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Saturday at 6 PM EST: Liam talks about death and more death, trauma and more trauma, tragedy and more tragedy, as he goes over recent events in his life, and reveals the thoughts and reflections brought about by the sudden horrifying and tragic loss of a dear and irreplaceable loved one….

Keywords – Death, afterlife, spirituality, hospitals, omens, Western medicine, angry Gods, Hinduism, Christianity, the Tibetan book of death and dying

Sunday at 6PM EST: Liam talks about the manufacture of information in the scientific-medical-media complex, highlighting bird, swine, snail and all the other flu pandemics promised but never arrived. Read “Polio – A Shot in the Dark” by Janine Roberts.

Our scheduled guest, David Drew, was not able to join us do to technical problems, but will be back with us in an upcoming show.

Watch the video: Cometary Tales of the Unexpected

Keywords: Swine flu, bird flu, South East Asia, Tamiflu, Polio, Jim Purdy,  Janine Roberts, Polio, Vaccines, Salk, Sabin, PBS

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  1. Dear Mr. Scheff,

    I just now read an article that has caused me great alarm that has just come out in the U.K.

    You were quoted within the article. It is regarding your research on the ICC House in Washington Heights – I want to take action and saw this article of yours so I am writing in hopes of reaching you. What kind of response did your report have if any?! I am horrified and appalled and want very much to help stop this hideousness. Thank you for your bravery for uncovering it in the first place! I am on a mission to expose the Catholic Church for the demons they are and this is another affirmation being as that it is a branch of the Archdiocese – evil incarnate. Appropriate name for the house – Incarnation.

    I hope that you will get this and in the meantime, I will be calling and emailing the House Staff, Board of Directors, the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and screaming bloody murder. Perhaps only one person will listen but if one stops, then mission accomplished!

    Thank you again and you are a hero – please don’t stop – the people – and especially children need you on their side.

    Much love and light of protection.


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