find yourself at the head of a company, or running a business, or owning a house, renting a car, owning a dog, teaching the sixth grade, running marathons, boxing semi-professionally, playing baseball in a local league on weekends – or almost anything else that requires more than yourself to be involved in an activity, then…

Is it not necessary for plans to have been made – not once, but a thousand, ten thousand times? And followed up on, with intention? In fact, intention and follow-through are precisely how everything human-made is created.

The more complex a final product, the more demanding its planning process, the more skill and follow-through needed in its creation, or execution. Skill is important, and gained through repeated practice and experience. Vaster works require greater vision, focused intention and desire, and a stronger force of will to complete a hierarchy of increasingly complex and layered tasks.

Leave a bowl of dry flour on the counter, return in two hours, and you will not have a cake. Light a fire in a trash can, and you will burn paper, but not explode metal. Unless, of course, you filled the trash can with explosives capable of doing so. That would require intention, and follow-through.

And so, we’re done with examples. On to the event.

One Tuesday in September

If we trace the results to the planning, and believe in intention and planning, then we would have to conclude that the purpose of 9/11 was to create such results as we see in our world today: To damage and destroy the United States, To…

  • Move the West into a permanent military occupation of the Middle East,
  • Destroy the sovereignty of individual Western nations,
  • Create a system of slave-consumer countries living in perpetual debt, while the poorest nations labor for pennies per dollar sold.

What a mess! But who benefits – or in Latin, “cui bono?” The Afghan people? Al-Quaeda? Saddam Hussein?

No, no and no. The first are under constant attack, the third is dead, and the second are being hunted throughout the world. So, cui bono?

The beneficiaries are those profiting since 9/11. These are the ‘floating nations’ of  no-nation (“supra-national”) investors, who have no allegiances, except to profit: The military contractors and war profiteers, suppliers of “for-hire” armies and manufactured goods for endless warfare. And the modelers of ‘new world ‘governments, like the United Nations, World Health Organization, and at the lead, the World Trade Organization.

If we accept that those who plan events have the most interest in their execution, then we must reach a conclusion opposite to that which has been endlessly sold by the media and government. Yes, 9/11 was enacted by secret planning (as everyone agrees), but not by 19 men from a country of desert caves, goat-herding and hand-to-mouth tribal existence.*

* And if we want to be clear about the identity of the majority of hijackers – they weren’t Afghani – then we must focus on Saudi Arabia as the major country of origin. We must examine evidence for U.S. military training of several, plus the note that several seem to have turned up alive since the event.

Deep infiltration was required to make real the totality of events of that day, and days since:

  • The complete destruction/obliteration of three towering metal buildings in NYC, all of which fell at or near free-fall speed.*
  • The lack of jet interception over the Pentagon and NYC. “Training exercises” and “war games” – planned for and in process that Tuesday – which clouded military radar with false images of airplanes.
  • FEMA’s on-the-ground presence in NYC on that Tuesday morning for “training exercises,” allowing them to be perfectly positioned for rescue and emergency operations.
  • Fore-knowledge of tower destruction and WTC7 collapse/implosion by NYC officials and first-responders.
  • Suppressed and ignored intelligence reports, including a stream of entirely specific warnings about the events of the day (“Planes will be flown into buildings in NYC and DC”); reports suppressed by a few US intelligence agents, to the outrage of others who were trying desperately to do their jobs.

And a dozen, dozen other outstanding issues — all of these required strategic infiltration of Western infrastructure by supra-national interest. (You can search for endless list of documented sources and references for any of the above events/exigencies, while the internet is still available, and not ‘kill-switched’ by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be – and be ready for that fight).

* On the three buildings destroyed in New York: : The smaller WTC7 imploded and fell in a plumb-line to Earth, as fast as an orange tossed off its roof through thin air. And the two towers burst into volcanic clouds of vaporized concrete, were unzipped by downward-racing explosions, racing far ahead of any injury to the building, followed by a symmetrical wave of splintering glass and steel, on all four sides of each building. The shattered steel was immediately evacuated, to the tune of 800 truckloads a day, to smelting furnaces in China and Asia, so that no forensic examination could be done.

Infiltration, Conspiracy, Cover-Up

Performing these acts – pulling the strings, laying the plans, and then silencing or distracting investigation into all of it – would not have been something a raggedy group of poorly-trained religious ‘nuts’ (who also favored drugs, booze and hookers), would have been able to accomplish, nor follow-up on, after their deaths.

These acts required something more than even intention and planning. They needed access of a sort that is not available to the average citizen or visiting foreigner.

And what do dead men have to gain, besides an eternity in the afterlife (but how to explain the sex and drugs)? Cui bono. Whosoever would most benefit from an act, also has the greatest incentive to perform the act.

If, as is purely logical, the beneficiaries of 9/11 are also those who plotted the complex events of the day, then they would have needed to be members of, or to be able to infiltrate, the following groups:

Upper level intelligence agencies and networks in the West, including Mossad, the CIA, U.S. Military, perhaps MI-6. International/non-national investors, bankers, military suppliers/producers. “No nation” investors who seek to profit from destabilizing currency and economy, and buying the world’s upward spiraling debt. Middle Eastern emirates or kingdoms who disfavor not only the U.S., but also Iraq and Iran.

Not possible, you say? Were there not infiltrators into the CIA and British intelligence during the Cold War? How long has military intelligence used Israel as a geo-political foothold in the Middle East? Is Mossad an incorruptible agency?

