Radio This Weekend – Shakespeare and Expanding Earth

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Saturday 7PM EST – “Expanding Earth?” We talk with Tokyo-based journalist, long-time writer for the Japan Times, 20 year ex-patriot in Japan, former US Navy air-traffic controller, 9/11 activist, and all-around nice guy Jeff Ogrisseg, for a report on the fiction of “plate tectonics and the remarkable changes that planet Earth has undergone in its life-cycle. (Read Jeff’s Japan Times article on “Our Growing Earth.”)

Sunday 7PM EST – “Nothing is Truer Than Truth!” We talk with film-maker Cheryl Eagan-Donovan about her upcoming documentary exploring the hidden reality of Shakespeare’s true identity – that of the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere. Eagan-Donovan’s new film is based on the wonderful book, “Shakespeare by Another Name” by Mark Anderson (who I’ve interviewed Here).

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Says Donovan: “The film is about Edward de Vere, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford, A-list party boy on the continental circuit, who spent a year and a half in Venice and traveling in Europe, learning about commedia dell’arte and collecting experiences that would become the plays…

Material filmed to date includes interviews with many renowned Shakespeare scholars and actors including Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance, and a tour of Castle Hedingham, the ancestral home of the de Veres family since the days of William the Conqueror…

The film focuses on the eighteen month period when de Vere escaped the confines of life at Elizabeth’s Court, and traveled the continent from his home base in Venice. NOTHING IS TRUER THAN TRUTH will introduce today’s students, tomorrow’s writers, to Edward de Vere, a man whose life story is the greatest story ever written.

The Shakespeare myth is about to undergo a huge paradigm shift, and what it means to be the greatest writer in the English language will never be the same.

Visit the film’s website at:

Nothing is Truer Than Truth (Trailer) from Cheryl Eagan-Donovan on Vimeo.


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