Nuclear Power – Saving or Enslaving? Radio This Weekend

Join Liam and guests as he delves into questions and answers about nuclear power – is it the answer to our problems? Nuclear has grown “cleaner” and now promises greater delivery of energy for less cost. We look at the pros and cons and the hidden realities of becoming a nuclear nation?

Saturday 7 PM

Part 2 – Join guest Jonathan Campbell as we take a deeper look at the details of nuclear power versus the alternatives… what is Micropower? What are our options for future energy?

Sunday 7PM

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  1. There are countries like Belgium and France that generate 50% or more of their electricity needs through nuclear power.

    What is not talked about widely is the waste generated and the depleted Uranium these facilities create. Depleted Uranium is perhaps the most dangerous substance in the world, because it is deadly and is put to use. Whereas nuclear weapons can wipe out cities, nobody is using them. Depleted Uranium on the other hand is used in the manufacture of ammunition, mostly artillery rounds that turn depleted Uranium in to a fine and deadly dust after impact. We have used them all over the Middle East and doctors are pointing to the insane increase in cancer rates, particularly amongst the children of these countries. What is more, the radioactive properties are damaging the DNA of these people so defects will be passed down from generation to generation. This is genocide.

    If depleted Uranium is manufactured as a byproduct of nuclear energy, the more energy we decide to generate, the more we need to understand our government will use the depleted Uranium in warfare.

    Thus you could argue that depleted Uranium is not nuclear waste since it is put to use. It is valuable and sought after.

    Also here in the United States, with our thoroughly corrupt government, you can predict that companies that privately generate nuclear power will lobby to have controls and oversight weakened thereby setting up the potential for disasters. If a coal fired energy plant exploded, a few people may die. If an American reactor turns in to another Chernobyl, that’s another story. Until we bring the level of corruption down in this country I don’t think we can afford to increase the number of power plants generating electricity. This doesn’t even take in to account the price manipulations that will occur if we approach any kind of nuclear monopoly on electrical energy. The American public will be made to pay dearly either way. First they will be manipulated in to paying for these private reactors, then there will be all sorts of taxes associated with the energy, and then there will be the monthly energy bills.

    That’s what I see.

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