Jon Stewart – America’s Anchorman on 9/11

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The Daily Show: “In the end it’s not real news, it’s not fake news; it’s propaganda peppered with jokes.” [article]

Fifteen Questions for John Stewart
by Liam Scheff

1. Why did her superiors in the FBI sabotage FBI agent Colleen Rowley’s investigation of suspected terrorists prior to the 9/11 attacks, but later either keep their jobs, or receive promotions?

2. Why did FBI translator Sibel Edmonds report that she found a money-laundering, drug-trafficking, influence-peddling network inside the agency, stretching from the Middle East to Congress, used to funnel money to terrorists responsible for 9/11? Why did the FBI fire her for pursuing these leads?

3. Why did Attorney General John Ashcroft place Edmonds under a “States Secrets” gag order, preventing her, under penalty of law, from testifying or speaking about what she’d seen?

4. Why did Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta report that on 9/11, Dick Cheney tracked Flight 77’s approach to the Pentagon, without ordering it to be intercepted?

5. Why did Donald Rumsfeld state, one day before 9/11, that 2.3 trillion dollars in transactions was missing? (Which might have been in the part of the Pentagon that was destroyed? Which happened to be the only section recently reinforced to withstand air attack?)

6. Why was Ptech, a company founded by Saudi businessman Yasin al-Qadi, (who would be put on the terror watch list after 9/11), operating powerful data-replicating software in the basement of the Federal Aviation Administration for two years before 9/11?

7. Why was Indira Singh, software engineer at JP Morgan Chase, told to “shut her mouth and have a wonderful life,” when she told her employers about her grave concerns over Ptech; and further that the people who had revealed information about Ptech “should be killed?”

8. Why did US intelligence agencies ignore, overlook or actively suppress warnings in the lead up to 9/11 from foreign intelligence agencies, including Israel, Egypt, Russia, France, Germany, Britain and Pakistan of of imminent attacks by hijacked aircraft on US buildings, including the WTC?

9. Why did Larry Silverstein, holder of the lease of the World Trade Center buildings, give an order to “pull” building Seven, right before it collapsed into its own footprint at free-fall speed, its steel structure reduced to shippable lengths a building damaged far less than neighboring WTC buildings and not struck by an airplane?

10. What is the significance that building Seven also contained the offices of the CIA, Secret Service, SEC, IRS, records for the Enron and WorldCom cases, and the Office of Emergency Management for NYC?

11. Why were Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and other officials warned that the South Tower was “gonna collapse” ten minutes before it came down?

12. Why did dozens of New York City firefighters, first responders, journalists and citizens report hearing, seeing and experiencing ongoing explosions throughout the building, rising from the basement and encircling the structure in a manner reminiscent of a “controlled demolition,” just before the towers fell?

13. Why did NIST investigator John Gross claim he’d never seen the pools of molten metal under the collapsed WTC buildings, despite the fact that firefighters, first responders, journalists, and city officials all gave testimony that molten metal at temperatures in excess of 2000°F burned beneath the rubble for three months after the towers exploded?

14. Why did EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman tell New Yorkers and workers at Ground Zero that it was safe to return to the area, despite the fact that the WTC explosions released tons of asbestos into the air, as well as lead, mercury, and other poisons, which killed hundreds and caused illness in thousands?

15. Why did President George W. Bush at first stonewall an investigation into 9/11 for 411 days, then starve it for funds, and staff it with Texas oilmen with Saudi business interests, Neo-Conservative loyalists, and Bush family fixers and insiders?



  1. I think Mr. Stewart’s “job” is to help keep the “left” from doing some critical thinking. And it appears to be successful, at least on the surface.

  2. The very WAY the twin towers came down, I wouldn’t have found believable, even in the context of a movie. It hurts my mind realizing how many people actually “bought” this scenario.

    I guess that it’s just too much for the average American to absorb. Easier to just go to work, come home, watch some mindless television, and call it a day, and a life.

  3. Other questions related to #9:

    1) If Building 7 was deemed unstable enough to be ‘pulled’, how were the explosives set that quickly (between the time the other buildings were ‘hit’ and the time Building 7 went down) to perfectly do such a ‘bang-up job’?

    2) If more time was necessary to do the ‘job’, would it have been an amount that coincided with the amount of time that the head of security for the Twin Towers, Marvin Bush, brother of the President, shut down power and security to the Twin Towers to rewire them for “Ethernet” just prior to their ‘attack’?

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