Are You a Food Terrorist? (You Are Now!)


The Senate has just made me a food terrorist, and religious fundamentalist by passing their truly “Nazi-like” food bill. Why am I a food terrorist all at once?

Because I am a vegetarian, a farming gardener, I grow and eat and share food from the ground, the property I live on. And so, I am now a food terrorist.

I am a food terrorist, because I practice macrobiotics, an eastern approach to understanding food, life and energy. I also don’t believe in genetically-modified food, I don’t believe in population control and dictatorial seed, grain and food legislation. I am a food terrorist.

But the corporate US brain-dead (national socialist, eugenic, scientistic) government does…

They want you to know, repeat, say, sing, march: National socialism! Scientism! Lenin! Stalin! Mao! Lysenko! Obama! Pelosi! Reid! Scott Brown!!! (Yes, that faker voted for it too, the total fraudulent asshole).

And everyone else who voted for this truly post-Reichstag fire “food bill” – you are now enslaving the citizens you swore to protect. I will fight you by every legal means to reverse the insanities which you have foisted on the public.

Read more: Search “S510, food safety bill, Nazi food bill.”



  1. That video, while menacing, doesn’t give me much information about what changed. The title suggests that I can’t grow vegetables in my garden – is that part of this bill? I don’t even understand how that could be logically legislated.

    • Let’s get the bill, and review the language. I’ll be taking it apart soon on the blog…But, feel free to beat me to the punch!

      Here are a few notes from a fellow citizen:

      If you trade or give your food away, or sell it at farmers markets, you are no longer considered growing for personal consumption which puts you in a category as a Community Supported Agriculture supplier, or so you forget what it actually means CSA’s for short. This is a whole world of difference because now your food has to be “traceable” That means if your neighbor little sally walker has a tummy ache, you need to be held accountable for giving her those bacteria laden zucchinis. What it really means is a drive to the freshly built State Agriculture Office, to talk to the ladies who got promoted from the DMV to fill out a stack of paperwork the size of War and Peace, pay a handy little “CSA Liscensing fee” plus all the taxes and stuff of course, agree to surprise inspections, OH, and don’t forget that dollar to the blabbity blabb fund. By the way would you like to register to vote sir?

      And there’s the worry – the clamp-down occurs whenever Capo di Tutti Capo Fauci, of the NIH, decides that it’s time for another vaccine drive…er, pandemic scare… and says that certain foods are no longer safe, and fall under gov’t jurisdiction…

      Or, that people growing collard greens to treat illness (like a yoga commune or retreat), is practicing medicine without a license. It puts the FDA in your garden, in other words, and the CDC and NIH. That makes it a criminal act against the people of the United States – because it is our right and business to eat and grow food, without the permission of the gov’t.

      Or, it used to be. They no longer believe we have that right to self-sustenance and reliance. So, when a ‘pandemic’ terror-scam rains down upon us from Fauci, Inc, again, some foods may for reasons that I’m sure will convince some news analysts, be considered “Dangerous!”

      They did it with chicken during the bird flu hoax. They’ll find a way to tell you that your Kale is not to be used as a medicine. And because it has medicinal properties, perhaps should only be grown by gov’t labs, Monsanto and ADM, inc.

      Look, they’ve done it in Europe. You cannot legally, in France, grow certain HERBS in your backyard because they are considered medicinal – and that goes against their nazi ‘Codex,’ which tells you precisely how many prescriptions you must have and pay for and love and eat and cherish, as part of EU citizenship.

      The point is that all of it is grotesque; we do not want or need a government, whose major food-related activities go to funding factory-pesticide-antibiotic-sludge-fed-farmed tortured animal carcasses with tax dollars and subsidies… and then throwing this into school lunches so we think it’s food and are programmed to relate to this slop as such…

      We don’t need these purveyors of sludge telling thinking people how to eat, what to eat, what to grow, or what we can LEGALLY SELL in a goddamned FARMER’S MARKET.

      Did I mention that I oppose this bill?

      Did I mention that it won’t make “us” “safer?”

      It’s enough. It’s outright confiscation of civil liberties at this point. We have the right as citizens to go farm the land, without filing it all with the ministry of Truth. So says me.

  2. It’s this bizarre mindset we’ve painted ourselves into as a nation. Not me, not you, but this weird place we live in that we no longer relate to as “Americans.” I used to think I knew what an American was, but I don’t even know where to find America on a mental map anymore.

    America is this place where people are supposed to deplore risk — any risk at all — to the point that we are, as a friend of mine once wrote, “so scared of dying, we’d kill ourselves to stay alive.”

    I say “supposed to,” because nobody can even find Americans on a map anymore. They’re hidden behind the latest Twitter PR campaign or Fox News report, in “trends” and everybody-thinks. It is perhaps unfair to blame this on “Americans,” because I’ve never met these people. They’re made up, a fantasy, a zombie race that talks about poison tomatoes and goes out and buys duct tape as a response to the latest “dirty bomb” scare. I talk to about 1 in 10 people who thinks this way, but they are said to be the majority in this country. Really?

    So here “we” are. Afraid of poison tomatoes and, occasionally for a couple of weeks, the chemicals on apples — yet we’re only vaguely familiar with the stats on Nutrasweet and vaccinations.

    It’s touching, truly, to hear Republican types go on about individual rights and the “ownership society” where everybody gets their 40 acres and a mule and gets to cruise around in a pickup truck with a gun in the cab. But “we” don’t even own our very bodies anymore, thanks to, gosh darnit, those very Republicans and, truth be told, those supposedly “elite” Democrats who are said to be so rational and hippie and cool and yet voted against VEGETABLES.

    There’s this scene in that “Biderman” play from Germany, about the “rightous man” that I remember vividly: Herr Biderman, fighter of “firebugs” and other criminals, suddenly realizes he’s lighting a fuse on a bomb. He looks at his hands as if he had never seen them before.

    A friend once moved to a region where she said she was afraid of the “white people.” I reminded her she was a white person. “Yeah,” she said. “That’s right. And I’m afraid of the white people.”

    I’m an American, and I’m afraid of the Americans. God save us from the Americans with their risk formulas and lawsuits and safety campaigns and paranoias and wars and toys and “Black Fridays.” Such a “safe” place that we have to jump out of airplanes these days just to convince ourselves that we’re alive. “We.” Or somebody. Whoever the heck these Americans are.

    I inherited my awareness of just how corrupt the health system is from a person who once left this country for several years as a conscientious objector to war. He fought to get back in. Now, strangely enough, I’m considering asking that same person for advice on how to get out of here myself.

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