Who owns and runs the U.S. military at present? Where do ‘private contractor’ and U.S. Army begin and end? What about politicians? Government officials? Bankers? Investors? Can they not be bought and sold? Do they truly serve only the citizenry of the U.S.? And if so, why is Wall Street synonymous with graft, and now, tax-payer bail-out? Why is the capitol of our nation so often compared to a brothel of professional lobbyists – a near-corporation of whores – providing favors for Roman Senators? Should we believe that foreign agents, or anti-Constitutional agendas, have no influence in these dens of corruption?

If we understand 9/11 to be an immensely complex, well-designed, plotted and planned event, and we search out those whose interests the event served most, we must follow the money. And in doing so, we find that intelligence and government and military in the West has been infiltrated, and subverted, and turned against the citizens of the U.S. and its allies.

If you deny the possibility of such infiltration, then, in measuring the singular and cumulative events of 9/11 and the days since, you must, as a philosophical consideration, believe that absolute chaos and pure accident lead to very specific, apparently well-designed ends. And that they do so in even a most advanced and militarized nation such as the U.S. But if that is your belief, then there is no need for analysis of any kind, because in that philosophy, nothing is predictable, and anything and everything can be chalked up to stupidity or accident. Such a worldview begs for an appeal to reason, of course, and makes us helpless fools.

In any case, the above described scenario – a crumbling nation, in a permanent state of war, at grave risk of perpetual economic slavery to internationalists – is where we are.

What Can Be Done?

Shall we engage in an endless hunt for the many (but camouflaged and protected) infiltrators? It will devolve into a witch-hunt, miss the major targets, and settle on some third rank operatives, who swallow the poison pill rather than talk.

So, if not “hang the guilty,” then what?

How about fix it? Fix what has been done, and right the ship, point the bow in a better heading, and learn a lesson: Soyez Prudent. Tear out the very systems which breed corruption and theft. Rip them from the machinery of trade and governance. Return to the principles, written with great care by individuals who feared nothing more than tyranny, which form a basis for a saner quality of commerce, law-making, and public and private life. You can read some of these notions in the Magna Carta. You can read many in the U.S. Constitution.

We all have to read that document, and the Amendments to it, and the Bill of Rights that followed it. We must, we must, and if we are to survive, we must.

Moving from these ideas, I offer a list of “first things” that must happen to repair the future of the Western World, and the rest of it:

1) Stop selling U.S. debt to foreign nations, and begin to buy it back, while paying down the deficit.

2) Get the World Trade Organization out of all U.S. business, and that of its trading partners.

3) Dismantle the World Bank.

4) Get U.S. currency back on a meaningful standard. Dismantle the international cartel called the Federal Reserve.

5) Reform the I.R.S., impose a universal low flat tax, and stop mercenary taxation of U.S. businesses, so that they are easily enticed to manufacture overseas. Exorbitant taxation drives production out of the country., taking jobs, pride and national identity with it. Return manufacturing, and a sense of pride and ownership, to the U.S.

6) Stop genetic modification of crops. Stop destroying what nature has made with speculative and dead-end quasi-scientific laboratory stunts.

7) Stop selling sub-market-priced goods to poor countries. Genetically-modified and corporate-trademarked grains are sold at sub-market value to poor countries (especially South and Central America). This drives their farmers and rural tribal people out of work and off their land, into cities, and eventually, into the United States, Europe and Canada in search of work.

8) End “anchor baby” citizenship here. Naturalize many of the long-term, working illegal immigrants, return short-term illegals to country of origin. Enforce immigration law with respect to working status and length of residence in the US. And allow individual States to humanely enforce legal citizenship requirements without interference from Washington.

9) End the wars in the Middle East. Support a strong leader in Iraq who will suppress ethnic violence – as Hussein did. Give food and medical supplies until the region is stabilized under a new, strong leader.

10) Do not invade Iran. Do not stay in Afghanistan. Do not occupy the Middle East.

11) Develop nuclear power here in the U.S., as is done in France, Asia and elsewhere. Continue to build more and better energy-efficient homes, appliances, cars, and ride-sharing/transportation networks.

12) Get the FDA out of the lives of individuals. Return it to a limited check system for pharmaceutical drugs – to review their dangers, and protect the public from big drug companies. And cease arresting, maligning and impeding citizens from taking care of themselves.

And finally,

13) Send a nice card to everyone with the following:

“From the U.S….We’re sorry. We got carried away. We offer no excuses. We behaved like a spoiled, aggressive child in a moment of doubt and pain, hurt and anger. We were out of bounds, to the extreme. When we were attacked, we felt rage and we swung our fists violently in all directions. We were careless, we did great damage. We’ve become confused, but it’s no excuse for what we did. We must become a little more grown up. There’s no way we can make it up, except to stop, and behave with a little more foresight and insight, from now on.”

There…a baker’s dozen. A manageable number of easy goals. Well, right…not so very easy; but necessary. It’s surely going to take work, and we have nothing to do but to gain by it. We also have a fight ahead of us, so prepare yourself to oppose those who oppose reform of these corrupted systems.

Now, how about that Constitution? Let’s have a look and see what we can do, if we pay attention to the better angels of our nature.



  1. One of the most incisive and intelligent 911 articles I have read; and one written by a New Yorker, not some one who can be accused of being remote and naive.

  2. 14) From the rest of the world.. Dear US, in return for the brutality, are you promising us better foreign policy in issues relating to Korea, India-Pakistan, and the central Americas from now on?

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